Monday, November 20, 2017

Fenenbock, Sierra & Leeser Rumor

So there was an article in the El Paso Times about Carlos Sierra setting up a SuperPAC and its express purpose is to go after Veronica Escobar.

I seriously can't believe that there are some of you reading this that still give that guy work. If you read the article the big take away is that Sierra is obsessed with a hit list of people he wants to take out. That says everything you need to know about that guy and why he's the ultimate villain in El Paso politics.

He doesn't want to make El Paso a better place. He doesn't give a shit about policy. He doesn't want to build anything.

By his own admission, he wants to destroy. And if you believe what a source has told me about that ugly robocall he was alleged to have been secretly behind, then the guy clearly will do whatever it takes, stoop to whatever depth possible, to destroy the people on his hit list.

Maybe that is why everyone disavows the guy as quickly as they can. Like the kid with piojos in elementary school. Only shaving his head won't make it go away.

Seriously everyone he was worked with, or claimed to have worked with, can't distance themselves from that guy quick enough. Based on his track record, there is good reason.

The other big take away is that even the SuperPAC wants to keep his name on the low-low. When even a SuperPAC wants to keep your name out of things, its a really bad sign about the guy.

That is why his involvement with that SuperPAC is already going to hurt Fenenbock. He's admitted to reaching out to her in the article. He said in his letter to Fenenbock that he was out to get Escobar.

He even has the audacity to take credit for Acosta losing the mayoral race. Seriously man, get the fuck out of here. You didn't do that. She was unpopular of her own doing, not anything you had to do with. Seriously, when was the last time you won a race?

Actually, have you ever won a race where the client actually claimed you?

The answer is no.

Anywho, the SuperPAC is going to be one big boat anchor around Fenenbock's neck. It may have another unintended victim.

Former El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser. Leeser has been associated with Sierra in the past but he was also one of the first people to distance himself from Sierra.

Leeser has been going to Democratic Party functions on the regular. Most former mayors don't really have the spotlight anymore. But Leeser does. He even did the high school football all start game draft lottery this weekend.

He is beloved at Democratic Party events. Seriously, I've seen him more in person since this election season started than the entire time he was mayor. I'm not exaggerating.

I've heard that he has been telling people around town about a poll Forma did last year that showed he was a strong congressional candidate. That was before the Duranguito stuff, but it was a poll nonetheless.

The rumors that he will jump into the congressional race at the last minute will not go away. he was successful when he jumped in the mayoral race at the last minute because he had money, name ID, and most weren't happy with the field of candidates.

Fenenbock knows that if Leeser jumps in the race, she's toast. She is done, she won't be a factor anymore. She's known this for awhile, which is why she was trying to push for Leeser to replace Escobar as County Judge. She wanted to take the knight off the chessboard.

Filing deadline is less than a month away. Lets see what happens...

Oh, and one more thing. Fenenbock was unavailable for comment again. Once again voters heard from Christian Archer instead of Dori Fenenbock. The media needs to stop making that an option. The minute they just run stories without comment from the campaign I guarantee they stop giving you Archer.

Two JP Candidates in Trouble

Two incumbent Justices of the Peace are going to be in a tough battle to try to keep their seats. Each of the male incumbents face not one, but two Latina candidates challenging for their seats.

And in each race, the two Latina candidates have started campaigning early.

Why is that significant? Because both of the incumbents won their races by taking Latina incumbents into run-off elections.

Now both the incumbents are in the position they had the incumbents they defeated in.

The advantage that both incumbents have, and Justice of the Peace for Precinct 5 John Chatman to a much greater extent, is name ID and money.

But there are also some disadvantages the two incumbents have to deal with in this election. First, the fact that they are both facing not one, but two Latinas that are campaigning hard and doing so early. As incumbents, they have courts to run. As candidates, they had all day to campaign. Not so much anymore. If they are suddenly out of the office more than usual, it will become an issue.

