Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Bad News About the Mayoral Election

The funny and sad thing about this election is that it might be the first time that the mayoral candidates were so shitty that they suppressed voter turnout in other races.

Seriously, how bad are things when a guy who has never won an election like Jeremy Jordan is actually getting paid to be a political consultant? I mean what would you pay the guy for, being douchey and not knowing anything about campaigns? If they pay people for not knowing anything about campaigning then they should hire Daniel Lopez.

Anywho, I was thinking about who I am going to vote for in the mayoral election since early voting has started. After long thought and deep consideration I have finally made up my mind.

Willie Cager.

He's the only candidate I can vote for and still look myself in the mirror. Emma Acosta has a demonstrated track record of being bad for El Paso - and now calling the undocumented "illegal" has sunk her to a new low.

No self-respecting Democrat who believes in the values and principles of the Democratic Party should vote for her after that.

Dee Margo, two words - Freedom Fence. Two more words, Riff-raff and illegals.

David Saucedo - dangerously unqualified, arrogant, out-of-touch, and a failure at anything related to finance of large sums of money. Of all the candidates, he's the worst for El Paso.

Elisa Morales - hasn't really lived in El Paso in her adult life. You shouldn't vote for people that just moved back to El Paso or the district for the sake of running for office.

So why have I decided to vote for Cager? Simple.

The kids.

See what I did there? Just kidding. I'm voting for Cager because all the candidates suck, they are an embarrassment to El Paso and I'd seriously hate to see any of them sitting in the middle at council meetings.

At least I can say that Willie Cager has done something positive for El Paso. Also, he let me see his two rings.

And now here is the point to the title of this post. The bad news (scary if you ask me) is that while its pretty much universally agreed that this pack of mayoral candidates are the worst to run for anything, including a Socorro mayoral election...

...someone has to actually win.

Holy shitty candidates Batman, someone has to win!

It honestly keeps me up at night knowing one of these fools is going to be the mayor.

I don't think I can stomach that. And I have a lot of stomach.

And now, fun with signs.

This first one is just funny.

Also, you can't put up a campaign sign on anything funded by the public.

You too Dee Margo, Riverside Middle is also funded by the taxpayers.

Morgan's Mammoth Mistake

Sam Morgan really messed up and then compounded the mistake by messing up even worse.

And frankly, it doesn't bode well for his demeanor which is already a major problem on council.

District 4 candidate Sam Morgan appears to have paid his rent for his business using campaign funds according to a recent article in the El Paso Times. To read the story, click this link.

The problem is that its a violation of campaign laws to do so if he indeed did you the campaign funds to pay for his rent. However, if he rented an entirely different space that just happened to be in the same building, that would be a different story.

It would lead to questions about why he didn't indicate it was a different office in the same building on his report, and a reporter might have asked to see a copy of a lease or something, and he might have had to explain why it was only two months rent when leases usually aren't made for two months, but its also not unheard of.

But instead he did something worse - he tipped his hand that he at least thinks something might have been wrong with what he did because when he was reached by the reporter, "Morgan declined to comment and hung up when asked if he used campaign money to pay himself rent."

Its hard to see how he had a legit campaign office at his business in a separate suite at the same location when his business isn't even in the district he's campaigning to represent. I don't recall someone setting up a campaign headquarters that isn't in the area they are running in.

El Paso Mayoral candidates don't have their campaign headquarters in Socorro. Although they do mail to Socorro apparently.

Morgan hanging up and refusing to answer questions about the issue was literally the dumbest thing he could have done. Its entirely possible that he rented another room there at that building. I've been there, its entirely possible.

But refusing to answer and then hanging up isn't what someone does when they have rented another suite on the up-and-up. Morgan missed a real opportunity to explain to the people he wants to represent what the deal was with the expenditure.

Now he's given his opponents something concrete to use to tag his integrity. And trust me, after how Morgan pushed a story against Diana Ramos not having lived in the district very long, I doubt she's gonna pull any punches now that she has something to hit back with. Trustworthiness has been a big issue to voters in the northeast after the string of recent scandals at city hall.

