Wednesday, March 10, 2010

City Council Approves Cell Phone Ban

In a stunning move of stupidity not seen since the last time The Weakest Link had on hip-hop artists (see video below), the City Council voted to ban the use of cell phones while driving in the City of El Paso. The same City Council that wants to legalize pot.

No one wants accidents and certainly no one wants children injured or worse, but lets stop and think about this one for a minute.

What is next to be banned?

And there has to be someone making money off of this idea somewhere (cue the conspiracy-theory music). Blue-tooth makers come to mind first.

I completely agree that using a cell phone while driving is a distraction and therefore dangerous, but if we are really serious about stopping distracted drivers, why stop at cell phones? Why not ban:

Women who apply make-up and drive?
People who read a map and drive?
People looking in the paper for a movie time?
Listening to the radio?
Arguing with your significant other in the car?
Smoking in the car?
Refereeing fights between your kids in your car?
Adjusting the temperature in your car?
Looking at scenery while driving your car?
Eating while driving your car?
The television show Cash Cab?


Adrian R said...

Your not getting it, Frequency. How many more times do you see a driver being distracted from cell phone than from things you mentioned. I understand the other things are a distraction, but if you add talking on cell phone, changing radio, and having kids in the car at the same time; its a time bomb. And like it or not, it happens way to often.

Ever notice when your drive is doing somehting stupid while driver, more often than not, they are on a cell phone.

I applaud the vote.

Anonymous said...

i just wish they would ban anyone driving with a chihuahua plate. these people dont know how to drive. you could second that by banning anyone with new mexico plates too. most of them are from juarez anyway. do they teach drivers ed at any of the new mexico schools ? now a chihuahua plate or new mexican with a cell phone too. god help us.
of course saint eliot will probably say this is a bad law because poorer people wont have the money to pay the fine along with his stupid proposal about the dwi's and no insurance fines.

gabriel h

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, where do we draw the line? But I suppose the if there comes a time when a cell-phone using, distracted driver broadsides your car, you can show them your copy of the Constitution. Then you can talk about all the protection it provides during your recovery.
--Joe M.