Thursday, February 11, 2010

LSB Exclusive: Polling Numbers

Okay, I'm not 100% sure on these numbers but I am sure enough to post it. Word on the street is that the Times polling numbers for the race for County Attorney and County Judge are in.

I made a bet with a friend of mine who is going to owe me lunch.

County Judge:

Escobar : 47.1%

Coronado: 15.2%

Ledesma: 14.7%

Medina: 6.3%

Undecided: 16%

County Attorney:

Joan Bernal 49.7%

Theresa Caballero 35.3%

Undecided 15%

More scoops tomorrow. Call me the palatero!


La Verdad said...

I know that Caballero is not an establishment Candidate and you have done a great job destroying her credibility. Congratulations. You are the Glenn Beck of the Democrats. Glenn Just destroyed the only true honest Republican Debra Medina. She is the only candidate that doesnt have admitted secret meetings with international monopolists like Perry and Hutchison.

My question now is Escobar a Goldman Sachs Crowd crony. I wouldn't be surpised if she is because establishment candidates always get great press and never get investigated. Congratulations to you and your GOLDMAN SACHS CROWD. Heads you win tails we lose again.

That's OK. When it comes to big money and power 9 times out of 10 i'm on the losing side. But I chose to be on the losing side and not sellout. Every once in a while we get a Ron Paul or Dennice Kucinich true win. But theyre rare.

Dude you ought to go to the Federal Reserve or the Right Wing establishment that runs this city and ask them for 1 million bucks. Youve been doing a great job legitimizing the sold out Democrats that serve these establishment Republicans. You too should be living HIGH ON THE HOG!!! no fair to you, you do all the work for them. Besides they never get investigated, nobody will look into it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gilberto! Why the screen name?

Anonymous said...

Why dont you post the Chavez/Gonzalez/San Roman numbers?? I bet you are pretty embarrassed now by your constant rants that she is the people's rep. Looks like the people have had enough. Maybe now you can focus on getting a job and paying your child support and cleaning up your checkered criminal past.

Anonymous said...

I recently viewed the KVIA website County Attorney debate and was shocked by one of the responses. Theresa Caballero indicates that it is not her job to worry about what a public official thinks about her because her duties are to the people of El Paso. Ms. Caballero is essentially admitting that if elected, she will refuse to perform her duties as required by state law which states that the County Attorney must represent “officials of El Paso County in all civil matters . . .” Texas Government Code 45.171(a). Wow! What would I do if my attorney told me before going to court that she didn’t care what I thought? What is going to happen to all the pending and future lawsuits against El Paso County which have little to no merit? Ms. Caballero will either refuse to perform her duties because she has personally decided that her client is wrong or in cases where she stays on, she will be disqualified because Plaintiff’s attorney will certainly call her as an expert witness to testify that she has stated that her clients are corrupt. In the end El Paso taxpayers will have to pay thousands of dollars in either hiring outside counsel or paying huge lawsuit awards granted by juries who based their decision on Ms. Caballero’s global accusations of county corruption or incompetency.
Finally, in another interview Ms. Caballero made a comment that she will train all law enforcement officers because in her opinion she feels they have not been trained appropriately. So is Ms. Caballero saying that all law enforcement officials are currently incompetent? In the end, it seems that unless you support Ms. Caballero you are either incompetent or corrupt. Seems like the only thing that is same old is the “same old dirty style politics” which some candidates think El Pasoans like.

Signed John Garcia