Tuesday, September 30, 2014

El Paso GOP Attempts Voter Suppression in Canutillo

In a fairly transparent effort of voter suppression the El Paso Republican Party made a pitch to commissioners court yesterday to remove an early voting location from Canutillo.

The only real question is whether it is because Canutillo votes heavily Democratic or because Canutillo is heavily Latino.

Originally the argument was about a specific voting location, which is the Canutillo ISD Administration building. Essentially the GOP won that argument and another location was chosen. I'll get to why commissioners court screwed Canutillo on that one in a minute.

This started last week and within the last few days Javier Chacon (Elections Department Head) came up with a proposal to move the early voting location to the nutrition center in Canutillo. The Republicans tipped their hand to their true intentions when despite the suggestion of the alternate location, the GOP continued with their efforts to remove a voting location from Canutillo.

Former Judge Bill Hicks addressed the legal portion of their argument. He was followed by all the officers of the GOP. I got a kick out of how all of them started their speeches with "I rise today...:

Obviously the GOP doesn't want a big push of voters coming from Canutillo. The reason we know this is because they haven't raised this issue before. They haven't raised the issue because they were pretty confident that Canutillo wouldn't tip the scales in a given race. Now the Republicans have to defend their last two remaining seats and they are feeling the heat.

Frankly I think they are all wrong about it. Republicans apparently don't get it. You don't need to suppress the Latino vote. We don't that all by ourselves. Its not necessary to suppress a vote that doesn't exist. 

Now here's how commissioner's court screwed the CISD. CISD has a board election in November and there are five seats up for grabs and only one of them has an incumbent. The Cimarron subdivision has over a hundred families living and paying taxes in it. The new site will mean a longer trip for voters to head to the polls to vote. 

Oh and by the way, in case y'all forgot, the school districts had a lot of people involved in the public corruption scandal. We should be bending over backward to increase voter participation not making it more difficult. 

Apparently no one has learned their lesson.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Who's in Charge of the Cluster...

Some genius has decided to hold a voter protection training for the Democratic Party and Debate Watching Parties at almost the exact same time.

Not sure who the genius was that thought of that one, but let me speak a little about the colossal waste of time that is a Debate Watching Party. There are apparently several debate watching parties that will be happening tomorrow.

My question is, who gives a damn and why the hell are we wasting energy on that kind of cluster fudge.

Debate parties accomplish nothing except a waste of resources. Time, effort, and whatever someone pays for refreshments. It doesn't move the ball down the field. It in no way helps Wendy Davis be competitive.

Not in the least.

We shouldn't be wasting time on people who are already going to vote for her. We shouldn't waste our time on people who will never vote for her. But we should be focusing on someone that we aren't talking to - persuadable voters.

Its not happening and there doesn't appear to be a plan to touch them either.

But my all means, lets spend our time at debate parties. That'll get the job done...

Why Does Muench Have a Column Again?

For some reason Joe Muench has a political column in the El Paso Times. Not sure why, but somewhere along the way he ended up with the job. Although now I guess he's retired.

I don't really know what the deal is with him and his column but his column on Sunday said something I think he needs to be called to the carpet on.

First, mark the date and time. I am about to defend Norma Chavez. Yes, that Norma Chavez. The one that I've had a very public and often brutal feud with for the past few years.

I don't have to recount why the feud started because you all basically know. But the feud got pretty bad. Very, very, very personal. So you know if I'm defending her, then Muench must really be off the mark.

I mean worse than the time he thought Sergio Lewis and Dan Haggerty lived in the same precinct.

Apparently Muench finds Norma's facebook page quite entertaining and he wrote that she has been "Ms. Congeniality" on facebook lately. He ended the blurb about her by saying, "Norma is now nice, gentle - and boring."

Okay first of all, how bad do things suck that you find entertainment in Norma's facebook page? Granted, I don't have the first clue what she writes on FB because I blocked her or she blocked me or however that shizzle works. But checking out her FB to see what she writes, and then being disappointed by it...that is some teenage ex-girlfriend stuff Joe.

Seriously, you've got to get out more vato.

