Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blogging from "the right"

The El Paso blogoshere isn’t a competitive place, which is a bit counter-intuitive.

For the most part, El Paso political bloggers have been made up of just a few of us like myself, David K. JOP, Lewis Irwin, the Avocadoan and that’s about it.

As I have said before, bloggers are completely different from people that post on a forum, so I’m not dissing anyone by leaving them out, just making an important distinction that people should understand.

My homeboy Sammy C has finally gotten in to the mix of bloggers in El Paso.

As a Republican and a Chicano, he’s gonna have a different take on local politics that some might be used to. He’s blogging from “the right” so his blog is called

Go check it out and make it part of your blogging routine.


Anonymous said...

Like PAN, the conservative movement in the U.S. has deep seeded racism. Its more than just I dont like Mexicans or I dont like blacks. Its I dont like anybody with darker skin than I. Stop fighting the wrong fight and realize that if you are of a darker skin in the world whites (Mexican or American) HATE YOU.

By the way its even worse in Mexico (oh I'm sorry, Mejico. like those silly personalities on 1150 like to say)

Little puppet

Anonymous said...

His new blog should be called "el pendejo"
Little Puppet

Anonymous said...

tell sammy c he's not republican just a little confused.
Little Puppet

The Lion Star said...

Ironic that you call someone pendejo and yet you are really the pendejo because you didn't understand that I don't accept annonymous comments.

I'll be you are the typical lengua larga hater we always get. The kind that talks shit but will still listen and go to our blogs.

I like fools like you. The more you talk shit, the more people read my blog.

Anonymous said...

it was a joke "lighten up" you have a great show and are getting more people involved. remember this is homeboy friday. again lighten up

Little puppet

Troy Irwin said...

Louis Irwin, not Lewis.

SammyC said...

Wow, hate and pendejo on my first week of blogging?

You are right, I am confused. You come out and just bash everything we do like you don't like us yet you listen to our show, know the skits and character names to them and to finish it off you read our blogs.

Thank you. You don't have to like us to empower us. The more you tune in and the more you read our blogs the stronger you make us. Keep on hating us. Just make sure you hate us every Mon-Fri from 10a.m.-1p.m. and make sure you check our blogs periodically.