Sunday, February 7, 2010

Speaking Up

Yes, I have legal issue I need to deal with regarding back child support. I don't deny it.

Its a long and complicated story and since its a family issue and not political, its really none of your business. I have an attorney dealing with it and hopefully it will be taken care of soon.

That being said, I made a mistake.

I'll own that. I'm a human being and I screwed up. I don't offer an excuse or want to place blame on anyone but myself. If I let you down, I apologize.

Anyone who's ever been through a divorce knows how complicated and nasty things can get. There's way more to this story than what people are saying. People that I am reasonably sure don't know me and have probably never met me.

I'm embarrassed at my mistake, but also the embarrassment this causes my family. Especially my children.

But there is another side of this story that is political and should be discussed.

Since I do what I do, I've picked up a lot of enemies along the way. So its no surprise to me that there are a lot of people that are chomping at the bit to get a shot at me.

The timing of this is not an accident.

If you've heard my show or read my blog, you know that I don't have a problem asking questions I think need to be asked. Sometimes I'm what some people call “controversial”. I dig around places that people would rather I don't dig around sometimes.

Sometimes the people that are affected by my digging get irritated. Sometimes, they get more than irritated. Sometimes they want to get even.

This thing about my child support issue is something that people try to make an issue out of whenever I poke around some place people don't want me poking around.

They've tried to leak it to other bloggers, other talk radio personalities, and even the media.

Last week I really pissed someone off. I'll lay out the facts for you and you can draw your own conclusions.

I sent an email to Chris Lopez, editor of the El Paso Times, and CC'd the publisher. I got a tip from a well-placed source about something going on internally at the El Paso Times. It turns out, I wasn't the only person in town that got the tip.

The allegation was that a reporter in town is dating a prominent El Pasoan; one who happens to be a candidate for office. According to my source, management at the Times had instructed the reporter, who is also the City Editor, to not write stories about the person he is allegedly in a relationship with. As the story goes, the guy went ahead and wrote about the person and attempted to cover it up by changing the by-line of the story.

For those of you that don't know, that means the guy allegedly changed the name of author of the story he wrote to the name of a reporter that did not write the story.

Apparently the guy got caught and was reprimanded by management.

I sent an email inquiring if the information I had received was accurate. I didn't want to write about it without verifying the accuracy first. I sent the email at around 11:00am.

By 3:10pm, the same day, I had a reporter from the Times on the phone asking me about my child support issue. After discussing the issue with the reporter, I then told him that I found the timing of his phone call suspicious. He asked what I was talking about and I told him about the email I sent.

I genuinely think the reporter wasn't told about my email to management and was just working a story he was assigned to. The reporter was surprised at what I told him and I forwarded him the emails so that he could see for himself that I had sent the email earlier in the day. I later asked him who told him about my legal problem and he said, “an editor”.

The reporter in question is Milan Simonovich. The person he is allegedly dating and allegedly wrote about is Theresa Caballero. As of this posting, I've yet to receive an answer to my inquiry.

As you know from my show and my blog, I've been pretty critical of Caballero, who is a candidate for County Attorney. In her words, I've been “hostile”.

In my opinion, this was an attempt to discredit me or intimidate me out of pursuing the information. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but you can make up your own mind.

I've taken on some powerful and important people and organizations in this town over the last two years, every one from the Upper Rio Grande, the County Judge, the Mayor, judges, members of the legislature, business, the El Paso Times, Theresa Caballero, Stuart Leeds, and others.

I was warned by two of my mentors that I would probably be a target soon. Turns out they were prophetic.

Maybe I'm too stupid to know when to back off. Maybe I'm too stupid to heed a threat. Maybe I'm too stupid for my own good sometimes. Maybe I should do a better job of shying away from confrontation.

But then again, maybe I wouldn't get the reaction I get sometimes unless I hit a nerve. When you rock the boat, people want to apply leverage.

This whole situation is actually quite liberating.


Because now they have no leverage over me.

So I've got a little message to the person behind all this. I'm not going to stop being me for one minute. I won't allow people to censor me because they want to play hard ball.

Did you really think I'd stop writing?

Stop doing my show, stop asking questions, stop analyzing, stop digging, or stop going to forums?

Hate to break it to you, but that ain't gonna happen.

I tend to use a lot of boxing analogies because I used to fight. I've been knocked down before. I know what its like to be flat on my back looking up at the ceiling and tasting a little of my own blood. The mark of a good fighter isn't how many times they get knocked down, its how many times they get back up.

I've been down before. I know how to get back up.

There's plenty of fight left in me, so if you expected me to thrown in the towel because of this you'd better not spit out your mouth piece or cut the tape off your gloves just yet.

Ding ding, there's the bell.


Anonymous said...

I knew Caballero was behind this. It was so obvious. She is a snake in the grass. You are more of a target than other media people because you don't work for a big company with lawyers.

Don't stop doing what you do.

Anonymous said...

I dont care who you are and what youre about as long as you speak a fully investigated truth, which honestly you havent in the recent months.

Carl Starr said...

Status seeks power. Keep up the good work. It's true things can be liberating, actually getting arrested can cause one to be a better activist. I ve managed to never be arrested, and recall many activist actions I did not do because I feared a arrest record. Once arrested one no longer has that fear and can be better activist. Carl Starr

cj condor said...

Jamie don't let those people get to you. They only know one way in this city,attack,attack,attack. Most of our so called city leaders are as dirty and no good as they can be. So it shouldn't surprize you the one and only paper would be that too. But on a lighter note it is nice to see a harpy like Ms Caballero can find herself a nice blind guy.

Anonymous said...

That they are going after you is a compliment to your work - they fear you. If they didn't they wouldn't be investigating you like this.

Don Kirkpatrick said...

It is disheartening to see the kind of vindictiveness that has been aimed at you. This kind of nastiness seems to be Theresa Caballero's trademark.

The Times has a responsibility to prevent the kind of activity alleged to have been perpetrated by its City Editor.

Please know that El Pasoans interested in good government and those who support the First Amendment support you.

Anonymous said...


the blogger cries about his "child support being exposed" and cries "intimidation". however, if you read his prior blogs he also tries to intimidate people into doing mandatory interviews. if you refuse then he always cries "that you have something to hide" when he in fact has had something to hide for a long time that he never brought up himself. well, until now, since it was exposed. he did the same thing with melina castro. how dare you not pay attention to me melina? now its tc. im sure melina thought she was almost being stalked and with his macho mexican attitude that women should always obey.


Anonymous said...

I've talked to many people at the Times, as well, and you are right on about this story. Most of the staff there is embarrassed Simonich is still working at the paper after all the unethical things he has done. Put trying to silence you at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anyone asked Theresa Caballero about her relationship with former Judge Alfredo Chavez. Would she, as County Attorney, investigate him for his role in the LKG contract with BCHMC? Would she offer him a position in her administration? Was she on his wheel for getting case assignments while he was judge?

Anonymous said...

Don't even know it is her.... Jamie, you are better than this. Let it play out, and not assume. EVERYONE has internal issues and challenges, your is nothing new. Since you own up to it, don' let it detract your work ethic. What goes around....