And then to talk about her FB in your column...thats a little creepy. Trust me, I have my own little army of people who search my page and harass me. Once there was this guy Tierra O. Muerte who later became Dolly Llama who was stalking me and sending me all kinds of messages. I pretty much dared him to meet me in person and eventually found out it was that creepy guy who was harassing Marquez that one time.

And he's a teacher!

Muench, you should be better than that.

But lets actually talk about the sentiment. Muench was actually disappointed that she's nice and sweet on FB now. Isn't that what we all wanted? Didn't we all just want her to go away quietly and do no harm?

Now that she has, Muench is disappointed?

I'll be the first to admit that I have been very critical of Chavez. She once called my show on election day and had a full-blown meltdown on the air. I pleaded with her campaign team, all of whom where friends of mine, to take her phone away from her, wrap it in duct tape and toss it in the largest tower at Asarco.

I've been critical of her style. I've been critical of her approach. I've been critical of her votes. I've been critical of her quotes.

Hell, she once followed me around the courthouse taking pictures of me all the way until I got into an elevator. I think I know how Norma can be more than anyone.

And Norma thinks people write about her because they need attention. She thinks it gets people more traffic on their blog or they sell more papers when they write about her. I know, its silly and not remotely true.

Not in the least.

Muench's column sure makes you wonder though. Why would he bother writing about Chavez. She's gone now. Not only is she gone now, she went out with class. I know my progressive friends won't like to hear this, but she's actually been pretty classy in defeat.

When she lost to Naomi the first time she was very classy in defeat. I know because she called her from my phone to concede. I didn't think she should've run the second time in the recent election. I think she should've let Eddie Holguin run for that seat.

Nonetheless she redeemed herself in her mind by defeating Gonzalez and she didn't whack her in the process. When Chavez lost to State Rep-elect Blanco, she not only conceded, but she showed up to congratulate him in person.

Being graceful and classy in defeat used to be the norm. Somehow that stopped happening.

Even in high profile races people who were once held in high esteem in this community let their defeat affect them personally and they never did a simple thing like reach out to their opponents and congratulate them.

That says much more about our community than the fact that Norma is now Nice Norma on FB.

She's gone. She's done. I think she knows she's not ever going to be viable for another political office. She's wishing people well, asking them to drive safely, and to be "swell".

So what? (Sidebar: Only old white people like Muench use the word "swell". Norma is a lot of things and there are many colorful words in her vocabulary, but "swell" isn't one of them)

Muench has never really been dialed in too well but the Nice Norma isn't new. It started since she became a candidate. I was pessimistic about it as well and I thought that it wouldn't last. I figured the first time she was hit, she'd go back to the same old Norma.

She didn't and from what Muech says, she hasn't.

Maybe this last election has given her some perspective. Maybe she really is different. Maybe its all so that she can have the ability to earn an income.

So what? She's tame, quite, and boring now?


Isn't that better than bitter and angry?

Muench is held to a higher standard. Not because he knows anything more about politics than even the crappiest blogger in the El Paso blogosphere because he clearly doesn't, but because he writes for the paper.

Do I think Norma's off-limits? No. She's a former elected official and will as such always have a level of scrutiny that is more than the average citizen. If she does something crazy, or cool for that matter, it will be of note more so than the average person.

That being said, mentioning that she used to be nuts and now she's boring in a political column lacks relevancy to the reader and is nothing more than a columnist practicing a little figurative public political masturbation.

Including her name in the piece served no purpose other than to expose the fact that Muench clearly has a lot of time on his hands during retirement.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Clint ISD Board Majority Could Change in November Election

If you've haven't kept up with the ongoing issue in the Clint ISD, read this article in the El Paso Times and it should get you up to speed.

Again it is the biggest miscarriage of justice in the county that I can think of in a very long time. Its a social justice issue, there's a racial component, a socio-economic element, fairness and equality element, and equal access to education element.

The fact that the state delegation does nothing about this is an embarrassment.

Luckily, the voters can do something about it. Turns out that three members of the Clint ISD Board of Trustees are up for reelection in the November election. There members of the board are up for reelection.

Jim Pendell - Clint

Janice Armstrong - Clint

Bobby Lara - Clint

As you can see, all of these incumbents. They run on an at-large basis so the incumbents end up with a huge advantage. If there were single member districts there would be equal or at least proportional representation of all the communities served by Clint ISD. But 6 out of 7 board members are from Clint, which might explain why it cost around 66% of the cost of the ballpark downtown to build Clint High School, which is the high school that serves the fewest amount of high school students...by far.

