Monday, March 15, 2010

JP #4 Race

The race for Justice of the Peace Precinct #4 is basically over already.

Nonetheless, let's do some analysis of this race. The race is a run-off between former City Rep/County Commissioner/School Board Trustee/talk radio personality Barbara Perez and former Constable Pete Melendez.

Like it or not, Barbara Perez will be able to add another title to her long list because she is going to win this race pretty handily. Aside from having name recognition that is astronomically higher than her opponent, he is coming off a recent loss, which is why he is a former Constable.

Yes I know, Barbara Perez lost her last election, but that was a while back, Melendez lost in the last election. And one election is a very limited time to reestablish a relationship with voters.

Perez has signage all over the place and says that she's working hard and not going to be out worked.

Perez's biggest weakness was that she's not an attorney, but that is not an issue against Melendez because he's not an attorney either. Perez's opponents didn't handle the issue of Perez not being an attorney well. Perez showed why she's a skilled candidate by turning the negative in to a positive and took the argument away from her competitors by doing a little homework.

The opponents should have bombarded Perez with legal questions, opinions, and precedent. But they didn't and Perez turned the campaign in to a discussion about truancy, which was ground of her choosing. A brilliant move her opponents didn't see until it was too late.

Had the opponents simply pulled the docket and showed a percentage of the cases heard in the court that were related to truancy and the percentage of other legal issues heard they would have been able to demonstrate the importance of having a strong knowledge of the law.

Watch for the early voting results because this one is going to be over early. Perez will win this one by at least 20% if not more.

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tatiana said...

Actually, I hope Barbara Perez wins the runoff election because her opponent will cost taxpayers lots of money, or at least he will attempt to add charges to the County.

Pete Melendes (formerly known as Constable Pete Melendez) is the same person who attempted to add tasers for all his constables. He also wanted to add radar guns to all his deputies' vehicles and create a separate investigative unit within his constable precinct. Multiple times he was told by County Commissioner's Court he was overstepping his duties as a constable.

If he is elected JP, he will then be able to sign warrants, and because I am almost certain he has kept up his licensed peace officer credentials, he will then leave the bench and attempt to execute the warrants.

This is the last thing we need here, a rogue Justice. Lets keep him unemployed. PLEASE!!!