Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sign Gate 2010

Campaign signs have been quite the discussion over the last few weeks.

Some candidates like Rick Ledesma, Liza Montelongo, and Theresa Caballero have only a few signs around town. Some candidates like Farouk Whats-His-Name, Connie Telles-Odom, Sergio Coronado, and Judge Rangel have signs all over the freakin' place.

In one race, all the candidates in the race had their signs made by the same guy! And Larry Medina isn't running for County Judge anymore but still has a huge billboard up on I-10!

The most recent developments of signs are a little more interesting. Frank Macias, a candidate for one of the judgeships against the incumbent Julie Gonzalez, has signs with a bit of a problem. The problem is that they are misleading. As you can see in this picture taken last Friday, the sign says Vote for Frank Macias, then the name of the office. It doesn't have the word “for”, which would mislead someone in to believing Macias is the incumbent.

The issue was raised by his opponent, Judge Julie Gonzalez when she was a guest on my program on Friday. By Wednesday of this week, the sign had been changed as you can see in this picture.

I went out in the field to follow up on another sign problem raised on my show and I spoke to a volunteer from one of the campaigns for County Judge. The volunteer expressed frustration with Larry Medina because his signage is still up, most notably the billboard.

The volunteer made the point that if Macias can fix his sign in less than a week, then Medina most assuredly could have.

“There is low voter turnout in this election, his sign is confusing people and taking votes away from other candidates”, said the volunteer who asked not to be identified.

The reason I even went out to the field in the first place was to follow a tip I received on air yesterday from State Representative Norma Chavez. Turns out, it wasn't exactly the way I understood it on the radio, but nonetheless I took a trip out to the polling places to find out what the issue was.

In short, it was pretty overstated. A few signs had to be taken down, but it really wasn't that big of a deal. Turns out there is a city ordinance against campaigning on city property. The two polling places in question, Pavo Real and the Carolina Center, are on city property. A few of the candidates had placed signs there they couldn't be and they were removed, but the city said any sign that volunteers where holding or that were placed on vehicles were okay, so not much really changed.

Except for one candidate, Monica Teran. She's running for re-election for Justice of the Peace. Several of the volunteers from other campaigns said that it was Teran's signs that were the biggest offenders and someone complained about it, thus causing the city to step in.

Teran's signs were salvaged by her volunteers and piled up in the back of a pick-up.


Anonymous said...

Signs, signs, everywhere signs. After the primaries pick up those signs., because when the WINDY season begins we will be having all those signs "BLOWING IN THE WIND." Thanks.

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