Sunday, February 7, 2010

Okay, I Hate to Admit it But...

Okay, back to politics.

I hate to admit it but Jaime O. Perez actually impressed me at Saturday's informational session sponsored by City Rep Emma Acosta. The forum was set up for all the candidates for County Judge and all four were in attendance.

It was about half way through his opening statement that I caught myself nodding my head in agreement with him. Yes, I know, crazy huh?

About halfway through the forum, I sent a text message to one of my homies that basically said, “WTF? Is it me or does JOP sound really good today?”

Later over lunch I turned to a colleague and asked what who he thought did the best at the forum. Reluctantly the colleague admitted JOP too.

He still won't win, mostly because he's a Republican now and partially because of a lack of money and a base. But something my colleague said resonated with me. He said “if I didn't know who he was or his past...”

Jaime O. Perez has done what he has said he was going to do. He has stuck to issues. He had an actual plan and was able not only to articulate his plan, but defend it.

If voters took the Pepsi challenge and heard the arguments of the candidates without knowing which of the candidates was actually making the argument, JOP would be a viable candidate.

JOP actually had the other candidates, all Democrats (well, Ledesma is sort of a Democrat) agreeing with him.

Too bad there weren't many people at the forum. There appeared to only be a handful of attendees that weren't connected to a campaign and two of them left before the forum started because it started about 30 minutes late.

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