Thursday, May 25, 2017

Leeser Endorses Tolbert


Mayor Oscar Leeser is endorsing Jim Tolbert. That is a MAJOR development.

Lol, jk - its not.

Of course he's endorsing Tolbert, they are all in the same boat. They don't really have a choice but to stick together.

Also, I was noticing the other day how much Jim Tolbert looks like the host of one of my favorite shows, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DA Confirms Investigation of Tolbert

David K., Chris Hernandez and Jim Tolbert have been trying to sell the public a bum steer. They have been pushing this mythical story that Jim Tolbert is somehow NOT the subject of a criminal investigation.

Their explanation defies logic, but it is funny to say the least. I mean a state agency (DPS) sent out a press release that they say wasn't sent out, to the media that they say never got it (but they did) and say that the DPS spokesperson was wrong for saying that the Texas Rangers are conducting an investigation of Jim Tolbert and others regarding the secret meetings with Max Grossman and others about the downtown arena.

Funny thing is that the Texas Rangers could've come out and said that their sister law enforcement agency was lying about an investigation if one truly didn't exist.

But they haven't.

And we are supposed to suspend belief in reality and buy into the story that despite the fact that the Texas Rangers haven't disputed the press release sent out by the DPS, but instead believe David K when he says he spoke to someone at the Texas Rangers who allegedly told him that there was no investigation of his old family friend Jim Tolbert.

And that person apparently has no name. Gotta love the wonderful, whimsical world of make-believe.

So back here in reality,  a spokesperson from the District Attorneys Office apparently confirmed the on-going investigation of Jim Tolbert in this story yesterday in the El Paso Times.

Its happening. No matter how much those three try to lie about it - which makes no sense to begin with. Its a dumb thing to lie about.

So now that is the Department of Public Safety and the District Attorney's office - the agency that ASKED for the damn investigation to being with, that have confirmed the existence of the investigation. Guess what agency hasn't come out to call them liars...the Texas Rangers.

You'd think if there were now TWO different entities that have confirmed the investigation that if there weren't an investigation that the Rangers would come out and say so right? Maybe David Karlsruher is confused and is calling the baseball team instead of the "Walker, Texas Ranger" Rangers.

Speaking of which - lets stop acting like Mr. Jim Tolbert is some sort of transparent man of the people for a moment shall we? This guy - at least according to the open record requests done by media, omitted text messages that were relevant to the request. He either deleted them, or just failed to turn them over.

Not turning over records is LITERALLY the opposite of being transparent.

That is the part that bothers me more than anything else. There's no reason to not turn over those records, especially when other members of council that were in that shady backroom meeting turned over theirs.

Now, this is the part of the story boys and girls, were Susie Byrd is assigned magical powers were she's able to dance like Selena, write children's books, direct traffic, plan next years Homecoming parade for Austin High School and direct the El Paso Times all in a single bound and wearing heels...

Oh Hey, Speaking of Socorro Mayoral Elections...

Maria Reyes, the city rep that will likely cost the tax payers of Socorro a ton of money in a lawsuit because she led the effort oust a political rival without due process, and her tag-team partner on council Yvonne Colon-Villalobos, have apparently decided to take the crazy train on the road to Ysleta.

I was catching a ballgame in the YISD district at Ysleta High in my neighborhood and lo and behold, who should I see? Yes, the dynamic duo of Reyes and Colon-Villalobos. I usually hear about things in the valley, but come on, this wasn't even hard to catch. I literally live walking distance from the baseball fields.

Why were they there?

Watching their son or grandson play in the championship game maybe?


There to root for a Socorro school?

Negative Ghostrider. There were no Socorro kids.

So why on earth would they show up to a middle school ballgame at Ysleta High School?


Come on, its Socorro people, you know there is a movida involved and you know how this story ends!

To spy on a political rival of course.

Reyes and Colon-Villalobos, under the direction of Lorenza Fraire are trying to get a majority of members of council so that they can bring back Fraire as the City Manager. She was such a terrible City Manager that even the Gandaras had her fired. She made Manny Soto look like a tremendous upgrade!