Chatman and Justice of the Peace for Precinct 4 Jesus Urenda also have to deal with the challenge that it is very difficult to go negative against female candidates especially in this political climate we currently have and its doubtful that either incumbent wants to risk rubbing the electorate the wrong way.

Chatman's motto when he previously ran was "Mi color es de amigo" and he still has it on his campaign signs around the valley. If he went negative on his opponents, it would really hurt him.

Now to be clear, I'm not unbiased in these two races and I won't pretend to be. As a result, I won't be doing much writing about them. You know who I'm rooting for in Precinct 5, and in Precinct 4 Rebecca Bustamante is by far the most qualified candidate. She's the only lawyer running and she's been a far more active Democrat than Patiño, who seems like a nice lady but has very little voting history.

Norma Chavez is her campaign manager and unfortunately for Chavez and Patiño, and Chavez will disagree with me (because she's wrong) but bikers aren't a voting base.

Either way in both precinct 4 and 5, with two Latina candidates campaigning hard early on, it is going to mean that there is a run-off.

Incumbents lose in run-offs with only a very few exceptions. The question then becomes, who gets into a run-off? It is quite possible in the Precinct 4 race that Judge Urenda doesn't even make it in to a run-off election.


Speaking of JP races, what the hell is up with JP 3?

First, this guy "Spanky" Sanchez - dude did someone actually tell this guy to focus on the name "Spanky" instead of SANCHEZ in a heavily Latino precinct like JP 3? I mean I guess it makes sense if you're running against candidates named Buckwheat and Alfalfa, but other than that, the name you should always focus on is the more Spanish name. Thats El Paso politics 101. I met him briefly once, and I don't know anything about his qualifications, so I am not saying the guy is, or is not a good candidate. I frankly don't know. But seriously, wrong name to focus on and if no one around him has told him so, shame on them.

Good thing there is another candidate that seems to have bigger issues.

Check out her signs:

Did you catch it? If you're going to run for an office, you should - at a minimum - now what its called. She's running for Precinct 3, not District 3.

See what I mean?

Also, someone should teach her the boundaries of the PRECINCT. She has several signs up in JP 5 area that are doing her no good in the wrong precinct.

JP 3 is going to be a hotly contested race because its kind of the crown jewel of the JP races because they make so much money doing weddings because the JP court is located in the county courthouse downtown.

See weddings is kind of the secret honey pot that JPs like to keep a secret. They make a ton of money off of doing weddings, can charge anything they want, they don't have to report that money to tax payers or commissioners (only the IRS) and none - and I mean NONE - of the money that your tax payers go to help facilitate, goes back to you the tax payer. That is money that the JP's just pocket for themselves.

So JP3 is going to be a cash cow for the eventual winner.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Cabrera Attacks Union Boss After Spat with Fenenbock

Cartoon by Steve Hern,
So, what are we all just going to pretend that EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera's little live-streamed taxpayer-funded temper tantrum wasn't about defending Dori Fenenbock?

Let me get this straight, week before last there ends up being a big hub-bub about the AFT Union Boss Ross Moore coming out to clarify that despite alleged suggestion to the contrary, Dori Fenenbock did not have the support of the American Federation of Teachers in EPISD yet, and this week Juan Cabrera goes on the attack against Moore?

And we are all supposed to believe that is just some sort of coincidence? Seriously that is one of the most blatantly obvious political moves to support the candidate that he allegedly was trying to help campaign, but then said he wasn't but now looks like he is...

So now this has really gotta put the establishment Democrats into a bad spot. You have Cabrera attacking a union - and labor rights is a central part of the Democratic Party platform. Cabrera goes after the union that wouldn't endorse Fenenbock, but most of the establishment Democrats that still haven't gotten over Reyes losing to Beto, are supporting Fenenbock.

Well thats awkward because its been hard for people to call themselves Chicano and back Fenenbock with a straight face with her track record as a Republican but now that you have her chief political ally launch an attack on unions because Fenenbock didn't get an endorsement.

