Thursday, March 4, 2010

Campaign Billboard

Well that was fast!

I drove by the spot that used to have Christine Pacheco's billboard on I-10 and Mesa downtown. It has already been changed back to a Reyes & Reyes sign.

That was really fast and sort of plays in to the criticisms many had of the length of time it took Larry Medina to change his campaign billboard on I-10 near Basset Center.

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Anonymous said...

I was told the reason Medina's sign didn't come down was that an extra financial penalty would have to be paid if it was removed earlier than the contracted time frame. Attempts were made to have other candidates purchase the space from Medina and replace it with their ad, but it didn't work out. Perhaps, Pacheco's sign contract expired and that is why it was removed AFTER the campaign. Reyes and Reyes probably let her sign go up temporarily instead of theirs as they supported her during the campaign season. That makes more sense to me as to why her sign came down so quickly.

Mike A