Morgan - in yet another example of candidates screwing themselves with self-inflicted wounds - has given voters something to question. He had been walking a bit of a tightrope since he decided to cut his hair to run for office. He loved the media attention that day, which was probably the most blatant way to pander to voters that I can recall in a local election in years.

But he also was rolling the dice with his credibility when he came out agains the downtown arena location due to pressure from people like Max Grossman, while simultaneously implying his support for Emma Acosta by referring to her as "future mayor" and taking a now-controversial campaign donation from Dee Margo, both of whom support the current location of the downtown arena.

This issue draws a bright red line underneath credibility now. Especially because hanging up on someone isn't the act of a steady, even-handed leader. Its something my teenaged daughter does when she's mad at one of her friends. And Morgan's temperament has been seething from day one - I wrote a long time ago about the tone his attack on Diana Ramos and how he seemed annoyed anyone had decided to run against him for the D4 seat.

And it was avoidable. All Morgan had to do was simply answer the question and the story would've been a short blurb no-one remembers.

The question for his opponents is what do they do with the mistake? I'd expect it to be on a piece of mail out to voters before election day.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is political karma coming back to haunt a candidate...

Saucedo Takes Mayoral Debate on Xtra

Margo on the defensive. Saucedo said something stupid (shocker). Emma referred to the undocumented as "illegal" (genuinely a shocker).

Thats pretty much how the debate on ABC 7 Xtra went last night. Not a lot of time to get through a lot of information with three mayoral candidates but the result was interesting nonetheless.

Emma Acosta's presence was almost forgotten. Several times during the debate I forgot she was there until they changed the camera angle. That is her job as a candidate to make sure she's at least putting up a fight and chiming in on issues. She completely failed at that and ended up using the word "illegal" to describe the undocumented.

It was shameful and embarrassing. And you can tell all the apologists for her on social media because they are the life-long Democrats making excuses for her use of the term - taking away our ability to be critical of those candidates that have used that ignorant term.

But with Margo and Saucedo in the race, maybe her strategy is to shut up and let those two talk because they more they say, the worse they sound.

Both Saucedo and Acosta were effective in attacking Margo for his comments on the border wall, or as he likes to call it, the Freedom Fence. I thought Margo did a good job early trying to reframe himself as someone who is against the extremist type positions often seen from the GOP on immigration, however he was unquestionably on the defensive trying to explain his comments.

And as I have said several times before - in politics, when you're explaining, you're losing.

Before I go on, let me state clearly that I think David Saucedo did what he set out to do, which was go after Margo and paint him as two things, a) a racist and b) paint him to be ineffective.

I think Saucedo is completely unqualified for office, incompetent and wouldn't have a job if it weren't working for his family, and completely incapable of taking responsibility for mistakes while being quick to take credit for something. But - I think he did what he was set out to do and why I think he did the best of the three candidates.

But he wasn't without his major mistakes. The biggest of them was trying to downplay an obviously devastating story to his campaign, which was the story about the campaign finance and filing problems he has, which I'll get into in another post.

The story came out in Sunday's edition of the El Paso Times - front page, above the fold on the day before early voting starts. By any measure, that was a well-played story drop.

Saucedo also made some nonsensical remark about how the El Paso Times endorsement doesn't mean anything, actually calling the endorsement the kiss of the death. Apparently no one in his camp is able to stand up to him and tell him the Emperor Has No Clothes.

Saucedo really opened a can of worms when asked about the Boys & Girls' Club incident. He tried to turn the question around to Dee Margo and challenge his philanthropy by asking where his donation to the Boys & Girls Club.

Wait a minute...he asked Dee Margo whey he didn't try to help fix Saucedo's fuck up? I'm no Margo fan but that guy gives a lot of money to charity. I know Saucedo likes to have a camera follow him around and stage shots in Segundo Barrio to give the impression he spends a lot of time there but if there wasn't a camera man around, Saucedo wouldn't be able to even find Bowie Bakery. Margo has a huge coat drive every single year and has been doing it for years. And that is just the project he spearheads. I know he gives a lot of money to charity around town, so it was a stupid and emotional response on the part of Saucedo.