Apparently Clint ISD has money to burn because check out those snazzy suit jackets that have the district logo. That looks like a PGA Tour prize.

If the people of the Town of Horizon City or Montana Vista want equity in funding, they need to vote for everyone on the ballot except the three above.

And the state delegation needs to get off of its ass and represent everyone, not just Clint. This situation is completely unjust.

Two Prominent Birthdays Today

Just noticed something interesting. Two prominent westside Democrats have a birthday today. Congressman O'Rourke and Sergio Coronado.

Beto turns 42 today and Sergio turns 55 years old today.

Congratulations gents. Take some time off from campaigning today to do some celebrating.

Well the Congressman doesn't really need to take time off. He has a Libertarian opponent. So he basically doesn't have an opponent. Oh yeah, the Republicans put someone up again too.

Like I said, he basically doesn't have an opponent.

Thursday, September 25, 2014





EL PASO, TX, SEPTEMBER 25, 2014 – Today, the El Paso Eighth Court of Appeals announced a precedent-setting decision involving intra-school district funding in Texas. In overturning the previous dismissal of the lawsuit in El Paso state district court, the Court found that complaints by parents in the Clint Independent School District of unequal and unequitable funding for certain schools within the district are constitutional by nature.  Therefore, the parents did not have to go through school district’s administrative process first in addressing these complaints. Texas Civil Rights Project cooperating pro bono attorney Ralph Miller, of Weil, Gotshal and Manges handled the parents’ successful appeal before the Court.


The decision will allow parents of Clint ISD students to proceed with their lawsuit, which will show how the Clint ISD’s disparate funding unfairly and unjustly punishes students in the Horizon City and Montana Vista areas. The parents, through the Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project and co-counsel, Carlos Eduardo Cardenas, will continue to seek a court-ordered corrective injunction, requiring the District to equalize funding for all students in the same grade level, regardless of the school they attend.


“For years, parents and students have complained about substantial differences in spending for academic and sports programs at the different schools in Clint ISD and the District’s self-reported numbers reflect this,” said Jed Untereker, Legal Director of Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project. “Education is critical to the economic, political, and social fabric of our society communities, and the parents in this lawsuit and all parents of students in Montana Vista and Horizon City deserve the right to show that they are being cheated. This case will be a milestone for the efforts to equalize intra-districting throughout all of Texas school districts”


This case now moves back to the 205thDistrict Court of El Paso County for trial.


For more information, please contact Jed Untereker at 915-532-3799, x.15. 

See official .pdf Press Release attached.

Paso del Norte Civil Rights Project is the El Paso office of the Texas Civil Rights Project.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

City of San Elizario To Hold Community Workshop

Mayor Maya Sanchez (I should say the newly married Mayor Sanchez) of the City of San Elizario, Texas sent out the following announcement about a Community Visioning Workshop coming up this weekend. 

Read more for details. If you have friends or family that live in San Elizario, please let them know about this important meeting. 

Here are the details:

The City of San Elizario is on the move!

What changes would YOU want to see in our community?

What would YOU prefer to keep the same?

Let us know!  Please join us for the City of San Elizario’s first Community Visioning Workshop on Saturday, Sept. 27.  This exciting, highly participatory event will be held at “Maya’s Garden,” 12339 Socorro Rd. in San Eli, starting promptly at 9:00 a.m.  The workshop will run until approximately 1:30 p.m.
and will include a complimentary lunch and break-time snacks.

In this LIVELY, DYNAMIC SESSION we hope to work out the foundation of San Elizario’s COMMUNITY VISION. 
This is an opportunity to make sure your thoughts and ideas will have a direct impact on the City’sFUTURE!  Please see attached statement of the workshop goal, as well as poster announcements in English and Spanish which you can print out and display in order to help us get the word out.

Join us on September 27th!

Maya Sanchez
Mayor of San Elizario
P.O. Box 1723
San Elizario, TX 79849
(915) 252-6599
"Strong Roots are the Foundation of Growth"

Homeboy of the Week / The MP of the Week Award

I wanted the return of the Homeboy of the Week Award to be something important. If you recall I would periodically give out an award for someone who I think did something good and another for someone I think did something bad. The Homeboy of the Week Award was obviously for something good.