Because lets be real...if Fenenbock had received the AFT endorsement, there is no way in blue hell that Cabrera would be attacking Ross Moore.

Seriously, if she wasn't such a Republican, would David K be endlessly kissing her ass? No, because David K doesn't like Democrats. Remember how the balance of the blogosphere force works - he's the Republican and I am the Democrat. Who's he been carrying water for? The Republican.

Make no mistake about this though, Cabrera's attack on Moore wasn't just an attack on Ross Moore, or even just an attack on the AFT.

It was an assault on labor.

Remember the words he used like "bullying" and "intimidation". That is what management calls it when workers unite to protect their rights and participate in the same market principles that business does. And so shocker...administration doesn't like unions. Also, the sky is blue and water is wet.

There is no nice way to put it, Cabrera's attack was on the working man and woman of this community. Real Democrats should stand with unions at a time like this and unions should show solidarity and stand with each other.

Thats what it means when we say "Solidarity Forever".

This is clearly Cabrera engaging in political payback. The school board shouldn't continue to stand for his antics. Remember what happened the last time they stood idly by and let an administrator run amok? Yeah, me too.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bustamante Fundraiser

Becky Bustamante is running for JP 4 on the eastside. I post any and all campaign event announcements that are sent to me.

But a quick note about Bustamante - she is far and away the best candidate for the position.

Pandering & Congressional Funnies

This post has lots of pics, but I swear its worth it. I love social media during campaign season because something funny always happens. So this is a bit of a potpourri piece, so I'll end it on a humorous note. For now, lets start with pandering.

Pandering isn't a new thing and there is always that one candidate that will surrender any bit of self-dignity they have for the sake of getting a vote. Happens every election cycle. Last election cycle it was David Saucedo that embodied pandering. This cycle, it is Dori Fenenbock far and away.

She's really taken the pandering to the next level. I mean she's not dancing cumbias like David Saucedo did, but lets be real...that will likely happen before this is all said and done. I'm getting used to the Mexican pandering, which I'll go more into in a second, but I want to focus on Veteran's Day pandering.

So I found this picture and it annoyed me on so many levels but I'll start with the fact that as a veteran who is starting to gray, I am like a lot of the thousands of other veterans in town and we all put on some sort of military regalia on Veteran's Day to signify our military service. We are big on wearing something from our branch of service. Trust me, you never have to wonder what branch a veteran served in because we almost always wear something that will tell you.

Fenenbock must've been watching war movies and went full Tropic Thunder. She apparently decided to play dress-up and wore this. I know a few veterans that were offended, but most of us just laughed at the lengths people will go to for pandering for a vote.

Normally electeds will wear a flag on their lapel or a red, white, and blue scarf or something patriotic on veterans day. The electeds that are veterans, which there are fewer and fewer of these days, may wear a baseball hat with their branch of service.

Fenenbock looks like she got run over by a supply truck heading to a military surplus store.

Or the guy that brought his wife to the hunting trip. Pro tip - if you aren't a veteran, don't play dress-up as one. Seriously its like there is no one around her that cares enough about her to stop her from doing some of the things she does.

Okay so now lets move on to the non-holiday pandering Fenenbock does. Remember when I said earlier that I thought she'd end up dancing cumbias before this is all said and done? Well there is a reason I have said that. She seems to be really focused on pandering to raza for the purposes of trying to appeal to us.

Which is weird because she also actually brags about defeating Latino candidates. Ive written about it before and its still on her website. Go check if you don't believe me.

She's done it with the Si Se Puede chant at her announcement, she will try to speak Spanish to people in that special annoying way that only rich white folk seem to have mastered, and makes sure she gets as many pictures with prominent Latinos as she can.

Frankly, all you Latinos that are encouraging that shit, especially those of you that call yourselves Chicanos, trust me when I tell you that people are taking note.

