Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Medina Family Welcomes Newest Addition

Larry Medina and his wife, Ruth Reyes-Medina welcomed a son in to the world yesterday evening.

Kennedy Christian Medina and mom are both doing well and resting comfortably.

No word from Kennedy as to whether he will be seeking a business, political, or legal career in the future.

This is the first pic of father and son.


Anonymous said...

Well, here's the proof why Larry Medina withdrew from the county judge's race and I can't find a better reason to do so. Based on your other stories here it seems little Kennedy Christian would not have enjoyed the current political campaign environment much. His daddy did the right thing. You're my hero Larry Medina! I'll definitely vote for you the next time around. Good luck Medina!

Anonymous said...

Yes yes blame his family for withdrawing for the race. It's not like his wife got pregnant by the Holy Spirit...he didn't notice his wife was pregnant for 9 months or did he not take sex ed class.