Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Campaign Announcement Almada

Remember that I post all campaign announcements that are sent to me, so if you see me and ask me why I haven't posted your event, ask yourself if you sent it to me. 

Sending it to Don Williams is not the same as sending it to me. 

This guy sent it to me. 

Norwood, Valenti Both Gone in the Same Day

There are so many ways in which the County differs from the City and yesterday was one of the clearest distinctions between the two entities. 

Where the City is dealing with in-fighting and staffers engaging in black-ops against other city reps and the City is struggling to get major things done, the County certainly showed they move with a purpose. 

While the City struggles with their chief administrator and all the headlines he seems to make, the County just ripped the band-aide off and fired theirs seemingly out of no where. 

It actually reminded me of something Rep Niland said when she went on the air a couple of weeks ago the day after it came to light that her staffer Jeremy Jordan had recruited and instructed interns to engage in negative political activities at the city. She said that a lot of that stuff was just an effort by the county to distract from all their problems. 

Which is interesting if you're keeping score. 

The City raised your taxes and gave their administrator a big fat raise because he's so great and they don't want to lose him. 

The County has 4 taxing budgets it approves - theirs, UMC's, and ESDs 1 & 2. 

So while the City of El Paso only has one - and they raised your taxes, neither the County, UMC nor the ESD's raised taxes. 

In fact the ESD's lowered taxes. 

There was no indication why Norwood was let go officially but Commissioner Haggerty mentioned him having some personal issues that required the change. That means he's probably been warned about what they personal issues were before and it continued to be an issue. 

What ever "it" is. 

Or was I should say. 

Valenti - Gone but not gone

While many people will be happy that he is resigning, he is not exactly leaving right away. He's just not seeking another contract as the CEO of UMC. He's going to finish out his current contract which I think means he gets a big fat... you guessed it... BONUS. 

Gotta respect his game. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Riddle Me This...

In case you missed it there was an article in the Times last week that showed that City Manager Tommy Gonzalez was aware of the street paving projects that were part of pave-ghazi.

You know, the one were Rep Romero was trying to get his own street paved. Well that would've happened but the plug was pulled when everything came to light. 

Now we hear a story that City Manager Tommy Gonzalez hired Rep Romero's brother to help him out with his consulting firm.

Back when there was the desire to revisit the raise for the city manager a series of big shots paraded in front of city council and said how great Gonzalez was and how it was, to use the words of a couple of the big shots, "an embarrassment".

So riddle me this Batman...

Still think it was a bad idea to revisit the raise or are you still okay with it?

In other news...

This is a pic of what's hanging up at city hall.

I thought the inclusion of "integrity", "respect", and "accountability" to be particularly interesting. 

It'll be interesting to see if that's actually practiced...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Only Svarzbein...

No wonder he lacks credibility.

As if the Archie press release wasn't enough frivolity from the new district 1 rep, he topped it with a press release about a movie.

I'm sure when you think leadership, you think press releases about movies. 

I guess it could be worse. At least he's not trying to pave the road he lives on or anything. 

Anywho, here's the funny part about his press release.

He invites people to watch something he doesn't think they should be watching. 

And then later they are gonna talk about all the negative stereotypes they just paid money to see. 

Gotta love the logic.

Good thing he's already taken care of all the important things in district 1 so he can focus on art again. 

Cultural Center Victim of Personal Politics

Nestor Valencia has a great plan for the Hispanic Cultural Center. It's smart, makes sense, cost-efficient, and good for the tax-payer. 

Therefore it's dead on arrival.

But it's not gonna die for the reasons you might think. 

Word around the campfire in city hall is that city reps are saying it's going to die because some reps don't like Limón asking questions and poking around on things.

There is an idea that she needs to be involved in relationships with council members in order to get anything passed.

In others words they want her to kiss their ass.

That's not new to politics by any stretch of the imagination but it underscores exactly how this current council acts.

No wonder so many are displeased with them. 

It's no longer about who has the best ideas. It's about a certain majority wanting their collective asses kissed. 

Who cares about what's best for the city right?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

UPDATE: KVIA Responds to Removing Story about Mark T. Davis Comments

I spoke to the news director and she indicated the decision to remove the story was an editorial decision made in the newsroom but acknowledged it looked nefarious.

She indicated that they attempted to get comment from Mr. Davis and called his office several times and finally went in person and they overheard him say he wasn't going to comment on the matter. She indicated without his side of the story they didn't feel that it was doing the community a service having a story that wasn't complete because the more they looked into it the more questions were raised.