The bad award used to be the Douche Bag of the Week Award. Some people have complained about using the word douche bag and requested I use something different. Well I am trying to figure out what else to use not because of their complaints but because I don't think Douche Bag is sufficient.

So after several very good suggestions I came up with the MP of the Week Award. No gringos, its not shorthand for MVP. And as much as I wanted the initials to stand for something else in Spanish, its slang that could be interpreted as a slur so I chose for the MP initials to stand for something else.

The Douche Bag of the Week will now be renamed the Mas Pendejo/a of the Week Award. The "Empe" for short.

Jose Landeros, Homeboy
So I can think of no one better to receive the first Homeboy of the Week Award in Season 2 of the LSB then one of my actual homeboys, Jose Landeros. Landeros, as it is well documented online is a known friend and associate of Jaime Abeytia. Yes, thats an inside joke, but other people's stupidity makes us giggle.

Allow me to be serious for a moment.

He is the Public Policy Advisor for the Precinct 3 Office at Commissioners Court. He successfully developed a plan for commissioners court to allocate $1.325 million to rural parks. There were a ton of obstacles to the success of that plan and Landeros found a way to navigate all the landmines and get the job done.

This is the part where the crazies start losing their mind about how the county shouldn't do parks and its not a mandated service, blah, blah, blah...We get it, you cranky mofo's hate poor brown kids who live in the county. So lets talk how much additional money the tax payers are going to have to pay for that allocation to rural parks.


The brilliance of the plan was that it used existing dollars that came from the 2007 bonds. That money has just been sitting around doing nothing since 2007. The short of it is that $1.325 million would be offset by a corresponding reduction of $1.505 million from capitol bond savings from the Tornillo Port of Entry project.

But the reality is the parks are an investment in public safety. It gives kids and families a safe and designated location for recreation activities. That is cost avoidance in law enforcement and first responders. But more importantly, it improves the quality of life for people that live in the outlying areas. Ruben Estrella Park, named for a veteran of the last Gulf War who was from Montana Vista is located in Montana Vista. There is no grass there. Kids play on dirt and rocks. Actually mostly sand. Yet dogs in East El Paso have grass, playground equipment, and water fountains.


You remember Montana Vista right? Thats the place some of you go to buy beer on the way out to Red Sands to ride quads. Its also the place that many of you have gone to in the past to shoot fireworks and trash up their community.

Landeros & Agua Dulce Senoras
Miguel Teran park is in Agua Dulce. Let's face it, you don't know where that is, wouldn't know how to get there if I gave you directions, and don't ever plan on going to anyway. I don't blame you, there's not really a reason to go out there unless you live there. Well, there are a lot of families that live out there and in the very near future the moms that set-up the soccer leagues for their children (pictured with Landeros) will get to see their kids play on grass instead of a hardened slab of dirt and rocks. Eventually they will even have shade under trees.

I cannot underscore the amount of work that went in to making this allocation happen and thankfully the electeds on commissioners court voted for the money unanimously. That was the right vote. Landeros will never get the credit he deserves for making this happen. No news story will every be written about it. Ironically the park is named after a guy like Teran and a guy like Landeros will probably never have one named after him.

But he should.

A kid who was probably more interested in books while he was in school than in sports grows up to put that talent to work so that other kids who didn't grow up near a park with grass like he did, will have a nice place to play. Thanks to Landeros' effort and the leadership of the office, kids in the far east and west end of the county will have a place to pretend to be the next Omar Quintanilla, Tim Hardaway, or Don Maynard.

¡Te aventaste Homeboy!

The MP of the Week Award

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm going to talk about his crappy poetry.

Well I'm not. It amuses me, but doesn't frustrate me.

What frustrates me about him is his duality.

Ascarate is almost always in the red. Lewis actually used that phrase, "for the record", himself in yesterday's budget hearing.

Its an albatross for tax payers and every year it takes up the lion's share of the funding for county parks.

Look, I get it. Ascarate is in his district so he's gonna wanna have something to show voters come re-election, oh wait...

