Sunday, January 24, 2010

Theresa Caballero and Liabilities to El Paso Tax Payers

Theresa Caballero is used to getting her way by bullying people around. She pulls this whole Devil Wears Prada kind of thing with people and they cower to her brow beatings.

Personally I hate bullies. They like to throw their weight around as long as no one stands up to them. That seems to be an innate quality of Theresa Caballero, but I think her campaign against Jaime Esparza only fed her bully mentality. He basically rolled over and played dead for her.

She wasn’t going to show up to City Rep Emma Acosta’s candidate forum this weekend because she was going to have to participate in a forum moderated by David Crowder. Caballero is having a hard time dealing with her opponent Joan Bernal in debates and didn’t want to have to be in the same room as Crowder. I guess she felt like she wouldn’t get a fair shake.

That seems to be a theme with Caballero, but more on that later.

So she bullied Acosta in to giving in to her wishes and Crowder didn’t moderate her debate. But as you can see in the video posted in a previous post, the bully was crying for help from Acosta when it was my turn to ask a question.

I never got to answer my question.

So here’s the ground I was going to cover. Theresa Caballero filed motions with the court to recues the judges in the two courts that have exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile, orders of protection, etc…In other words, the courts’ dockets are driven by the county attorney’s office.

In Caballero’s opening statements she talked about the liabilities in the county, specifically as they relate to the only issue she seems to want to talk about on the campaign trail, the embattled county coroner.

Know whats interesting about Caballero’s statements about liabilities?

The fact that if Caballero is elected county attorney, she might just be the biggest liability the county of El Paso has seen in a long time. There are a couple of reasons I say this.

First of all, a judge actually ruled in favor of Caballero and her tag team partner, Stuart Leeds. The judge ruled that Leeds and Caballero won’t get a fair shot in those courts. One of the main responsibilities of the county attorney’s office is to deal with cases that are handled in those courts.

Will she continue with the recusals because she feels she won’t be treated fairly, or will the county of El Paso be stuck with the bill to hire outside attorneys to handle all of those cases? The cost to El Paso tax payers would be ASTOUNDING!

Its interesting to note that TC has made a lot of money off of cases she was appointed to by the county of El Paso.

Then there’s the fact that TC has put in complaints against Commissioners Escobar and Perez, along with District Attorney Jaime Esparza and a host of other county officials. All of these people would be her clients if she was elected County Attorney.

Caballero’s argument when it comes to the Ethics Commission and the county attorney’s office is that the CAO shouldn’t advise the Ethics Commission because of an inherint conflict. So by that logic, she would not be able to represent the county in cases that involved the aforementioned county officials. The tax payers of El Paso County will have to pick up the tab for outside representation.

How much will that cost?

And what about the Sheriff’s Department? Will she have a conflict with the SO now that she has gone on record dissing the El Paso Police Department? Our Sheriff is the former Chief of Police over at EPPD.

As far as I am concerned, TC is a liability to the tax payers of El Paso County.

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Anonymous said...

Give em hell,Theresa. Bernal is just one of this City's past sins.....S.Garcia, Central