Here's an example of her posting a pic with Dolores Huerta, who I guarantee she needed help learning to pronounce her last name...

Obviously she wants to look like she hangs out with farmworkers and civil rights heroes. In reality, she's more comfortable hanging out in Beverly Hills wearing furs. No seriously, I'm not joking.

No, I don't know what kind of fur that is, I'm chicano. I've never seen a fur.

Anywho, its not just civil rights leaders she tries to pander with. Its also with my future ex-wife's current boo A -Rod.

And frankly, its my favorite one because of the hashtag.

Lets Fiesta?

I've been brown my entire life. So I have one question for all you Chicanos that are allegedly hardcore Democrats that are all Down with Dori...who the fuck says that?!?!?!

I'll tell you who...

Drunk gringas that have had one too many shots of tequila at the Drinko-de-Mayo frat party, thats who.

Because I've never heard raza say "Lets Fiesta" in my entire life. Seriously how much cultural appropriation are you Chicanos going to stand and watch?

So in that spirit, I thought if she's gonna use images of herself with Latinos, why not make them more genuine and include what her website says about raza?

There, I fixed it.


I said I'd end on a humorous note. Like I said, I love social media during election season. If you haven't met Enrique Garcia, he's a really great guy. He's not gonna win, but he is a great guy. Well he made a little boo-boo on his social media post on Veteran's Day. Its still there today, so I don't think he's caught it yet.

But here's a screenshot. I've magnified the flags emoji that are used in the post to draw to your attention something one of my readers caught.

That is not the American flag that is used in his post. Its actually Liberia's flag.

Monday, November 13, 2017

First Day Filers

The filing window is open for candidates to place their names on the ballot. I often get asked by folks about who has or has not signed up to run so far. Shout out to the Party for having a lot of comprehensive info on their website and providing me with the names of who has filed already. You can see a list of everyone who has declared candidacy so far, which is different than actually filing. Here are the Democratic Party candidates that filed for office on the first day of the filing period to appear on the Democratic Party ballot.

The filing window continues until December 11th. Candidates can appear on the ballot by paying the fee or by providing signatures on petitions of registered voters. The Party website also has a page that lays out the fees and number of signatures necessary to appear on the ballot.

Congressional Race:
Veronica Escobar
Jerome Tighlman

State Rep Races:
Cesar Blanco(I)
MarySue Femath
Joseph Moody(I)
Evalina Ortega(I)

County Judge/Commissioner Candidates:
Sergio Lewis
Ricardo Samaniego

Judicial Seats:
Patricia Chew(I)
Marcos Lizarraga(I)
Ray Rocha
Linda Chew(I)
Martha Sue Kurita(I)
Adolfo Sanchez
Patricia Estrada
Javier Alvarez(I)
Josh Herrera
Patsy Lopez
Robert Anchondo(I)
Danny Razo
Roberto Ramos
Ruben Nunez

County Clerk:
Delia Briones (I)

Possible Development in County Judge Race

So far the race for County Judge has been very similar to the last mayoral race - an incredibly weak field of candidates. All of them are incredibly nice people, but you don't read my blog because I pull political punches, so I'm not gonna start now. The candidates are nice, but none of them are strong. And there is talk of a sitting elected official who is being urged by a lot of folks to do El Paso a solid and jump in the race. If he did, it would be an immediate impact.

First, it is looking less and less like County Commissioner David Stout is going to run for county judge because the support just isn't there. Stout is a perfect example of what happens when Max Grossman latches on to your political career. Straight-up boat anchor.

Stout needs to hustle hard to even keep his seat at this point. His opponent is former County Commissioner Sergio Lewis, who is a now a Forma candidate. And guess what? Lewis' campaign is already block walking. He hit some doors over the weekend.

So that leaves a field of Richard Samaniego, John Cook, and Laura Enriquez. Samniego is the one with all the money at this point and his consultants have made sure he's done all the political rounds. He's got name ID because of former El Paso County Sheriff, and big time anti-immigrant Leo Samaniego.

