Thursday, February 25, 2010

Theresa Caballero & Censorship

I've talked about this on air, but I think its time my reading audience new the truth about Theresa Caballero. She publicly pretends to be fighting for truth, justice, and reform and a crusader against corruption. In my opinion this is nothing more than a facade.

She has talked about standing up to the establishment, about saying what needs to be said, even if it bothers some people. At the same time she's saying stuff like that, she is engaged in a clandestine operation of trying to silence one of her critics. She has made phone call after phone call to management in an attempt to silence my criticism and analysis of her argument. Her tag team partner, Stuart Leeds, is obviously along for the ride. Just recently Leeds hand delivered a letter to management. He could have at least had the decency to put in an envelope!

Many people have wondered out loud what it would be like to have Theresa Caballero as a county attorney. Many have also expressed their fear that the office might be used for her own agenda rather than what it is the legislative mandate of the office. In my humble opinion, its hard to disagree with their fears when Theresa Caballero is so clearly pulling out all the stops to silence a critic while she's just a CANDIDATE, I can understand the fears some might have with Theresa Caballero having the power of the county attorney's office behind her.

I want to make it clear the lengths Ms. Caballero has gone to to silence me. She has called MANY times. I have strong reason to believe she's had be investigated to dig up dirt to fling. Which is interesting because she seems so reluctant to engage my critiques, which have always been based on issues and substance, but appears to me to be quick to play the mud game.

Now I'm second-guessing myself, maybe I should play the mud game too? On second thought, why would I stoop to that level?

But in my opinion, the hypocrisy doesn't stop there. TC is also quick to throw allegations around of destruction of an arrest record of an alleged sex offender. Not a convicted sex offender, an ALLEGED sex offender. She ties this to her opponent, County Attorney Joan Bernal. Yet an examination of some of the people Caballero has represented is somehow something that can't be discussed?


Or how about the fact that Caballero throws around the word corruption like its going out of style. She seems to find evidence of corruption under ever rock in the county. Except, ironically, people that are directly tied to her. The cloud of suspicion in the public corruption scandal hangs over the heads of many prominent people in this town, several of which are tied to Caballero but that never gets talked about.


But wait, it gets even better. She somehow manages to pronounce the word dedazo in her frequent tirades she calls a campaign speech. She says that Bernal is the dedazo or chosen one because she was appointed to the County Attorney position. Again, interesting when you consider she didn't seem to have a problem with the process when it was one of her buddies, Mario Gonzalez, was seeking the appointment of Commissioner's Court for the very same job.

Ever notice when Paul Strelzin has Commissioner Escobar or County Attorney Joan Bernal on his show? For some reason, Stuart Leeds will call right before Strelz goes to the guest. I think its his subtle way of firing a shot across the bow of Strelzin, letting the Strelz know that they are listening.

Personally I like when Stuart Leeds calls the other shows. Hell they've called every political talk show on the line-up but mine. What does that tell you? To me it says, they like being the bully but they don't want to get on air with anyone who will engage them on issues.

And what about Caballero dramatically pulling out the mugshot of a judge during a KVIA debate? What was the point of that other than to sling mud? Hell that picture of the judge looks less like the judge in real life than Caballero's campaign photos. I wonder if she had a stunt double smile for her because I don't think I've ever seen her smile.

I guess my main point is that though Caballero may try her best to silence me, I will not be so easily silenced. My blog is my property and not the property of KHRO 1150am. Hate to break it to you Caballero, but you can't make a phone call to stop me from writing.

You really underestimated me on that one.

Personally I think Ms. Caballero's time is better spent on calling voters rather than calling management, especially given her poll numbers. She doesn't seem to have her eyes focused on the ball. If she doesn't focus her attention on her election, she'll find herself on the losing end of another election.

Who am I kidding, she's probably gone lose even if she focused entirely on the election!



How about when Stuart Leeds got annointed, I mean appointed the Chair of the Ethics Board by Judge Cobos, even though he had represented Cobos on the ethics??!
Did TC cry foul, no fair, there seems to be an air of impropriety? Hell no!
Here's my theory...if TC wins the CA spot, she along with SL will go all "cotton Mathers" on all of the elected officials and even disrupt commissioners Court by NOT giving them Legal Advice...hence requiring Comm. Court to hire outside legal counsel and spending $$$ of taxpayers money. Conspiracy??? Maybe?

Anonymous said...

If TC becomes CA is she going to send her attack dog SL to send letters to all who disagree and stand in opposition to any position she may takes while in office?
Jaime the best thing she could to at this time is to come on for an hour on your show.
TC must at some point realize show will not be able to pick and choose who she has to deal with if she becomes CA.TC promised on Paul's program to show uniformity to all citizens.If she does get elected I am going to hold his to that.

Carl Starr said...

I think Bernal does rep status quo and TC change. I would like to see change. For instance Dallas County got a new DA and he is cleaning up prosecutor misconduct issues, its a whole new fresh outlook on the CJ system there. Yet in other ways in any society full of honorary high boards versus a citizen rotation of all citizens with or without status as Daniel Ortega did in long as influence and power rules and seeks to expand, a lot of things will always be, who you know or golf with, so in a many ways but not in all ways, its 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss'.

But its all mostly more reason not to candidate vote, until cash and power and influence is removed via public funded elections like 8 states have.

Carl Starr

Brian said...

Hey, when you go from bad to worse...

Kinda reminds me of a certain president.......

Anonymous said...

i agree carl. teresa is change while bernal is just another in the long list of shapliegh clones.
that is the only reason i like norma chavez. she doesnt take any shit from eliot.

SammyC said...

Caballero does not go on your show cuz she knows that she has gone too far. She knows that you don't quiver at the sound of her name. She knows you have seen the letters she and Stuart Little have written and hand delivered. Cheap bastards couldn't even hire a certified courier service. She knows that you will expose the fact that she is a single issue candidate. She knows you will expose her weaknesses and voters will finally hear the truth. She is a control freak and knows that there is no way she can control you. A control freak would never put themselves in a position they could not control.

Anonymous said...

You are a low life. Your verbage reflects it.

Anonymous said...

Thin Skin Jamie? Let it go man... There are better people to work with, or worry about than TC.

Velia Chavez said...

i am all for T.C.; Like you, Jaime, she is entitled to her opinion. Finally someone put a lid on you. Someone smarter, more savy, more professional and guess what, owes no c.s. Yeah, T.C. Now to get rid of Norma,low class, Chavez, and her worthless staff. Oh, if only you would print this. Oh, thats right you are afraid to print negativity on Chavez. Whatever dude.

Anonymous said...

Velia Chavez wrote: "Oh, thats right you are afraid to print negativity on Chavez."

And yet, your post is here isn't it? I guess he's not afraid after all.

Victoria Ruiz said...

Anonymous said "......Your verbage reflects it."

If you want to insult someone, at least learn how to spell.

SammyC said...

"i am all for T.C.; Like you, Jaime, she is entitled to her opinion. Finally someone put a lid on you."

Hello!! Read the message we are posting everywhere short of the back of the public buses! She Who Shall Not Be Named is trying to keep Jaime from voicing his opinion. Key word here is "trying". She will not violate his right of freedom of speech!

SammyC said...

Anonymous said...
You are a low life. Your verbage reflects it.

I am one of those low lifes that believes in these crazy things like the constitution. I am the type of scum that builds on the walls of justice. I am one of those vermin that hover over those who violate the constitutional rights of others. Others have tried to get rid of me by putting me in a cage. There failed attempt only brought me to the conclusion; anything that doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.

Now let me get juvenile:

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

You better come with something else than childish name calling!