Friday, March 26, 2010

Naomi Gonzalez Answers My Question...Just Kidding.

She didn't.

She danced around it, which might very well be the reason that she avoids talking with media for very long. Its sort of the Melina Castro/Rachel Quintana school of campaigning.

Talk to regular people, avoid anyone who might have an actual question.


Anonymous said...

Again and again si tienes huevos post all comments moron.

The Lion Star said...

I got your huevos you stupid little bitch. But you are as intelligent as you are brave "anonymous". Read the area above the comment box you lengua larga pendejo. I don't post "anonymous" postings and only posted the one above to make my point. I hate little bitches like you that talk shit online but won't say a damn thing in person.

SammyC said...

Speaking of not having the blanquillos........

I noticed Naomi Gonzalez did not answer your question. Yes, she gave an answer but it was long winded with no substance. The only issue based question and she sounded like a lawyer staright out of law school.

She said she took the money from TLR without ever talking about issues. I believe that, as we have seen Naomi never talks about issues with anybody.

But let's analyze this. Naomi may have not talked issues with the TLR people but knows who they are and what they stand for. Let's take TLR out of the equation and replace them with another group. Let's say the KKK would offer her the same money that TLR gave her and not talked about issues. Would she have accepted the money from them knowing what they stand for?

I don't know about you but my parents taught me never to take money from strangers. Naomi was raised in a multi-generational family. I can almost assure you that her mother and gradmother, bless their hearts, taught her better than that.

Anonymous said...

Wow What class! NOT

Liz Beitman

joseph l said...

I tbink you been a supporter of norma chavez,even before,gonzales filled for this office and it didn't matter who ran.Chavez is trying to say gonzales is gay,but it does not matter if she is or not,it none of our business.I think it time for a change.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jamie. This "celebrity" thing has really gone to your head.

"I got your huevos you stupid little bitch."- Classy

"Read the area above the comment box you lengua larga pendejo."- Really Classy

"I hate little bitches like you that talk shit online but won't say a damn thing in person."- why resort??? What classifies a "Little Bitch??"
Are u really that tough?


Tatiana said...

The most hilarious part about the tragic train wreck of a forum was everytime she was asked a question about an issue, committee or bill, she started to do a two-step.

With less than two weeks left before the runoff is over, it is tragic she is not answering questions. Her last mailout was also tragic for her.

She will be a tragic representative. Already she has decided (without meeting him) she will not support the Speaker of the House who is by far the most level headed speaker that has been there for a LONG time.--- Press release last week.

She has also decided the Unions represent special interest--- El Paso Times, Friday.

If you think she is going to work with ANY one to pass ANY legislation, you are sadly mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Are you going after Naomi so hard because you don't have "Wonder Woman" to kick around any more? :) JK


lbeitman said...

If the question had made any sense, maybe you would have gotten an answer!

Anonymous said...

Is this an example of how we can expect to communicate if Gonzales was elected? Norma's been in there for 14 years and when a constituant asks she tells them like it is in plain terms.