Certainly not a mayoral temperament.

When the Boys & Girls Club got into some trouble, the board members opened their wallets to help out. They each made personal financial commitments. Did Saucedo? What has he even contributed to them during the last ten years he was a board member?

And remember how he said everything was all sunshine and rainbows when he left? Well I spoke to yeah ANOTHER former member of the board who tells me that there was a mass exodus of 5 members of the board when Saucedo started pushing for his friend and fellow Cathedral Alum Dr. Joseph Villescas to be the Executive Director. 5 board members resigned in one day.

What Saucedo seemed to be trying to do was to compare himself to the two opponents and say they are part of a system problem we have in this town of failed leadership and what we need in this town is new blood. He should have rattled off a few of each of their failures in office and talk about how the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result and that the only choice in this election is do we continue on the same path of failed leadership provided by Margo and Acosta, or do we blaze a different trail with new blood.

That is how they should've been framing his candidacy from the beginning. Now its too late too, but if they start to frame him that way, I should send them an invoice.

Monday, April 24, 2017

D7 Race Analysis

The D7 race was the last one live streamed on KTSM and it was interesting because it exposed Henry Rivera for being extremely weak on policy. Rivera rarely makes forum appearances, I have been looking for the guy to show up at a forum but his new wife Dora Oaxaca keeps him under pretty tight wraps.

When he has a scripted answer Rivera is able to stumble and stammer his way to an attack on Limón but his presentation kills his own attack lines. It was painful to watch. When he's asked a question Dora hasn't given him the script for, its a disaster and he never knows the answer. The comment section was great because Rivera's supporters were all over it, although I was disappointed that I handed my number out and none of them called me like they said they were...

Anywho, I saw that he and Emma Acosta's campaign were teaming up in the valley over the weekend (Dora Oaxaca runs both campaigns) and trying to leave material for both campaigns. That is the dumbest thing an organizer can do. It never works and it usually leads to disaster. Each candidate is automatically perceived to be part of a "ticket" and you take on the baggage of the other campaign. Point is, its hard enough to get your message to "stick" with a voter during your very limited time at the door with them, its even harder when you have to try to do it for two people.

Its usually a sign of desperation or laziness.

That being said, Rivera sent a really effective mail piece recently that was pretty negative toward Limón. The biggest problem for Rivera to try to overcome is the fact that he has low name-ID. He's tried to remedy that by posting signs all over the place but I think someone should show him where the district boundaries are because he has a lot of them that are pretty far out of the district.

Get a map Dora, they are pretty cheap at the courthouse.

Bottom line is yes, Limón is vulnerable. She's got some issues that should concern her campaign, but she's in a one-on-one race with someone with no name ID and his union didn't even endorse him. Watch for early voting numbers, if Limón is ahead, look for it to stay that way throughout the night.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Why No Endorsement Makes Sense

I don't understand why some of you got your chones in a bunch over the fact that the El Paso Times chose not to endorse candidates in a couple of races. It makes no sense. Do you people live under a rock?

Pretty much the only people on planet earth that don't understand that prevailing thought of most of the electorate is that all the candidates basically suck is the Saucedo campaign.

The mayoral candidates are basically un-endorsable. Lets do a quick run through of the major candidates:

Emma Acosta - she's accomplished basically nothing other than to advocate for an obscene pay raise to City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, led the push for Larry Romero to keep cashing a tax-payer funded pay check while he was out on a golfing trip even though he wasn't going to work anymore and tried to make government less open to the people. The one factor that is getting her any votes, she's a Democrat.

David Saucedo - Seriously, there is a level of dumbfuckery in his campaign that can't even be articulated. How many issues does one candidate have to have related to money before the electorate wake-up and realize how insanely unqualified for the office the guys is?

Dee Margo - Two words, Freedom Fence.