I mentioned that they have reported stories with no comment from one side plenty of times and she acknowledged that was true but indicated that they just didn't feel the story was complete. Although that doesn't explain whey it was originally aired.

I asked if Mr. Davis advertised with the station and she indicate that she didn't know.

For what its worth, I believe her. I worked around a newsroom and they rarely pay attention to who is advertising unless there is something big involving a major advertiser.

Mark T. Davis' Comments About Veterans Lead to Protest Action

We live in the era of social media gaffe's so its not uncommon to see someone say something on social media they probably really think but decide later its not a good idea for the whole world to know its something you really think.

Its worse when I news stations reports on it, then posts an update on social media about the story, posts the story on their website, and airs the story...and then the next day its all gone.



A prominent El Paso attorney Mark T. Davis made these remarks recently on his Facebook page:

Mr. Davis didn't stop there. He also posted this comment:

And this one:

Those comments didn't sit well with several veterans in El Paso and several veterans groups are apparently organizing a picket on Monday at Mr. Davis' office on Lomaland.

Mr. Davis apparently got wind of the demonstration and posted this on social media:

Which is really interesting because Mr. Davis actually deleted the original Facebook post. So apparently he invokes his right to freedom of speech but he self-censored.


Then he compares a particular group of veterans "immature" and says they "act like terrorists..."

I don't know the guy but like a lot of veterans, his comments obviously piss me off. A guy who probably never humped a ruck, laced up some boots, or stood a post has the nerve to disparage people who actually had the balls to take an oath and protect their country.

I don't get it, if he felt so strongly about the constitution and the first amendment, why wouldn't a lawyer stand by his words? Why would he delete them.

More importantly, what the hell happened to the story.

Alidina Rosales, who is the Public Affairs Officer for the El Paso Veterans & Riders Association has organized a demonstration scheduled for Monday morning.

Here are the details:

Monday, 9/28/2015

9:00 am

in front of Mr. Davis' practice located at 1554 Lomaland

For More Information call (915) 487-3211 

She has posted on social media screen shots that show the story was there one day and gone the next.

Here is a screenshot of the KVIA Facebook post about the story that was up yesterday.

But when I tried to follow the link, this is what came up:

I called to speak to the news director at KVIA earlier this morning to find out why but she has not returned my call as of the time of this post. 

So I have no official word for the station as to why a story was advertised on social media, aired, then the story deleted from social media and the station website.

Probably not the wisest thing for an attorney who practices in a military town say. I'm pretty sure a few of the judges in the court house that are veterans aren't going to be happy either. 

I'm sure there will be more developments on this one, I'll keep you posted. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Signs of a bad choice...

Freeway Caroets have used their billboard for public commentary for years. I think they are the valley's original Twitter account. 

I was in the neighborhood the other day and happened across these signs. 


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

EP Inc Article Shows City Knew of Problems with MPO Projects

An article written by David Crowder in the El Paso Inc shows that officials with the city of El Paso knew about problems with complying with MPO requirements for over a year.

When Rep Ordaz first raised the issue earlier this summer city leaders at first played tonto, threw staff under the bus, and later tried to downplay the problems.

Crowder's piece is based off of emails he obtained through a request with the city. Correspondence between El Paso City Manager Tommy Gonzalez and TxDOT big shot Bob Bielek indicate that Bielek has been trying to get the city to fix their problems for over a year.

Niland basically said that the scandals of the last few months have been a strategic effort to draw attention away from the county. Well, this story blows that theory out of the water since the problems have gone back over a year.

It'll be interesting to see what council's next story is going to be about the MPO. Although it sorta doesn't matter anymore, the horse is already out of the barn and in politics, when you're explaining you're losing.

You can click here to read Crowder's story.

The reality is that over the last couple of months council has shown a couple of different things. First, they knew there were problems and apparently did nothing to fix the situation until Ordaz started raising questions. The other thing this council has shown is that if you're the one that asks questions that are uncomfortable, they circle the wagons and target that person.

A terrible strategy in the long run.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Homegirl of the Week: Rep Acosta

Haven't had a Homegirl/boy of the Week in a while. This week, it's City Rep Emma Acosta.

Frankly, it's a damn shame that the city of El Paso is the only local government that doesn't recognize Veterans Day.

City representative Emma Acosta took a small step towards alleviating that situation during last weeks city Council meeting.

This year Veterans Day falls in the middle of the work week. Thanks to representative Acosta city workers will have the day off. That's a good thing!

Honorable mention for city representative Lily Limon. She raised the issue of making a permanent solution to the city of El Paso not recognizing Veterans Day. She wants to make it a permanent thing for the city of El Paso.