And this isn't the first time Reyes has tried to bring back someone and get them a cushy city job in Socorro. She's been trying to get her brother to be the municipal judge again for years. She's also tried to bring back a police chief by scheduling ambush meetings with several members of council who were really upset that she tried to pull that stunt.

So to that end, Reyes and Colon-Villalobos have candidates running in the various municipal races in an effort to bring back Fraire.

Gotta love Socorro politics...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Only in Socorro: The Campaign Edition

Come on El Paso, did you really think your mayoral election could out-Socorro Socorro?

Don't be silly, Socorro is still the pound-for-pound champ of crazy.

They are the Floyd Mayweather of cray-cray.

They have a special election for mayor coming up because City Representative Maria Reyes decided to put the city of Socorro in a terrible legal position by having a shady back-room deal to railroad the Mayor Gloria Rodriguez out of her seat.

Now get a load of this.

The former municipal judge of Socorro is now running for mayor. Her name is "Elia" Garcia. No, I don't know why she always puts it in quotes, but she actually wants to be known by as Judge Garcia. No, she wasn't elected to the position and no, she's not the judge now.

And wait til ya find out why.

Because she was trying to get a shit ton more money out of tax payers in Socorro. As much crap as I talk about Socorro city government, one thing I am pretty sensitive to is the fact that the people of Socorro have been screwed over for years by bad leadership.

People that have taking advantage of them for generations.

It bothers the shit out of me.
Not really a judge in Socorro. She's a judge in Clint.
So what happened with Elia Garcia is that she had been hired as the municipal judge in Socorro, meaning she heard traffic tickets for the municipality. Its meant to be a part-time gig. Socorro has had a lot of drama with their municipal judges. Talk about a kangaroo court - since there wasn't even a requirement that the judge be an attorney, City Rep Maria Reyes' brother was the judge.

Eventually the Gandara got some guy in that was a protege of Elliot Shapleigh and he had at least gone to law school. But that vato couldn't pass the bar.

Eventually the last council made it a requirement that a) you must have gone to law school and b) you must have actually passed the bar. Which is how they ended up with Elia Garcia as the judge. She was a baby lawyer and had actually passed the bar.

Socorro has finally got it right and their current judge, who is another attorney, actually went to law school, passed the bar exam, and is experienced.

At some point while she was still Elia Garcia had it in her head that the tax payers of Socorro needed to pay her even more for her part-time traffic-court judge position in a municipality that is only 32,000 people so she tried to get more money out of the city for the position.

We are talking a HUGE increase in pay she was going after. Guess who would pay for that big pay increase? The tax payers of Socorro.

So they would have to make a cut somewhere else or raise taxes on the community to pay for Elia Garcia's pay raise.

That is why I found the two screen shots so interesting. I mean on the one hand she's making honesty her calling card but she's referring to herself as a judge when she's not one. Not the biggest thing in the world under most circumstances, but in a place like Socorro where they are pretty sensitive about being lied to by candidates, it has the potential to blow up in her face.

Now she wants to be the mayor of Socorro. Obviously that raises a lot of questions.

For me, the biggest question is why she would want to draw attention to her time as the judge in Socorro.

This is the kind of thing that really drives voters nuts. She's on the one hand saying that she saved tax payers money, but what she fails to mention is that she's no longer the judge because she wanted a fat raise that would've mean either cuts or a tax increase to pay for and council said thanks but no thanks.

You can't claim you're saving some unspecified amount of tax dollars and at the same time be the person who was asking tax payers to foot the bill for your tax-payer funded raise!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Higher Standard?

Jaime Barceleau is a man with a lot of personal flaws. Seriously flaws that should make him the last person to run for office and use words like "trust" and "accountability" and "confidence" and I could go on and on all day.

He send out this mailer to voters.

He should stop saying this shit.

He doesn't hold himself to a higher standard and he should stop saying that because it isn't true.

Or he should clarify what that standard is because I have a whole lot of one-liners for that guy!

Oh yeah...

Friday, May 19, 2017

David Karlsruher...All in for Family Friend Tolbert

I seriously doubt that David Karlsruher is doing all of this denial of a criminal investigation of Jim Tolbert because he's stupid. I mean its possible, but I don't think that is why.

