Thursday, March 11, 2010

El Paso Chicano Leaders Mostly Absent on Text Book Debate

Other than State Representative Norma Chavez, El Paso’s Chicano leaders are completely and conspicuously absent from the debate at the state level over the inclusion and exclusion of certain historical figures from text books of Texas school children.

The question is why?

At some point, many of the Chicano leaders in this town that sit on Commissioner’s Court (four out of five members), City Council (four out of eight), the legislature (four out of six), and most El Paso area school boards have benefited from the hard work of history-making trailblazers.

Yet they are no where to be found on an issue that will impact El Paso students one way or another.

I sincerely hope these individuals haven’t forgotten where they come from.

Get off the bench and get involved.

Your absence is an insult and embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

the problem with your rant is that all of these people you've identified as chicano leaders rarely, if ever, have identified themselves as chicano leaders.

being of mexican-american blood does not make you a chicano leader.

being on a board or council may make you a leader.

who has come out and proclaimed themselves as being part of the "chicano movement" and regularly made that type of advocacy a part of their lives and/or campaigns?

i would submit that very few, less than three, have done that.

Mike A.

TheLionStar said...

White people telling me what makes a Chicano leader and who is or isn't involved in the Chicano movement.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

SammyC said...

Fighting for "La Raza" should be a bi-partisan effort. We on the right are always caught in the middle on this issue. The far right expects us to forget our heritage and wants to conform to the "American" way of living. What is that exactly? This country is so diverse that I'm not sure what that way of life it is anymore.

Anonymous said...

your smart ass comment about white people telling you what makes a chicano leader is laughable.

you completely avoided the fact that these people you are calling out rarely, if ever, call themselves chicano leaders.

please, seeing how you are all knowing about the movement, tell us who the active leaders are in the movement that serve in leadership positions on city and county elected positions - besides your gal Norma.

Mike A.

Mark Alvarado said...

I supplement my kids reading with home schooling that includes the origin of the Maranda Rights, the life of Malcom X, the history of the UFW, the history of Marcus Garvey, The Zoot Suit Riots, the history of the Black Panthers and that Joe Kennedy Sr. made millions off of bootlegging. Don't ever expect the system to educate you properly, look what has already done to generations of Mexican Americans.

The Lion Star said...

Mike, if you don't like it here, change the channel. Its that simple. You obviously are on the other side of this issue, which is your right, but please don't tell me what a Chicano leader looks like. We are capable of holding our own debate on who are leaders are and are quite capable of doing that without "help" from people outside our community. Thanks for the help though.

Anonymous said...

how greatly can this chicano movement help me in the future please enlighten, i am in high school and i seriously have no interest in all of that chicano studies. We have an option in college to study that, also if you feel so strongly for kids to learn chicano history we have public libraries all over the city. Also incase you didn't know school's focus on the mexican american studies for a whole month also on ceasar chavez! that should be enough. Now after the "chicanos" complain asians, indians from india, and others will complain like you all!
And i have a question what makes someonechicano?

tatiana said...


I don't know why you are so shocked no one was taking up the SBOE fight except Norma Chavez. El Paso is a city full of whinners but no one wants to ruffle any feathers.

I am certain she will be a part of the House Delegation supporting a repeal of the SBOE powers. But I can tell you with absolute certainty, the fight will die as far as El Paso is concerned if she isn't re-elected in April.