Monday, March 8, 2010

Amber Alert!!!

A special announcement from The Lion Star Blog!

Please be on the look out.


Anonymous said...

your forgot "may have strings attached or hand up ass by saint eliot".

gabriel h

Anonymous said...

Get over it man. We all know you LOOOOOOOOOOVE Norma. If she does not want to talk, move on.


LionStar said...

Thats cute that you think I give a shit what you say Jake.

BTW, its a little scary that you or anyone else that supports Naomi can't identify a policy stance she has.

Jorge said...


I did some research because you keep on saying that turnout is greater during run off races. I've looked at some very important races in El Paso that was decided because of a run off. Here's a sample:

2009 Rep #4

Primary 4841

Run Off 4194


2008 Rep #3

Primary 1135

Run Off 1387


2007 Rep #5

Primary 2651

Run Off 2084


2006 County Judge

Primary 36737

Run Off 21666


2006 District Clerk

Primary 32837

Run Off 20226


If you are basing your opinion on the district 3 race then I can see your rational behind it. Those are the same voters that will be in the Norma vs. Naomi race. I can argue that voters in the area knew they would have to go back in June to vote because there was 5 people in the primary, so they waited for the run off. I guess we just have to wait and find out. Some sources in Austin have told me they've given up on her.

But as you can see from the numbers, people are less likely to vote in the run off. You can ask any Political Science professor and they will tell you that run offs traditionally have low turn out. Its pretty much common sense, people don't go if there are less races to vote for.

FYI I'll admit I am a Naomi supporter but in no way do I work for her, and I can guarantee you she doesn't even know who I am. I can't even vote in her district. I enjoy listening to your show and reading your blog, I just thought I'd challenge you on your statement.

chris said...

Here’s Normas Campaign Finance Report for February 24, 2010, just two weeks ago:

Eli Lilly and Co. PAC, Indianapolis, IN...$1000
Greenberg, Traurig PAC, New York, NY...$1000
Heartplace PAC, Dallas, TX...$1000
Medical Defense PAC, Austin, TX...$2500
TSA PAC, Austin, TX...$1000
Greg Lamantia, McAllen, TX....$2000 201.pdf

That’s the smell of red Republican money. Eli Lilly makes pharmaceuticals. Republican.

Greenberg, Taurig was Jack Abramoff’s law firm…remember him? Screwed the Tiguas! Karl Rove’s buddy. He’s in jail now. Republican...can only be Republican.

TSA is the Texas Society of Anthesiologists! Republicans…lots of ‘em.

Greg Lamantia - a big beer distributor. Big Republican donor. Gave tons to McCain. Republican.

All red Republican money.
Did you look at her past reports also she took money from TLR also, and if im not mistaken she also voted infavor of TlR once before.
And Naomi might not show her platform but everyone would rather have anyone but norma.

Anonymous said...

Norma has also taken money from Republicans. What is your point? Does that mean that Norma was influenced to vote for Republican agendas? Here is a link to Naomi's platform:

Where is Norma's platform? Non-existant as usual!

Liz Beitman

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Don't get offended. Chris made a good point as did Liz, about the money Norma accepted from Republicans. It seems you are more worried about Naomi not speaking with the "almighty" (you). You discuss it on the show. At least when I get a chance to listen. Why worry about something you can't control. But then again, maybe that your MO. The blog you offer I assume is so you and others can express views and their thoughts a ideas. No reason to get upset or shut down when you don't like what others say. Come on man, you are better than that. Take care,