I think he's just lying because Tolbert is a family friend.

And he's lying a lot.

And he has been for a long time.

So first of all, David K says there's no investigation of his close family friend.

He even goes so far as to say that the DPS told him that they never sent out a press release about an investigation of Tolbert.

He also says that only the El Paso Times has even reported it.

So here is the press release he says doesn't exist.

It says there is an investigation.

Its from the DPS.

And you can see the time, date, and email addresses it was sent to. Feel free to look through it, its every media outlet in town.

"Mind you" David K said this press release didn't exist. He said DPS told him there was no investigation yet here is the press release from the DPS stating there is. He said only the Times reported it and no one else in the media got it.

David Karlsruher is clearly lying.


For his family friend.

Undervote Rumor Clarified

Apparently there is a rumor going around, allegedly from a particular source that I haven't been independently able to confirm yet that has been telling people that the Texas Democratic Party Chairman has said that it is not okay to undervote in the upcoming election.

This became such a thing that the Paso Del Norte Tejano Democrats Chairman Eddie Holguin reached out to the State Chairman to ask him if that was the case.

In his emailed response, Chairman Hinojosa very clearly states, "Eddie, the Texas Democratic Party never encourages Democratic voters to vote for Republicans - and never will."

Later Chairman Hinojosa also states, "If voters want to go to the polls and vote on any of the other contested elections on the ballot they should be encouraged to do so. If they don't want to vote for any of the mayoral candidates then they should skip that position on the ballot or vote a write-in name."

So for those of you in the Party that are being told that the TDP doesn't want you to undervote, here is clarification from the Chairman of the Party himself.

Duranguito Wasn't Important to Voters

I've said this and predictably it pissed some people off.

But its true, don't get mad at me just because it happens to be the truth. I know, the small but loud minority of people that have been ringing the cowbell about Duranguito and following around an extreme right-wing conservative like Max Grossman would have you believe that the electorate is really pissed that the arena is in Duranguito, that they are so mad that they want to put it on the ballot again and that we should hire Joyce Wilson again, just so we can fire her.

But they aren't. They voted in big numbers for candidates that are in favor of putting the arena in Duranguito. Thats got to piss off poor Maxie.


Here is the best way to underscore the point I was making about how the voters clearly didn't give a damn about the arena issue.

Lets see how Duranguito and Segundo Barrio voted on the issue. They vote in precinct 37 at the Armijo Center. That is in the heart of Segundo Barrio.  Lets start with the premise that the people who are against the arena would be voting for someone who has expressed opposition to the arena. Of the three top candidates, that would be David Saucedo. Margo and Acosta were for the arena.

So lets look at the numbers. First, as you can see by the color code of the precinct, the precinct is colored light green, which means it went for David Saucedo.

At first, that might make you think that indicates that since Saucedo is allegedly against the location that those voters were inline with Saucedo's position. But if you look closer at the figures in the black box, you'll see that Saved actually only narrowly pulled out a plurality.

Saucedo 31
Acosta 30
Margo 29

So even in the precinct in which Duranguito resides, Saucedo was only able to carry it by one vote.


I'm not making that up, he won by one vote.

And when you calculate how many votes the other two candidates who are for the Duranguito site, Saucedo struggled to get half of the votes that went to other candidates.

What does that mean?

It means that voters in the district in which Durganguito exists gave nearly twice as many votes to the candidates that were for the arena in the current location than the candidate that wants to "Save Duranguito".

Now before anyone tries to spin the data, that precinct is a 100% barrio precinct. Its not mixed in with anything that would dilute the support of the Save Duranguito people. In short, its a precinct that should've gone for Saucedo like gang busters.

If even Segundo Barrio turned out 2-1 against Saucedo, he's in real trouble. Especially because he hasn't dropped mail, Margo is making it rain and now there is a Margo TV buy...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lies Are Told on the Internet...

You survived the last presidential campaign cycle, so you already knew that.

But I've now seen a pretty funny meme floating around Al Gore's invention that is funny - but mostly because when you see people share it, you immediately know who is stupid, or just lying.