But you can't hog all the funding so you can tell everyone what a great job you did and then turn around and act like the buck doesn't stop with you when there are big problems at the park. Sorry Sergio, its the pottery barn rules. You have to take the hits along with the praise.

Don't get me wrong, Ascarate certainly had a very strong advocate in Commissioner Lewis. I give him credit for that. When he wasn't walking around the commissioners court suite trying to figure out how Maxi Pad is (and frequently accusing me of being Maxi), he was nearly relentless in his support for Ascarate. I never argued with him when he said that about me out of respect for my boss and because I really couldn't. But I don't work there anymore, so I don't have that problem anymore. And all joking aside, he deserves recognition for his work there.

However, when fighting off an attempt from another commissioner to reduce the amount of spending at Ascarate in favor of additional funding for the rural parks (last year) Lewis had a fit. Forget the fact that there is plenty of green and park space within the city limits of El Paso. Forget that there are plenty of other recreation activities for people who live in the city limits.

Lewis actually tried to argue that the funding that was being proposed to rural parks at the expense of Ascarate should stay with Ascarate because people out in the county use the park too. He specifically said people come from Fabens to use Ascarate. Thats funny because its a 30 mile trip from Fabens to Ascarate...one way! Lewis actually tried to argue, with a straight face mind you, that people regularly drive 60 miles for a park.

I'm not saying I would drive 60 miles, I'm not saying I wouldn't drive 60 miles. I'm just saying I have questions. For the record of course.

What drove me the most nuts watching the budget hearing yesterday during the discussion was to hear Lewis question the maintenance cost of the parks. I swear I was yelling at the screen worse than I was yelling during the Redskins-Eagles game last Sunday. Lewis questioning the maintenance costs of ridiculously small parks in the rural areas was so duplicitous because all those years he was making sure that Ascarate was living high off the hog of the parks funding I never once heard him mention maintenance costs. Hell, last year when he was voting for increased utility costs, while ultimately voting against the tax rate to pay for the increase he supported, he didn't mention a peep about that issue.

Of course not. He wanted the funding.

I see how he rolls. When its funding for his park, its all good in the 'hood. When it comes to people in the outskirts getting a little crumb, all of a sudden he has questions...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Westside Candidate Debates Coming

Looks like there will be a debate coming together for the two races that matter on the westside. I'm speaking of course of the county commissioner race for precinct 4 and the Justice of the Peace race. Once it all comes together I'll share the details but it appears that all four candidates will be participating.

The race for Justice of the Peace which features two actual real-life attorneys facing each other in the November general election. It is probably the most high-profile JP race in El Paso since Texas became a state. Normally no one gives a crap about JP races because, well, they are JP races.

But the JP race is more than just about the actual race. Its actually even more than the fact that its the first time I can remember two real lawyers going at it for a JP seat.

This race is about the Republicans being able to hold on to one of the few offices they have. Its a gubernatorial year and they will have the edge in turnout in the area. Under Tom Holmsely's leadership the Republicans no longer run a sacrificial lamb for the sake of having a Republican on the ballot. The Republican candidates that normally would have run for office for the sake of having their ego stroked have decided to run as Libertarians now.

Its been a while since I've said this but the Republicans actually have strong candidates running. Y'all know I love my boxing analogies so indulge me if you will, but it appears that Holmsley has the Republicans fighting at a much better weight class.

Running people for countywide races was always an exercise in futility and was a waste of time, treasure, and talent. Now the focus appears to be on expending resources in winnable races. It may also be a function of them just getting tired of taking beat downs and now they have to defend seats they didn't have to before.

I know you'll think I'm biased because I'm a Democrat and all but lets do some objective political analysis of the candidates.

So here's a quick tale of the tape between the candidates.

County Commissioner Precinct 4

Candidate: Andrew Haggerty

Party: Republican

Political Assets: He's a Haggerty. He's running to replace a Haggerty. He's from the most storied political family in town. Clan Haggerty has won races at city council, commissioners court, school board, state representative, constable, and JP. Short of congress, a Haggerty has represented part of El Paso at every level of government. And in memory of "Uncle Dan" I'll just tell it like it is, he's replacing someone with near sainthood status. The guy was dying of cancer and still went to work for the people of precinct 4 literally until just before his passing.

