Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blanche Darley & Democratic Party Rules

Blanche Darley has been a fixture in Democratic Party politics for years. She has been as involved in party politics about as much as anyone else in El Paso that I can think of, mostly because she’s former State Representative Paul Moreno’s sister.

She and State Representative Norma Chavez don’t play in the same sandbox. Its obvious to anyone that spends five minutes with the two in the same room that they don’t like one another, and trust me when I tell you, that is an understatement.

The two found themselves on opposite sides of the presidential race in the 2008 Democratic Primary. Chavez was a big Obama supporter and Darley was a big supporter of Hillary Clinton. It took a long time for the Hillary supporters to come around to supporting the President, but eventually the majority of them did.

For most Democrats supporting a candidate is an individual choice. But for party officials like the County Chair, members of the Executive Committee, or Precinct Chairs, their support of the party’s nominee is mandatory if they want to maintain their office.

Many have long suspected that Blanche Darley was not going to support the President.

Recently in an email sent out to several party insiders, Blanche Darley admitted she did not support the President. This appears to be a clear violation of party rules and should jeopardize her position as a Precinct Chair.

The email specifically states “…I didn't vote for President Obama or anyone else for that matter, I'm Hillary all the way.”

Darley is pretty tight with El Paso County Chair Danny Anchondo and Yolanda Clay, another key player within the Democratic Party structure so Darley’s removal is unlikely.

To add a further layer of irony, Darley is also a member of the Democratic Party Hall of Fame here in El Paso. The rules of selection to the Democratic Party Hall of Fame are a little loose and ambiguous and each Party Chair has the ability to make their own mark on the process.

Nonetheless, its interesting that the party would have a Hall-of-Famer that does not support a Democratic President or follow the express rules of the party.

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