Saturday, March 6, 2010

Responding to a Few Comments

I thought I would take a few minutes to respond to some comments made around the blogosphere about me and my support for Norma Chavez.

Its funny how different people hate me for "supporting" different candidates. When I support someone from the Shapleigh camp, I get a group of people that hate me for it.

If I support someone from the Chavez camp, I get an entirely different group of people hate me for it.

You people need to make up your minds.

As for being an uneducated act like thats something I should be ashamed of. Sure, I'd like to have a degree, but it won't magically make me any more or less credible and won't change the "ex-cholo" thing. So basically, kiss my ass. Your acceptance of me is neither desired, nor required. Moreover, the person who made that comment clearly reads my blog, which sounds alot like acceptance to me.

As for Naomi not answering questions from me, get over yourself. Its not that I want her to answer questions from me, its that I want her to answer tough and relevant questions to the campaign. Has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with her articulating what her message and plan is.

As for me being a journalist, join the rest of us on planet earth. I have said a bazillion times I am not a journalist, nor do I play one on TV. I am the first one to tell people I'm not a journalist. Which means I don't have to be objective and can be one-sided all I want. The funny thing about you people is that you are pretty one-sided in your critique of my support for Chavez. Funny how when I am critical of Chavez, I don't hear shit from any of you, but your tune changes when I speak highly of her. How one-sided of you.

My credibility goes only as far as people are willing to recognize it. So for some, I have no credibility, which honestly doesn't bother me.

It used to, but I learned something from David K. Even when they hate you, they are still waiting to hear what you have to say. Lay all the criticism you want, many of you still tune in and many more of you still read my blog

I guess that's a form of credibilty.

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Anonymous said...

people may want to hear what davidk has to say, but he received 2 percent less of the vote than travis ketner against haggerty. in other words, what he says pissed 2 percent of the voters off more than a criminal. i understand your support of chavez. she is her own person and not a shapleigh camper.
not being a shapleigh camper may make her lose in the end, but you got to give her credit for having the balls to go against saint eliot. i voted for her for that reason and im a tea party libertarian.

gabriel h