Monday, March 15, 2010

El Paso Democratic Party: A House Divided

Yet another reason I'll never make it in to the El Paso Democratic Party Hall of Fame. More bad news coming from our party.

This is an email exchange between Rebecca Robledo, head of the Tejano Democrats and Blanche Darley, who thinks she's the head of the Tejano Democrats. Darley has sent out emails weighing in on her thoughts for the election and various candidates.

In a previous email she admitted that she didn't support President Obama, who was the Party's nominee for President, something she is required to do if she wants to maintain her status as a Precinct Chair.

In this email exchange, which is pretty much a lot of nothing if you ask me, Darley mentions that Gilbert Sanchez is a member of the Tejano Democrats. The TD's endorsed Norma Favela in the race for District Clerk.

Maybe I'm the only one who thinks its funny that Blanche Darley is talking about UNITY!!!!

Subject: Re: Tejano Endorsements

Blanch, we know that the Tejanos have always been fair with their endorsements, but in this case Gilbert Sanchez did not receive the endorsement, so he should have not been mentioned. I know that you are supporting Gilbert but what's fair is fair. I also want to make it cleat that Carlos Aguilar and Sabastian are not Norma's campaign managers as you and Ken have told everyone. By the endorsements Norma has gotten, it should be very clear that people want a change. Let's not hurt Tejanos by trying to get someone in that was not endorsed. These are my feelings and don't hate me or get mad at me for stating so. Love you, Becky

n a message dated 3/13/2010 10:59:04 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:
Tejano Members,

Tejano membership endorsed candidates for the primary. UNITY is a strong word in our organization. I'm sure those candidates that were elected without a run-off and those that were not fortunate, had they been in a run-off they would have asked the Tejano membership to honor our ENDORSEMENTS. Needless to say that it's your vote and you can vote or support for whom ever you want, granted.

We have three members in a run-off -

Naomi Gonzalez - State Representative District 76
Norma Favela - District Clerk (Gilbert Sanchez is also a Tejano member)
Brian Haggerty - Justice of the Peace # 2

They need your support and help.


Blanche Darley

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