Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Feel So Used!!!!!

Holy crap!

I can't believe this happened. Someone sent me a link to this video that is an anti-Kleberg ad. I'm pretty pissed about it because they used my footage without my permission.

At least they credited me for it though, which is more than I can say for most mainstream media in town.

I should point out that when I had Dee Margo on my show he told me that he didn't think the vote was a big deal and that he didn't plan to raise the issue.


But a Republican PAC using my stuff?

I gotta go, I need to shower!


Jorge said...

They bought an ad on facebook on the side that links it to the video as soon as you sign on.

And yes you should feel dirty hahaha jk

SammyC said...

Daaaamn, now your doing commercials for the Republicans? LOL

Aaron said...

Why don't you start putting digital watermarks on your stuff so people can't claim it as their own?

Anonymous said...

Turn to the darkside!You do not understand or know the power of the darkside of the force.Republican blood runs through your veins.Enbrace that power of the dark side and rule the planet!:o)
The power of the force is strong with this one,yes it is.