Monday, February 22, 2010

The Lion Star Live & Ratings

I don't know much about the ratings system or the way it works so all I know when it comes to ratings is what management shows me.

According to what I saw, my show is Number 1 in ratings on the station. I am humbled that the audience Barbara Perez built up has stuck around, along with some new listeners, to make the program #1.

It honestly wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for some mentorship I have received along the way from Paul Strelzin and Greg Freyermuth. They have given some of their wisdom to a kid from the barrio and have done their best to make me a better host.

Props to them for that.

I thank the loyal listeners of KHRO for tuning in, even if you tune in because you hate my guts.


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion for you, I listen but I am always in and out of the car. sometimes I miss an intro to who your guests are, would you please mention the name of your guests more often, I admit I like your show even though I am a conservative

Anonymous said...

Today is my first time listening and I am quite impressed with your show. My comment about she who shall not be named is that I think it's sad that anyone is voting for her! I just cannot imagine why people would want to give her that much power. People are so misinformed and I am glad you gave Joanne the opportunity to set the record straight. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

#1 You have a natural talent and you are a joy to listen to. #2 You don't censor anyone.


If, god forbid, she who shall not be laid, I mean, named wins the primary, I will pay for your filing fee to run as an independent! You down with the brown?

Anonymous said...

The Arbitron ratings reports give two measurements:
1) The PERCENTAGE of those who are listening to the radio who are tuned into a particular station during a given hour; and
2) The NUMBER of people who are listening to a particular station during a given hour.

The NUMBER of listeners to the radio varies during the day. The greatest, highest NUMBER of listeners are during the morning drive times and during the late afternoon drive times.

The mid-morning and mid-afternoon hours have fewer NUMBER of listners.

Thus, even though you may have a relatively high PERCENTAGE during a particular hour, the actual NUMBER of listeners may be greater during another hour with a lower PERCENTAGE than your hour.

So which is it, PERCENTAGE or NUMBER, Jaime?

The Lion Star said...

According to management, its highest number and highest percentage.