There are other candidate in the race but none of them are viable based on things like name ID, campaign funds, etc. so its not surprising that none of them were considered for the endorsement. Hell Jaime O. Perez has so little traction in this race, even by his very, very, very, very low standards that even I haven't taken the time to even write about him.

And when even bloggers don't write about you...you're seriously hard up for attention - which is why he is now resorting to campaign for office by protesting. Although one guy showing up and complaining about not be included in debates probably isn't much of a protest. Its more of just the ending of the movie Say Anything.

District 7 had no endorsement either. Its easy to think its a shot at Limón because she's the incumbent. But its actually says a lot more about Henry Rivera more so than Limón. Why? Because even having an investigation hanging over her head right now, Rivera still can't convince people that he is even remotely qualified for the position. Not only did his own union not endorse him, but the Times didn't endorse him when his opponent has an active investigation going on. The fact that he has almost no understanding of policy what so ever was PAINFULLY obvious during the debates streamed on Facebook by KTSM recently. Any question that Dora Oaxaca hadn't scripted an answer for Rivera was a complete disaster. Think about it, in District 2 Tolbert also has an investigation hanging over his head and the Times had no problem endorsing someone else.

Which leads me to the endorsement of Alexsandra Annello over Jim Tolbert. Think about it, Tolbert has been in office a short time and has taken a huge a huge nose-dive in popularity in such a short time. Under normal circumstances he wouldn't have been in office long enough to have pissed anyone off to not deserve the endorsement. It'll be interesting to see what is crack team of communications specialists comes up with next.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Ay, Ay!

In one photo the reason people think Saucedo is a cocky douche-bag is perfectly captured.

I don't recall a mayoral candidate ever doing this before.

It underscores that his entire campaign is centered around his ego and narcissistic attitude.

Whether it was his boxing commercial with the weird luchador, this magazine cover, or how he constantly refers to when he gets elected, not if he's elected, he will be the youngest in the history of El Paso and the youngest Latino mayor of a major American city.

Me, me, me, me.

And that crystalizes my frustration with this election. There is no candidate who's basic message is you, you, you, you.

We need a people-centered mayor, not an entitled child of privilege with a messiah complex.

Tolbert's Lies & Weird Mailer

Its the most bizarre mailer I've ever seen. One side, is downright creepy. The other side is downright silly.

Embattled City Rep Jim Tolbert, who may end up being re-elected despite a cloud hanging over his head with an on-going criminal investigation by law enforcement.

Okay lets start with the weird side. What is with putting a picture of your opponents, and then not putting a picture of your opponents by blurring them out? Thats not me blurring them out by the way. It was sent out like that!

Also, how much of a hypocrite is Tolbert? He was a blogger himself!

What are they in the witness protection program or something?

So weird.

This is when campaign staff should save the candidate from themselves.

Then there is the other side.

You should wear boots to protect your feet from all the bullshit falling off of that side of the mailer. For the life of me I don't know how he can say some of the stuff he says with a straight face. Several times he talks about factions, not being a puppet, and how someone else was recruited to fill someone else's agenda.

Can we just tell the truth here?

He talking about Susie Byrd.

He's mad because Susie Byrd isn't supporting him anymore. Now when he ran last time he was perfectly happy to take her help and be part of her "faction". That support isn't there anymore and NOW he has a problem with factions and agendas? Seriously, that is some next-level hypocrisy.

I can't even comprehend how he can go there.

But it gets better...

If you'll take note of the part that I circled..."has been and always will be in full compliance with all transparency rules..."


It takes a lot of balls to have the title be The Truth & The Facts and then proceed to put a lot of stuff that is just flat-out false.

Seriously Jim...everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but YOU ADMITTED YOU DELETED TEXT MESSAGES. We don't have to wait for the investigation by law enforcement to know that you haven't been and always will be in full compliance blah blah blah...because you yourself admitted you did something that is not in full compliance with transparency rules.

Thats not counting the fact that there are text messages that show, allegedly, that you were made aware of how many members of council were at that now-infamous meeting...and you still wanted to be there.

