Saturday, February 27, 2010

Down & Dirty Down in the Valley

The heat is really being turned up in the race for District 76 which pits the incumbent State Representative Norma Chavez against Republican-backed Naomi Gonzalez and totally un-backed Tony San Roman.

This was a mailer sent out recently by the Naomi Gonzalez campaign. As I have said from the beginning, there is nothing wrong with a rigorous debate and spirited competition.

But somethings are just trash. Here is an example of something I look at as trash.

Based on the text of the piece, the person with their back to the reader is supposed to be a representation of State Representative Norma Chavez. If you look closely though, the person in the photo appears to be an African-American.

Draw your own conclusion was to why, but personally I'm a little torn. I don't know if the image is meant to poke fun at the fact that Representative Chavez is dark complected and her opponent isn't, or if its a sublte jab about the fact that Representative Chavez was an outspoken advocate for then-candidate Barack Obama during the last presidential campaign.

In either case, its inappropriate and a low blow.

The sad thing is that this is yet another attempt in a long list of negative campaigning done by Naomi Gonzalez. I hope voters pay attention to what is going on. Has Gonzalez's message to voters been about her ideas and what she will do for the district, or has it been mudslinging?

In my mind, its only been mudslinging, which is unfortunant because it gives the impression to some that Gonzalez doesn't think voters in the valley care about issues that affect the district but rather Chavez's complexion or support of an African-American.

SIDEBAR: An interesting bit of irony I need to point out. The piece alleges that Representative Chavez turner her back on people when they needed her most. That's really interesting coming from a Republican-backed candidate in a heavily Democratic district like District 76!


Anonymous said...

your reaching here. it doesnt look like she is black. it doesnt make her look dark. if anything it makes her look like a fat ass. which is not far from the truth, but i agree the ad is in poor taste. looks like something your buddy david would come up with but he would have probably showed more ass. after all, he is a republican and supports naomi. we all know the wealthy republicans are backing naomi, bernal, jose and escobar. they want democrats who they can control with their contributions.

the shapliegh group cant control norma and they dont like it. kudos to her for that trait.

Ken Gezelius said...

Is complexion that big a factor in a largely Hispanic district?

Ken Gezelius

Anonymous said...

Eating crow yet? Looking for a job yet?


Now that comment by anonymous is funny! Rich republicans giving money to democrats to control them!?! Lmoa!!! That means that Chavez is also controlled by these "rich republicans"-- where can I find a rich republican cuz daddy needs a new wardrobe!
I do agree though that it is more of a poke @ her weight and unkempt looking hair than skin color. Dirty? Maybe, especially when it hits us pudgy homies and our moms! Fair? Alls fair in love and war!

Anonymous said...

I received this ad too. No way does it look like the woman is an African American. That is a real stretch.

Anonymous said...

So you pretty much have given up the entire "non-partisan" journalism thing huh?

The Lion Star said...

First of all, I never said I was non-partisan. Second of all, I have repeatedly said I'm not a real journalist.

I realize you have a hard time with comprehension, as evidenced by the fact that you clearly use anonymous after I have explained that I won't approve comments that are anonymous, but I've been really, really clear about not being a journalist.