Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interview with Jaime O. Perez

Despite the fact that he kept trying to walk away from me, I was able to get an interview with Jaime O. Perez after a debate the other night.

It was a straight-up interview.

I asked him about his candidacy. For some reason many Republicans still look at JOP with a bit of trepidation. Let me assure my friends from the other side of the aisle, JOP is absolutely one of you guys.

No doubt about it.

Not only is he one of yours, (it pains me to say this) he seems to have a pretty good command of the issues. One of the things he said that I actually (here I go again) found refreshing, was his declaration that he was going to talk about the issues and not stuff that has no bearing on the race.

Lets see if he sticks to his guns.

He's not going to be anywhere close to winning, but he'll make things interesting just by having his name on the ballot.

Fiscal issues are what he seems to be most focused on, the question is what his approach will be. He went on record as saying we aren't ready for a tax cut. So will JOP's plan for the County's financial woes be cuts and no tax increase? Can we get through this rough spot without a tax increase?

What might be the most interesting aspect of JOPs candidacy is the fact that he identified himself as a Libertarian to a degree. Will mainstream Republicans accept JOP as one of their own if he is of a Libertarian bent?

Or will that self-identification further marginalize him?


alex aldarete said...

hes a joto that doesnt know nothing

The Lion Star said...

Using the word joto is a cheap shot. Make a critique if you want to, but his sexuality should not be part of the discussion.