Political Liabilities: He's young and thin on experience in government. Although Republicans look at experience in government as a negative. We'll see how that plays with potential cross-overs. No ground-game at all. He didn't have a difficult primary so he didn't really have a tune-up fight prior to this title shot.

Advantage/Equalizer/X-Factor: Money and the fact that he's a Haggerty are his advantages. The fact that the Republicans will likely come out in bigger numbers because of the gubernatorial election is also a big advantage for Haggerty. The X-Factor is work ethic. In close races the person with the best ground game has the advantage. The Republicans don't have anyone on their side with serious ground-game experience.

Candidate: Julio Diaz

Party: Democratic

Political Assets: Hardworking campaigner. Young and good-looking. Diaz won a tough Democratic primary against an opponent who had experience in county government, was young and dynamic. She was also smoking hot! He out-worked her and it was a great tune-up fight for the general election. He knows the groundwork that needs to happen in order to win.

Political Liabilities: No experience in government. He touts military experience, but its not active duty and its some sort of public affairs job in the military. He's an officer and all, but he plays up the military side but the GI Joe act annoys a lot of combat veterans. Veterans vote. There were several legal issues raised in the primary and mug shots leaked but it wasn't done effectively and he largely killed any concerns about the legal stuff. He has a pretty bad accent, but combined with the telenovela looks, he's got an Antonio Banderas thing going on. However the reality is that people incorrectly assume that because you speak with an accent that you think with an accent. They're wrong, but they think that nonetheless and it will likely hurt him.

Advantage/Equalizer/X-Factor: His advantage is that he's going to outwork Andrew Haggerty. Republicans aren't good ground-gamers in general. Its likely that Haggerty will be heavily relying on his name ID so he may not even be working the ground. Not sure if its going to be enough to overcome Haggerty's money, but it might be. The X-Factor is his choice for campaign manager. Her name is Alma Lopez and her political experience is with the PAN. As in the Partido Accion Nacional. The one from Mexico. Ironically its Mexico's Republican Party equivalent. She's helped several PAN candidates get elected so her experience isn't in doubt. I've never heard of her involvement with campaigns on this side of the border so the X-Factor is will the experience translate, no pun intended.

Justice of the Peace

Candidate: Kelly Dickson

Party: Republican

Political Assets: She's an attorney and can self-fund the campaign. She's got a great reputation in the legal community and on the westside. Smart, dynamic, and has been a worker bee in the Republican Party in the past. She's a conservative but doesn't come across as an extremist and could score some cross-over voters if she touches enough of them. She will also benefit from the Republican brand in a gubernatorial election.

Political Liabilities: The Republican Party doesn't have a mechanism in place for the implementation of a ground game or a straight-ticket push. She also has no established base of support.

Advantage/Equalizer/X-Factor: The X-Factor for Dickson is going to be the ability to communicate with the most amount of voters. Its unlikely any of the Republicans will make a pitch towards Spanish-dominant voters. I'm not sure if Dickson is bilingual but it would be good for her if she was.

Candidate: Sergio Coronado

Party: Democratic

Political Assets: Name ID. He ran for county judge in a previous election and he's an elected official in an area that is within the JP precinct. That means he already has a base of support and voters have at least a passive knowledge of his name. He's a seasoned attorney and his bilingual.

Political Liabilities: In terms of a JP race, I don't think he has one. I don't think losing the county judge race is really a liability in this race.

Advantage/Equalizer/X-Factor: Kathy Coronado. She's a huge advantage for Coronado because she has ground game experience and has run races around Texas and even in other parts of the country. She knows what she's doing and in a JP race the ability to run a ground game is extremely advantageous. It will likely be the deciding factor in the race if she's able to overcome the Republican's advantage in turnout through an effective ground game.

UTEP Article About Delegation

Its not a big deal at all and I'm only writing this because I thought it was pretty funny. There's a picture in the Times today along with an article about the UTEP President Diana Natalicio (she's the one in the middle that looks like Granny from the Beverly Hillbilly's) and the delegation.

And by delegation I don't mean The Delegation that sings one of my favorite oldies rolas "Oh Honey"

I mean the state delegation. Looks like they had everyone except Senator Rodriguez in the pic. I thought it was funny because it was obviously a staged picture with all of the members giving the Picks Up hand signal.

