Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MABA Endorsement

The Mexican American Bar Association recently gave out their endorsements. I got a little heat from a few commentors here on my blog the last time I wrote about this. So I went back and did a little homework.

The bottom line is that the immediate past President of MABA, Naomi Gonzalez, didn't get the endorsement of MABA in her bid to unseat State Representative Norma Chavez.

Some will say that its no big deal because MABA didn't endorse anyone in that race.


It actually takes 2/3 majority of votes to win the endorsement of the organization. But it is telling that the immediate past President of the organization wasn't able to secure the votes needed for the endorsement. I spoke with a few members of MABA and they told me that they had some reservations about their immediate past president receiving the amount of donations she has received from Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR). Its made a lot of the membership uncomfortable.

The TLR money is also bothering some of the party big shots because TLR gives money to both parties, but the vast majority of money has gone to Republicans.
She also participated in a Grassroots El Paso Forum, which is the local organization behind the Tea Party Movement. Thats a little too close of a relationship to the GOP for some of the Democratic Party Big Wigs.

Despite not getting the endorsement of MABA, Gonzalez's money will be a big factor in the race. Sources tell me that there are some substantial media buys from the Gonzalez camp that will no doubt be a factor in the race for State House District 78. Gonzalez does really well in forums and takes a big crowd of supporters with her that gives her a bit of a home field advantage.

Clearly the strategy is for the Gonzalez supporters to heckle Chavez and take her out of her game. Despite that kind of behavior being against decorum, it is nonetheless effective.

The next forum will be Thursday and will be in conjuction with the Cielo Vista Neighborhood Association. The President, Mark Benitez is a supporter and financial backer of Naomi Gonzalez.

It will be interesting to see how the next forum plays out.


Anonymous said...

Naomi Gonzalez, supporters consist of her barefooted undomesticated family and their pet chicken and goat.

Anonymous said...

Naomi Gonzalez is going to pull off one of the biggest upsets in a state representative race. Naomi Gonzalez is going to upset Norma Chavez. This is my upset pick.

Anonymous said...

Naomi needs to take some of that republican money that she sold her soul for(talk about getting pennies for dollars). Go hit at least the Kathy Lee collection at Wal-Mart and buy herself some new outfits. She only wears two outfits either the pin stripe pantsuit or the grey skirt outfit. Since she cant borrow Marisa Marquez Lane Bryant fitted plus size outfits.

Anonymous said...

Lionstar, what is your opinion of the poll for the State Representative race in district 76, that appeared in the El Paso Times? Norma Chavez is only polloing at 41.6%; Naomi Gonzalez has 30%; San Roman has 8.1%; and the UNDECIDED NUMBER 20.3%. I really think this is the big upset. Norma Chavez may have senority and that is what she is running on. So did Paul Moreno.

Anonymous said...

You are forgetting Norma's (alias Precious) family worthless illiterate Connie and slave Norman. Her other family consists of her crater faced Mafia.