Friday, February 19, 2010

"Outing" a Candidate

I'm a little pissed off at a development recently over a Twitter post I made earlier in the week. I posted a small rhetorical question about whether El Paso would follow the lead of Houston and elect its first openly lesbian state representative in light of a recent poll in the El Paso Times.
For some strange reason, some idiots have turned that simple post in to something more diabolical. I thought I'd set the record straight. First of all, I never mentioned the name of the individual because Twitter only allows so many characters and since I was Tweeting from my phone I didn't know how close I was to the limit and sure in hell wasn't going to count each character.

Second of all, the criticism is predicated on that person not wanting to be outed. Once again, people that don't know the whole story change the facts around or simply go on supposition. I didn't know the person in question was lesbian until they INTRODUCED me to their partner! Yes, the person in question knows who I am, that I am a blogger, and introduced me to her partner very proudly. If it was something she was trying to keep a secret, then she did a horrible job of it.

And seriously, I am a political blogger and the only one in the Democratic Party. Why would you tell me anything you wanted to be kept a secret? Since the candidate was the one who introduced me to her partner, why would I have any reason to assume she was in the closet?
Thirdly, I challenge anyone to show me a more public straight person in town that is a bigger ally to the gay community than I am. Has there been anyone more vocal about gay rights in this town that isn't gay?

As the father of a lesbian, I am outraged that people would attempt to portray me as anything but a friend to the gay community.

For some reason, El Paso still has a problem with dealing with homosexuality. We had the Chicos Tacos incident, the the debate over domestic partner benefits. Houston elected an openly lesbian mayor and a candidate that introduced me to her partner is running for office. What did I miss? When did I become a bigot? Did you forget about the piece I wrote about how I was invited by Rio Grande Adelante to sit on their float in the Sun Bowl Parade?

If you have a problem with homosexuality, that's your problem, not mine. Don't pin your guilt on me because you find the topic uncomfortable to discuss.

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Anonymous said...


You are really starting to show "thin" skin these days. Last couple of weeks, either you have "outed" yourself as a person who does not pay child support, maybe because you feared someone "outing" you, and now as a father of a child that has chosen a alternate lifestyle. Neither of these are uncommon, nowadays. But, I enjoyed your column because of your knowledge and persistently not being afraid to ask tough questions. Keep the personal stuff on the downlow. If this continues, people will eventually start disregarding your show and blog, and not take what you say seriously. It is none of our business and should not matter, but you have been in El Paso long enough to know how the majority think. Instead, the focus should be on getting more people in community out to vote. You could use your influence to help this cause. Once again your pretty sharp, but I feel you are letting "other factors" deter what your strengths are, get back to basics and ignore ideas and thoughts that really aren't that important. Just a piece of advice, take it for what it is worth.