And its not counting the video of you all going into city hall and the mayor's office.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Morgan's Margo Money

Morgan took $500 check from Republican Mayoral candidate Dee Margo
For some reason candidate for mayor Dee Margo donated money to Sam Morgan's campaign. Sam Morgan has listed as his top achievement the rebirth of the Northeast Democrats. He has been endorsed by the Northeast Democrats and the Black El Paso Democrats.

The donation to Morgan's campaign wasn't the only donation that a Democrat has received from a Republican. Its quite common-place in El Paso. That, in and of itself, its that much of a big deal.

But what does underscore the controversy of the donation is that Margo is running for mayor. Morgan is in the back pocket of Max Grossman and his Do-ruhn-geee-toe click, but Dee Margo is 100% in favor of the downtown arena. That is interesting, but still not the most controversial thing about the donation.

The most controversial thing about the donation is that he hasn't given it back to Dee Margo yet.

Sometimes an unsavory person donates feria to your campaign. Happens all the time. The Gandara family, or G-Unit as they are affectionately known these days, donated money to Congressman Reyes when he was in his last campaign. Shit hit the fan with Willie Jr and they were gonna return the money, eventually. Recently Hanks ISD trustee candidate Leila Melendez took a contribution from a vato that bribed Sal Mena in the public corruption scandal (then said she didn't know he was in the scandal) and said she was have to think about it but would probably return the money. Point is, its common place to return money depending on the circumstances.

Here is a screenshot of the donation from Margot on Morgan's campaign finance report.

The fact that Dee Margo referred to the border wall as a "Freedom Fence" as some magical and whimsical structure that practically sings when the air goes through it was an insult to this community.

I, along with many other Chicanos, was offended by the sheer ignorance of the remark, followed by the use of the term "illegal".

How a minority candidate and Democrat like Sam Morgan decides to keep a donation from Dee Margo after those ignorant and shame remarks is beyond me. I've been thinking about it and the fact that he hasn't returned that contribution after Margo made such a terrible statement is unacceptable.

Jaime Barceleau also took a contribution from one of the Margo's but I don't know if its Dee or his kid that said Dee was too good for El Paso. But if you if Barceleau took a contribution from Margo and hasn't given it back, PEOR! Lol, just kidding. This is exactly the kind of crap I expect from Barceleau.

Sam...come on vato...think about all the Latinos you're aspiring to represent. Return that donation and send the message that you don't stand with that type of ignorant and divisive rhetoric.

I can't believe someone has to even bring it to your attention. Should be a no-brainer.

Interesting Endorsement for Barceleau

I was checking out Jaime Barceleau's website and I came across a list of people that have endorsed him. I mostly thought it was funny because he did what I expected him to do...he listed his spouse as an endorsement.

I wonder if the endorsement still stands?

But as I looked more closely I noticed something that was actually pretty damn interesting to me. As you can see in this screen shot I highlighted the name of Senator Jose Rodriguez. Well Rodriguez and his wife are pretty opposed to the downtown arena. Carmen Rodriguez is one of the main people circulating a petition against the arena.

The senator has come out against it. One of his staffers wrote an editorial piece about it last week calling for it to be moved somewhere else.

But Barceleau is one of the very few people running for office who publicly supports the arena in the current location. He's been pretty adamant about it.

How adamant?

Remember this video?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ana Dueñez..Speaking of Bad Candidates

If you've never seen her in action, it is a sight to behold.

She's such a bad candidate....

(How bad is she?)

She's so bad of a candidate that you would think she was running for mayor!

Ba-dump-bump chhhhhh.

I start with a joke because Dueñez, as an elected official is a total joke. She has plagued the school board in Ysleta for a long time with petty crap and has taken some really bad votes.

Here's what I mean. She has a clique of friends that actually script questions for her to ask during a meeting. If you watch video of meetings, you can see her read off of her script. She berates staff in public and does so to embarrass them. That has had a tangible impact on morale around the district office and throughout the district.