Of the five members of the delegation in the pic, I know for a fact that three of them didn't go to UTEP.

Again, not a big deal but it made me giggle.

Monday, September 22, 2014

El Paso GOP Raises Election Fairness Concerns

The El Paso Republican Party attended Commissioner's Court today to raise a concern about the approval of early voting locations. Their focus was one particular location in Canutillo. The El Paso GOP take issue with the fact that one of the locations is at the Canutillo ISD District Office.

Their are two races that will likely be close on the westside, which is the only place in the county that Republicans hold office. In fact, both of the offices they currently hold are up for grabs, the commissioner's seat and the JP seat. That is why the location of an early voting location is a big deal. Any little edge can mean the difference in the election.

The GOP believes that the Canutillo ISD District Office early voting location gives the Democratic candidate for JP Sergio Coronado an unfair advantage. They may have a point, though the remedy is unclear.

The GOP officials in attendance, including Tom Homsley the Chairman of the El Paso Republican Party, Rob Pena the elections administrator for the local GOP and Becky Hermosillo who chairs the West El Paso Republican Women, used points made by County Judge Veronica Escobar in the past to remove some voting locations.

Previously the Court took action to remove locations on private property and churches as early voting locations because of the potential undue influence by employers and clergy over voters. So the Court decided that where ever practicable, the use of government or public facilities would be preferred as early voting locations.

The GOP main argument is that Sergio Coronado is a member of the CISD Board. As a member of the Board they believe it would be the same as being an employer and that he would potentially have undue influence over employees voting at that location primarily because its the same building in which is office is located. They also indicated that the location is not a regular early voting location and that Canutillo has two other early voting locations.

I should note that early voting locations are frequently changed for a myriad of reasons and so I'm not sure how strong of an argument the fact that the district office isn't a regular early voting location really is.

The building is a public/government location though, so I'm not sure what the alternative would be.

The GOP presented documents and information to the Commissioner's Court outlining their position. It appears that everyone was taken by surprise by the issue and the County Judge directed the County Attorney's Office to review the information and advise the Court before any action is taken on the matter.

The GOP was successful in raising enough of a concern that the item was postponed for a week. Final action should presumably take place next Monday.

I'm going to talk with the GOP and with the Dems to find out more about the issue and do a more comprehensive piece on this topic, but thats the overview for now.

Election Manipulation by Serna, Quintanilla, & Lujan Alleged

Chente Quintanilla (Left), Ruben Lujan (Right) handling-out
cash; electronic devices to voters.
Justice of the Peace Rosalie Dominguez filed two lawsuits against Enedina "Nina" Serna, former State Rep Chente Quintanilla and fellow JP Ruben Lujan.

The El Paso Times has a piece on all the details. You can find it here.

Let me tell you something, in my opinion this allegation should surprise no one, especially from this crew of people. And this group of Democrats just handed racist Republicans exactly what they need to justify voter ID laws. I'll explain in a bit.

First, here's some background. Serna comes from one of the more prominent political families in the valley. She lives in Socorro and has been a long-time aid to former State Representative Chente Quintanilla. Even after Quintanilla's departure from the legislature the two have remained close.

The other person mentioned is Justice of the Peace Ruben Lujan. He's another old-school politician that is straight out of the mold of back-slapping valley stereotype. If you want an idea of what that looks like, watch the video below.

And this video is why the allegation made by Judge Dominguez shouldn't come as a surprise. This is video from the classic New Years' Day Pachanga that was a tradition in valley politics for years. Thankfully that tacky and ethically-questionable activity is now dead and gone.

But basically here's what it was. Every year Chente "Por La Gente" Quintanilla would hold the New Years Day event that was theoretically open to the public. It was, but the majority of the invitees were regular voters. For many years it was held at the Mission Valley Ballroom in Socorro. The idea was to have a big spread and offer free food, free booze, and raffle off prizes. The highlight originally was to give away bikes to valley kids. Sure, thats a great cause and a lot of valley kids benefited. I don't know any kid that doesn't love a new bike. It just sure helped if Nana and Tata were regular voters...

Chente would get all the local politicos and invite them to come to the event and bring a bike to donate that could be raffled off to a deserving kid. Who's relatives were regular voters of course. In an election year, he was especially successful at getting lots of bikes for kids because he invited all the elected and all the candidates. They tripped over one another to show the valley voters how generous they all were.

