Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick Note Re: Margo V. Moody

David K and the Strelz have both made a similar point that I think needs a little clarification.

Both have referred to the number of votes that each of the candidates have received in the primary race.

Under most circumstances it would be an interesting comparison, but there is one factor that makes the comparison inaccurate.

Moody didn't have an opponent, so naturally there will be less votes for Moody in an uncontested primary.

Margo was locked in a race with two other candidates that were churning out people to the polls so the numbers are higher on the Republican side than on the Democratic side.


Anonymous said...

Jaime, you should create a posting so we can comment on-line and not on phone. On your last caller he mentioned vision for mexico. We should send hector lopez! he'll beat them down with vision. lol

little puppet

Anonymous said...

Jaime, good points...but, democrats had some great races and that brought voters out. no Obama this November, I think Moody will win but he needs to work very hard and not take it for granted.