Samaniego is super likable. The one thing negative you hear about him is a pretty steady drumbeat of I really like him, but I don't like who he surrounds himself with. He's done some solid work in the community and has the most knowledge of the machinations of county government. He seems like he'd be able to go into office and work well with the other commissioners and get brought up to speed pretty quickly.

John Cook is a name a lot of you know and he has show he can win in a citywide race without having a lot of money. Knows policy pretty well, but based on the one time I saw him address commissioners court, he didn't appear to have a deep knowledge of county government and said some things that frankly didn't make any sense related to the issue he was speaking about. Twelve or so years ago when he was the upset victor in the mayoral race he walked a lot was able to pull it off. Now twelve years and a ballpark later, it isn't going to be so easy to do. Especially because he's going to have to add the areas outside of El Paso to his block walking. Its really hard to see how he gets any traction.

Laura Enriquez is my dark horse in this race. She needs to be doing a lot more in her campaign, but from what I have seen I have been impressed with her candidacy. She's an attorney and the only woman running. This ballot is going to be dominated by female candidates and despite not having as much money has the other candidates, if she can catch a break here and there she has the chance to make some noise and be a contender. Frankly, if she had a little bit of money and a solid ground game, she could win.

But you know what you don't hear about in this race at all?


No one at all is talking about what they would do as County Judge. Probably because they don't have a clue in terms of what is going on at the county and what needs to change. The County is a strange government animal to begin with and purposely weak. So it takes a lot of savvy to fix problems at the County in a government entity that doesn't have the ability to make ordinances to deal with most of the problems that are out there.

It was out of frustration with the current field of candidates that there was ever talk of Stout running for County Judge in the first place. There has been several groups of people trying to recruit someone stronger to run for county judge since the field started to form, the most notable efforts centered around Commissioners Carlos Leon and Vince Perez.

Eventually Commissioner Leon ruled out the possibility of a bid for the county judge position. Well there are now several indications that Commissioner Vince Perez, who notably hasn't ruled it out, may be considering a run for county judge. He's been hounded for weeks by people urging him to make the run.

Perez's candidacy would immediately change the field. First, he'd be the only candidate that has a campaign team that is proven and ready to hit the ground running. He's run on basically no money before, but this time would likely have a luxury he hasn't had previously - a well financed campaign. His tenacity for campaigning is unmatched. No one can frame a message better. Perez would also be the only candidate with in-depth knowledge of county government and is the only candidate that has any track record of implementing meaningful reforms at the County.

He was elected the 2016 County Leader of the Year - a national award - for his work on judicial and budgetary reforms. There's not a candidate in the field that can touch that and there isn't a candidate in the field that would want to stand toe-to-toe with Perez on a policy debate. Ironically the only way they could try to beat Perez would be to attack the reforms he's led, which would be futile because a) he's smarter than the rest and b) the reforms were meaningful and acclaimed.

The only thing stopping Perez from running is Perez. If he chose to run he would have to resign his current seat as County Commissioner for Precinct 3. It would also leave a vacuum of people wanting to fill the seat. Everyone who has ever run for anything would likely try to through their hat in the ring and it would flip around a bunch of seats.

The salary isn't much more than what commissioners are making now and a County Judge has only one or two more additional abilities than the rest of the commissioners. Its more of an at-large seat than an executive, so why would Perez need to run for County Judge? He has already shown himself to be successful at pushing reforms through the court without doing so from the County Judge's office.

So in this last month before the filing deadline closes, watch for a lot of people to be on the edge of their seat to see what happens. Perez is likely the only potential county judge candidate that could wait until the last possible moment to throw their hat in the ring and win.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Moore Uncovers Fenenbock PAC Connection to Carlos Sierra

Former El Paso Times Editor Bob Moore found a connection between a PAC supporting the Fenenbock congressional campaign and the infamous political operative, and Republican, Carlos Sierra.

