Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cut it out!

Okay damn it. I fully realize that it bothers many of you when I curse on my blog and I have been trying to be better about cleaning up my language.

But sometimes its the best and most effective way of conveying a sentiment.

So here goes:

For supporters of Naomi Gonzalez and Norma Chavez that comment on my blog...CUT YOUR SHIT!

I'm sending this message out to supporters of both candidates to be fair, but to be accurate, its coming mostly from Gonzalez's supporters.

Stop writing bad shit about family members of the opposing candidates. They are off limits. Leave family out of it. I know, Gonzalez's family was heckling Chavez, but it doesn't matter. Family should be left out of the discussion.

Some people have written some bad stuff about Chavez's family. Critique the incumbent all you want, she's a public person and its completely fair to go after her. But stop the attacks on family. You are supposed to be adults! Its your kind of bullshit that turns off people from politics.

I am also making a change on my commenting policy. I will no longer allow anonymous commenters. If you are going to say something, have the balls to put your name to it. I'm sick of people thinking they are chingon and hiding behind anonymous. I can't control what happens in other parts of cyberspace, but I for one am sick of the bullshit and it stops now.

Stick to issues and the candidates. Leave the family out of it. If you don't have the balls to say it in public to someone's face, then don't try to be a lengua larga here.


Tim Collins said...

This will send your comment count way down

Anonymous said...

FROM: GILBERTO (your site doesn't allow you to put your name in)

I agree: good ground rules. No attacking families. I never have and never will myself. Chavez seems cool, and her opponent credible. Let it be a fair fight.

That's why I don't agree with Veronica Escobar being destroyed via investigation. I believe that even though she is taking money from the right wing Goldman Sachs crowd & is cursed to protect and serve them under the cover of being a Democrat, I am not that mean spirited as you are to enjoy her family destroyed by the FBI COINTELPRO. Or Sherriff that selectively prosecutes only those that don't sellout to the Goldman untouchable crowd. (Sherrif selected by total Goldman lover City Manager Joyce Wilson)

You on the other hand, like the referree to cheat for you and help you win the game. You then attack a downed opponent. All the while you have the big Goldman Goliath bullies that control the media on your side as you attack Cobos and Sanchez. You pound your chest as if you are tough.

If my opponent in the ring was drugged & the ref called out only his fouls while ignoring mine. It wouldn't satisfy me to win....I enjoy debating Greg Freyermuth mano a mano, I don't want him investigated over trumped up charges so that I could win. That's not a fair fight and neither is what is going on in America or this city. The media attacks true opponents while it lets the war mongers run free. Who the hell wants the the Super Bowl Decided by the Refs. In politics, the refs (law and media) decide.

& don't accuse me of having a crowd, you don't see me in political circles. I've talked to you 100 x more than i ever talked to Sanchez and Cobos put together. If you and Greg start attacking the Goldmans of the world I would support you. If Cobos & Sachez get in bed With the Goldman crowd, I will debate them. Nothing personal. FIGHTING THE MONEY MASTERS IS SERVING GOD!!!

Piss off the Goldman Crowd and Watch MONEY MASTERS free on google video!!!