Which is unfortunate, but the real impact has been on the Riverside area.

During the last bond, Eastwood, Bel Air, Ysleta and Parkland areas all go significant investments in their infrastructure. Riverside got significantly less.

Dueñez has gone on television to talk about the conditions of schools in the Riverside area, highlighting that some of them might not be structurally sound. Which is admirable on her part, but here's the kicker...she voted against the bond! That makes no sense that she would identify a need in her district and then proceed to vote against the bond to address the needs in the Riverside area.

Riverside didn't get much in the bond because Dueñez spends so much time fighting with people, berating district and school staff, and reading (with great difficulty sometimes) her scripted questions.

Why does this matter to you? Who cares about a small school board race in the lower valley besides those of us who live in the valley?

Because Anna Dueñez sits on the Central Appraisal District board. She's the YISD rep on CAD and she takes her madness on a roadshow that affects anyone that owns property in El Paso. And her behavior on CAD is the same as it is on the YISD school board.

These small elections have bigger implications that we sometimes think about.

Gettin' Gangsta....Even the District Clerk

Well with Early Voting starting next week we are starting to see things heat up and some people are gettin' ganagsta with it on the campaign trail.

Expect to see things heat up in every race this week.

It ranges from just a little competitive campaigning, to sharp messaging, to a spouse and elected official unleashing a personal attack on her husband's opponent.

Here's a shot of Shane Haggerty block walking, which I assume was recently. Even when he's trolling he's polite.

Team Man-Bun is gonna be pissed, but I was able to get my hands on what looks like a draft of a mailer that has or will soon, be hitting mail boxes.

I don't know if this is one or two different mailers. At first I thought the bottom one was a picture of Jim Tolbert, but its actually Dee Margo with a little tiny baby Trump on his shoulder.

The El Paso Democratic Party and the Tejano Democrats also got into the mix and created an ad that is floating around social media that apparently shows that pic of Dee Margo is pretty popular.

But the most gangsta of all was last night during the D3 debate on Newschannel 9. Norma Favela, spouse of Jaime Barceleau chimed in to attack her husband's opponent during the live stream. That was a really big risk because she pretty much pulled a Chris Hernandez and asked a question knowing full well everyone knows she's the spouse of a candidate.

I was surprised that an elected official would take a shot like that at a candidate in a race they aren't a part of. Its just opens a can of worms when you do something like that, especially when you're the District Clerk...you know, the person with access to all kinds of legal documents...not smart. Should've had someone else plant that question. And it would have saved me from trolling directly under her question. Those of you in the know think thats funny as shit right?

If you haven't figured it out, she was referring to D3 candidate Cassandra Brown. I guess they haven't realized that going to the dark side this late in the game often back-fires. Its also bad political karma. Favela had some potentially ugly personal stuff leveled at her the first time she ran, so I'm surprised a woman would to that to another woman, especially one that has been through it before. Another avoidable mistake and self-inflicted wound by an elected. But hey, like they say...all is fair in love and war.

Or so they say...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

First D8 Candidates Emerge

Two candidates for the seat left vacant by Cortney Niland have emerged. There will likely be more, but in the mean time Gilbert Guillen and Cissy Lizarraga are both considering a bid for the seat once the filing window opens.

What is interesting is that both candidates have the capacity to raise money, or self-fund. Its been a while since a Latino candidate in the area could do so.

Both names are probably familiar to you, Gilbert Guillen is one of the key property owners in the on-going controversy over the downtown arena location. The challenge for him is that he has to have a message other than just Duranguito, Duranguito, Duranguito, if he wants to really get the support of voters on the westside to vote for him.

Cissy Lizarraga is the spouse of Judge Marcos Lizarraga and has been active in the local Democratic Party for years. Lizarraga beat an Hispanic female for his seat the first time and the campaign was a family affair. So Lizarraga has campaigned before and has a frame of reference when it comes to campaigning.

Expect a lot more candidates to throw their hats in the ring.

Slogans & Shitting on Your Endorsements & More...