For those of you needing a little refreshing of the memory - Tolbert's campaign team has been going around telling people that there's no investigation of Jim Tolbert going on. So someone actually created a meme stating that says in part, "there is no verifiable proof that Jim Tolbert is under investigation".

Except that there is.

Here's a link to the story that was done on the topic at the El Paso Times. Here's also a screen shot.

Pay close attention to what I have highlighted.

"The Texas Rangers have begun a formal investigation and there are no further details available at this time." - Lt. Elizabeth Carter, Department of Public Safety

Now Tolbert's campaign team has made Tolbert look like the Trump Administration. In fact, had you put some quotes around the text of the meme, I would've thought it was Trump's twitter feed. 

Here's the meme that is going around:

I guess a Lt from a law enforcement agency stating that there is an investigation going on isn't "verifiable proof" that Tolbert is under investigation.

Now that I think about it, that would've made a great quote for a mailer or walk lit against Tolbert.

D8: The Candidates

If you missed the District 8 forum on KTSM you missed pretty much the only time you'll get to see the candidates that are vying to replace City Rep Cortney Niland.

Here's a quick run-down of the candidates:

Trini Acevedo - Smart guy - but doesn't have a serious chance of winning. He's from Segundo Barrio and is a Bowie grad. He seems to be a nice guy and really focused on what he believes is right, but he doesn't have experience, money, infrastructure, etc to be able to be a contender.

Robert Cormell - He ran for mayor last time and was a surprising contender. Did better than a lot of people expected him to. He's a Republican, but that isn't a problem in D8. He's a business owner, has money, and has already dropped mail. He looks and sounds like a city rep. He is one of the major candidates and as long as he can ease up on the Jesus, he is likely going to end being in the run-off.

Cissy Lizarraga - The only female in the field of candidates and she has resources and a field game. She has good, clean lit and has a strong command of the issues. She has a chance of making the run-off if she can execute in the short period of time that she has. The concern is whether her field game can get the job done, she's using Chris Hernandez who already has a mayors race and three, possibly four other clients in the same election. But her message is solid and if her mail lands when it is supposed to, she can make up for a vulnerable field game. She has a real good shot at making the run-off and if she does't, it will be because of a failure in field.

Adolfo Lopez - Strongest command of the issues of any of the candidates. Smart guy. Dynamic and extremely likable. He was able to quote several studies about economic development and the downtown area, chapter and verse. He's a Forma candidate and whether or not he can get money flowing to get mail in mailboxes is going to be the unknown. If he can make that happen, he's going to duke it out with Lizarraga and Cormell for the run-off.

Gilbert Guillen - He started the earliest and has probably walked the most. Honestly, he's the guy I find the most likable. He sat down and visited with me to talk about some questions I had. I admire that because he knew I disagreed with him, but he still wanted to make sure I fully understand his position. His problem as a candidate is this - he's a one-trick pony. He speaks only about Durganguito and NOTHING else. If you look at the election results, Duranguito clearly wasn't the issue that drove people to the polls. Segundo Barrio, Chihuahuita, Duranguito, etc don't belong in D8. They aren't communities of interest with the westside. But until that changes, Guillen's message is tone-deaf to the rest of the district.

Bottom line I think you'll see two of either Lopez, Lizarraga, or Comell in the run-off.

Pearson's Priorities

I'm helping a candidate in the Hanks area, Cruz Ochoa, try to get elected as the trustee in the area so in full disclosure, I'm totally biased in this one.

He's running against Trustee Paul Pearson who has wasted a lot of tax payer money on dumb stuff like paying lawyers to fight efforts to make the school boards more transparent about their finances and paying for frivolous law suits to prevent some retired teachers from getting pay that was owed them.

But as much as that stuff bothers me from a policy stand point, I'm most annoyed at something that is a pretty stupid self-inflicted wound.

Its Pearson's misplaced priorities. The guy seems more preoccupied with Eastwood than he does his own area. But if the guy wants to represent Hanks and coach at Eastwood and his constituents don't have a problem with it, so be it.