Sierra is a longtime Republican operative who has worked in local campaigns but has been largely disavowed as his tactics have come to light and caused controversy. Sierra has recently said some pretty nasty sexually-charged remarks about a local elected official.

Moore, who recently retired from the Times has apparently been keeping his eye on local politics as a private citizen now and uncovered an interesting connection between the Fenenbock campaign and Carlos Sierra.

Here is what Moore wrote in a recent post on Facebook:

The Ohio organizer of a new political action committee says it was formed to support Dori Fenenbock’s El Paso congressional campaign, but won’t say much else. However, it appears the PAC has ties to controversial political consultant Carlos Sierra of El Paso.
The Keep El Paso Honest PAC was created on Tuesday, according to Federal Election Commission records. It’s custodian of records and treasurer is listed as Lindsey Workman of Dublin, Ohio. 
I called Workman on Thursday for information about the PAC. She said the PAC was going to support “candidates for Congress and other local offices in El Paso.” When I asked which candidates, she said Fenenbock, who's seeking the Democratic nomination for El Paso's 16th Congressional District seat. Workman said the PAC hadn’t yet identified any other candidates to support.
Workman was evasive as I asked more questions. She repeatedly said “we” when describing people behind the PAC, but when I asked who else was involved, she said, “I’m not at liberty to talk about that.” When I asked if anyone in Fenenbock’s family was involved with the PAC, she declined to answer.
Although Workman declined to talk about any others involved in the Keep El Paso Honest PAC, available public records point to Sierra, an El Pasoan who has been involved in numerous political campaigns. He was a former aide to Arizona Sen. John McCain and, like Workman, worked on Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s 2016 presidential campaign. 
Workman’s LinkedIn profile says she served as “national grassroots director” for Johnson’s 2016 presidential campaign. Sierra’s LinkedIn profile says he served as "national field director" for the former New Mexico governor’s Libertarian campaign last year.
FEC records show Workman as the custodian of records and treasurer for another PAC created on Oct. 2, called Keep Texas Honest. In addition to Workman’s ties to both PACs, Keep El Paso Honest and Keep Texas Honest use the same Ohio bank, FEC records show.
In the initial filing for the Keep Texas Honest PAC, Workman gave her email address as, and listed as a secondary email.
She dropped the Renegade Public Affairs emails when she filed amended organizing forms, FEC records show. For the Keep El Paso Honest PAC, she listed a Gmail address.
Sierra’s LinkedIn profile lists him as a partner in Renegade Public Affairs. Workman does not list the company in her LinkedIn profile.
He pleaded guilty to aggravated driving while intoxicated, a felony, in Arizona in 2014. Drunk driving becomes a felony in Arizona upon a third DWI conviction in seven years. He also was charged in El Paso with indecency with a child, though that charge was later dropped. 
Sierra was an organizer of an effort in 2015 to draft Vice President Joe Biden as a Democratic presidential candidate, but the group dropped him after his criminal charges came to light.
He also worked on campaigns for El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser and city Reps. Carl Robinson and Lily Limon, who said they were unaware of Sierra’s legal history, according to reporting by the El Paso Times.
Workman told me that she has worked for Libertarian and Republican candidates in the past. She said she is supporting Fenenbock's Democratic campaign because Fenenbock is “very pragmatic, very sensible.”
Under federal election laws, political action committees can’t coordinate efforts with candidates. They must maintain separate operations.

If you recall, Sierra has publicly stated he has a political hit list of people he wants to run out of local politics. A list that has since grown since he declared it in the El Paso Times.

Sierra, aside from the legal controversies, is a bigger problem for the candidates he associates himself with because of his win-at-all cost and his alleged disregard for campaign laws. As you recall, a source came forward recently that alleged that Carlos Sierra is the source of the ugliest and dirtiest robocall in the history of local politics.

Heres the call to refresh your memory.

