Monday, March 1, 2010

KVIA County Judge Debate

So I was watching the KVIA debate on Sunday morning between County Commissioner Veronica Escobar, Sergio Coronado, and Rick Ledesma.

I was watching for several reasons, but the smart ass in me was watching to see Coronado and Escobar struggle to answer a question in under and hour and forty-five minutes. Don't get mad, admit it, they take a long time to answer a question.

For some reason Rick Ledesma showed up dressed like Cab Calloway, minus the fedora and tap shoes.

My favorite part of the debate was the end when Rick Cabrera gave the candidates a chance to ask each other a question. When this is done, you can always tell who the candidates see as the front runner because everyone guns for that candidate.

Ledesma started the questions by asking Escobar about the Playboy article and government cheese comment. Escobar offered a bit of a new development. She stated that Ledesma knew very well that the author of the article was a freelance writer, not a regular contributor to Playboy. The new part was a statement the author has come forward with indicating that Escobar did not make the “welfare flavor” comment.

Despite the fact that the author came forward with a statement stating that she didn't make the comment, something tells me its not going to go away.

I haven't seen a negative mailer capitalizing on it yet, but if its gonna happen it will happen it will show up in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

Coronado also aimed his question about Escobar and Escobar basically turned the tables on him and tied him to Theresa Caballero's argument against County Attorney Joan Bernal.

Escobar then asked Coronado a question about a contribution that he had received from the spouse of someone implicated in the Public Corruption Investigation. Escobar wanted his take on the Catalina Lawsuit, which involves the aforementioned implicated individual. Either Coronado really didn't know, or pretended he didn't know who she was talking about. Turned out the contribution came from Stanley Jobe and Martie Jobe was the implicated individual.

Coronado could've gotten away with answering the question without the Jobe's names being mentioned but he either didn't understand or was being evasive, which gave Escobar the chance to mention the Jobe's. Coronado struggled but didn't really have a chance to answer the question.

The bottom line is that Coronado and Ledesma identify Escobar as the front-runner. Escobar identifies Coronado has her main opponent and no one looks at Ledesma as any kind of threat.

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