Lots of odds and ends today and lets do this one potpourri style.

First, Jud Burgess is a big baby. If you missed Channel 9's debates they are doing on the municipal candidates, you should watch them on FB. They are great and they are really making an effort to cover local campaigns in a way that TV in town has never really been committed to, so kudos to them. Every day this week they will be doing a different race, so last night was D2 - tonight is D3 - tomorrow D4 - and D7 the next night.

Last night Jud Burgess was having his way with Jim Tolbert. He nailed Tolbert and the station didn't let Tolbert get away with that they have been telling people at the door about how there's no problems with Tolbert because the ethics complaint was thrown out. They put that issue to rest pretty well, though I fully expect Tolbert to go back to that message at the door when no one is looking. Burgess even did a good job of nailing Tolbert on the fact that he destroyed public records when he deleted text messages. Hard to talk about being the champion of ethics and transparency when you're under investigation by the Texas Rangers and have admitted to destroying pubic records.

I asked a question on the FB feed and that is when Burgess showed he's a little baby that shouldn't be taken seriously. He had a total fit when I asked a question about the city manager. Burgess basically answered any question that had anything to do with experience or city policy with an "I don't know, I'm not the city representative" cop-out. It doesn't surprise me that he doesn't know the answers, hell he's never actually voted in a municipal election before so he may not have even mastered voting for himself yet. And he clearly doesn't know finance law. Or what to do about the city manager or the discretionary funds budget, a whole host of other things. So its good that he admits it, its just a giant cop-out to say you don't know because you aren't elected yet. You don't know because you haven't researched. Anywho, his little tantrum was classic and its indicative of his temperament. Jud, we both know you're reading this. I get it, you like to be critical of everyone else and have really thin skin and don't like when you're scrutinized, but understand this...you're supposed to be. You're a candidate for office. So I'm supposed to ask you tough questions and be critical. You volunteered for this, no one put a gun to your head. Now man-up and stop being a big baby...there is still a few weeks until election day so you're undoubtedly going to be somewhere that I get to ask you a substantive question in public, so get used to the idea. I've been doing this over a decade, I ain't going no where buddy.


Slogans are stupid and people spend way too much time thinking about them when they become candidates. Everyone thinks a slogan is going to take them to the promised land and insist on putting their dumb slogan on everything. Slogans take up valuable real estate on signs and are a complete waste. I once saved my friend Mayela from the all-time worst slogan when she ran for city hall - "unity in the community".

I know, awful right?

Well some of the candidates running have some pretty bad ones this go around. I normally save this for award season after the elections, but spoiler alert: Chris Anchondo is in the early lead for a really stupid slogan.

I mean even for judicial candidates, its a terrible slogan.

"Let justice prevail"

What the fuck? What does that even mean as a campaign slogan? I hope that was some back-of-a-bar napkin idea that happened somewhere before last call and after some shitty nachos at that over-rated shithole hipster dwelling called The Tap. At least then I could understand its origin.

Next in line, Sam Morgan. "A New Northeast Vibe". Thats not a campaign slogan, its a really cool name for a Jazz band. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sam Morgan and the New Northeast Vibe! Sam's a bud and an Airborne brother, but I don't know what he was thinking when he came up with that one. Doesn't convey a message at all.

And then there is the Grand Poobah of shitty campaign slogans - Jaime Favela. Its not that his are bad, he uses traditional stuff like "leadership you can trust" and "commitment" and "character".

Again, its not that they are bad...its that he's the last person that should be using words like trust, commitment, and character. I know a lot about that guy, have it in black and white, I assure you that the word trust, commitment, and character don't belong in the same sentence with Jaime Barceleau unless there is the phrase "devoid of any" before them.

Here is what his last mailer should have really said:

Shitting on Your Endorsements

At the mayoral forum today David Saucedo said something very funny...He said since we don't pay our police officers enough, that is why the creme de la creme got to CBP and other federal jobs and we're left with what we have." Zas, thats gacho.

Not exactly a compliment to our boys in blue...