Surprisingly people were still willing to hire Carlos Sierra after that accusation. He was connected to a couple of candidates in this election cycle including Richard Samaniego, who is running for County Judge, and Adolfo "Spanky" Sanchez until he was fired from those campaigns.

So it is certainly noteworthy that the longtime Republican operative would work with a PAC that is going to be involved in local campaigns and one connected to Fenenbock, who already has a difficult time dealing with questions about her credentials as a Democrat.

What is even more interesting is that apparently around the same time that the PAC Moore uncovered was being formed, Carlos Sierra was reaching out to Jerome Tilghman's campaign to seek campaign work. As some of you may know Tilghman is a running for congress (again) and is technically an opponent to Fenenbock.

Sierra personally told me a couple months back that he intended on creating a PAC so that he would have the ability to go after candidates. Doing so as a PAC allows him to work independently of a campaign.

This is a clear indication that things are going to get REALLY dirty in the congressional election. It is interesting that when Moore asked if the Fenenbock family was going to be connected to the PAC that there was no definitive answer to that question. It was long rumored that Forma Group was going to be the place where the family was going to put their money for independent expenditures.

That may have changed because of a longtime rivalry between Dora Oaxaca - the person Sierra allegedly attacked in that robocall, and Carlos Sierra. Oaxaca now does work for Forma Group.

Things are gonna get ugly. And its surprising that anyone would still want to be associated with Sierra.

Friday, November 10, 2017

District Clerk Employees

There is a big problem with operations in the judiciary and frankly, if they had the will power, the judges could fix it.

Most of their clerical staff, the ones that work in their courts, don't actually work for the judges. They work for the District Clerk, Norma Favela.

As I have written recently I talk to all kinds of people in the courthouse and by far the most unhappy department of workers is the District Clerk's Office.

Things are so bad there that following this post there will likely be someone looking into who talks to me, who reads my blog, or who leaks complaints.

The morale complaints range from policies about dress code that have been characterized as "abusive" to problems with getting leave that is due to the employee, being in trouble for trivial issues, allegations of favoritism, to complaints about having to participate in the over-the-top holiday celebrations.

From my conversations with county staff and elected officials the biggest complaint is the fact that the staff work in courts, but their boss is in the lower level of the courthouse.

But make no mistake, electeds have made numerous notes of the fact that some of the district clerk best employees often have problem with taking leave (that is due to them). Frankly, that happens because AFSMCE is basically non-existent in the county. If they got off their ass and represented workers to the extent they are supposed to, they could fight off a lot of draconian policies set forth by that office.

The bottom line is that county leaders are not pleased with how district clerk employees are treated.

And you as taxpayers should be annoyed at how much focus there is on non-office related stuff like voting for Favela to be favorite elected official and parties that according to staff, often affect their evaluations if they choose not to participate because they are told they "aren't team players".

Seriously people, when even the electeds notice the treatment, its a bad thing. For now the judges are essentially powerless to do anything about it because the employees belong to the District Clerk's office and she is an independently elected official.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Judicial Watch Part I

I talk to a lot of people in the courthouse.

A lot. Even before I worked there and I talk to everyone from janitors to judges (plural) and everyone in between. 

It is election season and it’s one of the rare times that the folks in the black robes venture out to come mingle with us common folk. After all, they need our vote. 

Well a lot has transpired over the last few days that negatively reflects upon the bench. Everything from pistol-packing JPs with a fondness for their own picture, to reprimands, to a video that is part novela, part cheesy lawyer commercial, part self-inflicted negative ad. 

So it’s been a long time coming for me to walk you through some of the issues going on at the courthouse, so the next several paints will cover everything from recent reprimands, a district court judge that is alleged to be considering running for a county court seat so he can double-dip on retirement, to judges having a problem with how District Clerk Norma Favela’s Office treats their employees.

Get your popcorn ready in the courthouse people, because things are gonna get interesting...