Saturday, February 27, 2010

FYI - You Can't Put Campaign Literature in Mail Boxes

Some people out in the field working for a candidate in another race came across some fellow campaigners this afternoon. Apparently the group they came across were rookies because they made a classic rookie mistake.

Most campaigns stress to their walkers that you CAN NOT leave camapaign material in a mail boxes. Sometimes they forget.


Anonymous said...

So What?

Anonymous said...

You speak of huevos but where were yours when you were sitting in your truck taking these pictures, I respectfully ask that you remove my picture seeing how I did not consent to the use of it. I was in the wrong & will own up to that but you have no right to post a picture of me and use me as an example on this site.

James Gomez

Anonymous said...

Why were you peaking in someone's Mailbox? Isn't that a Federal violation?