Not a bad idea because most of the people running didn't know where the valley was if their life depended on it. In this particular year, which ended up being the last one by the way, the stakes were especially high because there were dueling pachangas. More on that in a moment.

But perhaps because the stakes were so high or because it was an election year, things got really out of hand. In addition to the bikes that were raffled off, they upped the ante and high-priced electronics and even cold, hard cash was given out to potential voters.

The guy with the microphone that sounds like a low-budget Latin-American game show host is none other than Justice of the Peace Ruben Lujan. Yes you are viewing the video correctly. A sitting judge is handing out cold, hard cash to voters. It was given out in $20 bills. And Lujan was pretty excited about it because he more money was added to the original $20 and in the words of Lujan, "Viente mas. Y viente mas. Ye viente mas!"

I half expected him to turn in to Johnny Canales and say, "Take it away, ju got it".

It was an embarrassing spectacle. For those of us that try to spike voter turnout the right way its frustrating to watch valley politicos patronize good people of limited means. Do you think this kind of shit would be tolerated in any other part of town? Listen to how excited the crowd is for a prize of $20. Its because they are a community of limited resources and every little bit helps. Its sad  when people like Chente and Lujan, who represent those people, are the ones patronizing them.

I only went because I was invited to cover it. I couldn't believe it was happening and I even spoke to a few of the candidates and asked them if they actually thought giving out cash was a good idea.

This kind of shit is why people and candidates who don't live in the valley think that they are ignorant poor people who can be bought off with trinkets, free booze, and a plate of brisket.

Now, back to the reason why this was a particularly over-the-top pachanga. It was a bigger spectacle than normal because two other valley candidates decided they were going to pull the same thing. Willie Gandara, the Commissioner who was running for state rep, and a staffer that was running for his seat on Commissioner's Court, rented the Mission Valley Ballroom from under Chente. They held their own pachanga to give away food, free booze, and bikes.

The Quintanillas were happy about that at all and relatives and staff were dispatched to carry signs that would guide people to Chente's which was held around the corner. The candidates and electeds made the rounds at both events. And to be fair to Willie, his pachanga was no where near the scale of Chente's. It was just keg beer and menudo. Much more humble of an event. But it was an event that was attempting to do exactly what Chente was doing.

Pachangas are just part of the playbook of activities that are done during election season to try to get an edge over an opponent. God forbid the campaigns actually work and go and knock on a door and talk to a voter about issues.

For those of you in the know, you are aware of the fact that there is somewhat of an anomaly in Fabens. Mail-in ballots are always disproportionately higher in the Fabens area than in other parts of the valley.Those of us who have worked campaigns down in the valley know why that is. Its always been something only whispered about but people have always believed that there was some funny business with mail-in ballots. There's an active senior community in Fabens and one particular lady that happens to be very politically involved and frequently paid campaign worker for various candidates. She just so happens to work at a couple of senior centers.

Essentially that is what Judge Dominguez is alleging. And based on the data, I'd say there is certainly something going on, but exactly what that is remains to be seen. In the primary election, when there were even more candidates involved in the race, there were only 24 mail-in ballots for Fabens, Socorro, and Tornillo.

During the run-off that number jumped up to 70. Thats almost triple the amount of the primary. That absolutely defies logic considering less people voted in the run-off but mail-in voters increased to that degree?

Not only no, but hell no do I believe thats legit for one minute.

Serna lives in Socorro. Chente is from Tornillo. You do the math.

Let me be clear, its just an allegation being leveled against Luja, Serna, and Chente at this point and its in the form of a lawsuit. To my knowledge there is no allegation of a crime at this point. I am unable to verify if there is an official investigation into this matter at this point.

But I'll tell you what these allegations against three Democrats do. They justify the move by Republican extremists to push forward with voter ID. If the allegations are ultimately proven, then we can all thank the three of them for making it a reality. Way to go guys. Thanks alot.

On a final note, I do find it interesting that Judge Lujan would be so overt in his opposition to Judge Dominguez. I don't think I've noticed another time when a sitting judge was so concerned with taking out a colleague.

My question is obvious.