But here's what I do have a problem with - taking off early in a school board meeting so that he can go see Phantom of the Opera.

I'm not making that up. The guy is in a run-off race and thinks its a good idea to leave a meeting EXTREMELY early so that he can go catch a show.

Don't believe me?

Okay, well here's a selfie he posted on his own Facebook page. Take note of the date and time.

Another example of an elected official and a self-inflicted political wound.

But more importantly, its an example of misplaced priorities.

There was a budget vote on the agenda, which he stayed long enough for, but the message he is sending the Hanks community is that whatever else was discussed was apparently not as important to him as catching a play downtown.

Barceleau Wanted Questions in Advance

Remember I told you that temperament was going to be a big issue? Well I've got a side story for you before I go on.

Former State Rep Marisa Marquez used to pull this shit and I hated it and never let her get away with it. When I interviewed her she always wanted to know in advance what I was going to ask her. Look, if you're a candidate you either do an interview or you don't - but don't try to play that bullshit.

Well Barceleau has taken his douchedom to an even more extreme level. Turns out the reason Barceleau was a No Shoeau at the KCOS debate was because he asked for the questions in advance and since he didn't have them, he didn't want to do the debate.

What kind of chicken shit is that? Who does he think he is, Hillary Clinton?

Where did I get that little nugget of information from?

From the debate moderator himself, David Crowder.

Take a look at this post from Facebook:

Cassandra Brown is no fiery or articulate debater. It appears to be her weakest area, so you'd think a guy like Barceleau would be licking his chops to be on TV against a candidate who is a weak debater.

And frankly, if the story was that Barceleau was a no-shoeau because he was out campaigning instead, then I would a) find it more believable and b) respect the campaign strategy.

But wanting the questions in advance and then blowing it off goes to his temperament.

And temperament is really important especially with the current make-up of council. You have a council who wouldn't sit next to one another, goes on morning FM radio shows to bash their colleagues, yells at people, etc...and that was just Cortney Niland.

Jim Tolbert calls constituents assholes and allegedly breaks the TOMA because he's allegedly upset that another member of council hasn't been kissing Duranguito ass as much as he has and was included in the meeting more than he was...allegedly.

Emma Acosta targets members of the community critical of her.

Mike Noe is apparently the world's oldest middle-schooler and trolls his colleague with his SnapChat name.

So having even-handed, grounded, and mentally stable members of council is pretty damn important to this community. Barceleau - with his previous "nobody asked you sir" remark and now demanding questions in advance shows he's got a temper problem like Jim Tolbert.

Imagine Barceleau's temper on council, along with Sam Morgan's temper problems he's shown with his inability to rationally deal with the media asking a routine question, and Jim Tolbert all on council at the same time.

Now imagine the Brown Trump, David Saucedo, as the ring leader...

Yeah, imagine that is who will represent you and your city...

Also, have you seen this video yet?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Barceleau a No Shoeau

Jaime Barceleau was a no show last night at the KCOS debate taping.

First, I don't blame any candidate that would rather campaign right now than debate. There's no benefit to it - unless its on TV. If I were Margo, I'd be chomping at the bit to take Saucedo into the deep end of the policy pool and drown him. Saucedo is like a fighter (just kidding, he's not like one at all) that is behind on points and his only hope is haymakers. Thats why he's turned into the brown Trump.

Or slightly less orange Trump. Whatever.

Anywho, the difference between Captain Freedom Fence and Barceleau is that Jaime had originally committed to attending the debate. But come debate time, Barceleau was a no shoeau.

Sources indicate that both he and his spouse were called but no one answered.

Must've gotten cold feet. A constituent called him out a couple days before about something that happened several years ago at a forum recently and I think it shook him up.

Which reminds me, I haven't posted this video in a few days.

My bad.

District 8 Candidate Forum on KTSM Tonight

I know I really haven't given much love to the district 8 race, but tonight is probably your best chance to hear the candidates before their inevitable run-off election.

KTSM will be doing another of their FB live debates, so find their FB page and it should give you details of the particulars.

I haven't heard anything from the candidates because I live in the Lower Valley, but I am interested in what the next city council will look like so I'll be tuning it.