Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Political Marriages

Normally a title like that would be the lead in to a piece about some elected official or candidate being funded by a person or group one would not normally expect to see as a supporter of said elected official or candidate.

But in this case, its about actual marriages.

State Representative Joe Pickett will soon tie the knot with Shannon Wiggins in an unusual place. He is apparently going to swap vows under the dome of the state capitol in Austin. This follows a whirlwind romance that started during last session and an engagement materialized before the end of the session.

No official word on whether or not the Pickett wedding reception will be held in his 50's diner-style office in the legislature, but if it is, there is a pretty good chance that the guests will dine on free sodas, ice cream, and popcorn. Sorry, thats in inside-Austin joke.

In related news, Judge Sam Medrano and is wife will also be renewing their vows here in El Paso soon. It appears they will be getting married through the Church.

For the record, I wasn't invited to either ceremony.


Anonymous said...

jaime, who do you think will win the money in the bank match on sunday's wrestlemania?

little puppet

Anonymous said...

Sam Medrano married me and my husband!