Thursday, March 4, 2010

Senator Shapleigh, Naomi Gonzalez, & Rick Perry

If you've seen my previous interview with Senator Shapleigh, you probably remember the Senator getting pretty bothered by the fact that I asked him if he would vote for Representative Moody if Republican Jay Kleberg made it to the general election.

How dare his Democratic credentials be challenged.

But when you think about it, the self-described Democrat of all Democrats has challenged his own Democratic credentials. As I have previously posted, the Senator has been openly cozy with Kleberg.

Now Senator Shapleigh used his visit with KVIA last night as a chance to attack Representative Chavez over her argument about money from the Republican-backed Texans for Lawsuit Reform and by default, defended Gonzalez's acceptance of the money.

This is part of the reason why people are becoming frustrated with Senator Shapleigh. Organizations like TLR, along with Rick Perry and Tom Craddick backed Dee Margo in his bid to unseat Senator Shapleigh a few years ago. Now he's defending Gonzalez's acceptance of their money?

What happened to the Democrat of all Democrats?

I know the Senator's intellect is supposed to be the stuff of legend, but does he really think voters are stupid, or does he really not understand the difference between the contributions received by Representative Chavez and Naomi Gonzalez? Representative Chavez took TLR money to help Representative Marquez get elected. Shapleigh was against Representative Marquez and supported his colleague in the legislature, Paul Moreno.

Now he wants to plot against a colleague in the legislature?

Representative Chavez's donations from TLR are no where near the amount of money Gonzalez has received from TLR. To imply that there is some kind of equivalence is quite simply dishonest on the part of Senator Shapleigh.

Last I heard Shapleigh championed against people like Rick Perry Republicans, now the self-described Democrat of all Democrats is backing their play in their support of Naomi Gonzalez?

The Senator is trying to act as though Naomi Gonzalez's appoximately 90% Republican-backed contributions is somehow the same as Representative Chavez taking a limited amount of money from TLR?

Nearly all of the Senator's criticisms of Representative Chavez are critiques that could equally be applied to Senator Shapleigh. Combative, abrasive, egotistical, difficult, arrogant, abusive, petty, self-centered...those things could as easily said about Senator Shapleigh as Representative Chavez.

I respect the Senator and he's a smart guy, but I gotta call it like I see it. I think the Senator is full of it on this one and is being a hypocrite.

Senator Shapleigh now seems to be setting his sights on getting Gonzalez elected and defeating Chavez. Why is the Senator weighing in against a colleague when the last time around he was helping a colleague? Why is the Senator trying to be a king-maker and a behind-the-scenes power broker?

Representative Chavez backed a political nobody with no history of service to the community in order to take out her rival in the legislature. Senator Shapleigh is essentially doing the same thing to Chavez that Chavez did to Moreno but acting as though its different.

Now where have I heard that before?

That sort of reminds me of some else around town.

Sounds like another former elected official that has left office but continued to try to influence local elections.

His actions sound a lot like...Luther Jones.

A Republican by the way.


MovingElPaso said...

The problem with you Jaime, is that you're uniformed.

The difference between Shapleigh and Luther Jones is that the work that he does is for community and he makes sure the community wins. Luther Jones on the other hand makes sure that he and his pocket book win; and really the sad part about Norma Chavez is her secret life of Lola.

Lastly, one major difference is that Luther Jones is indicted (too bad not the same for Norma Chavez) and Shapleigh is NOT.

TheLionStar said...

Having a different opinion doesn't mean that I am uninformed. Its sad that you think a different opinion equates to ignorance. That kind of intellectual arrogance reminds me of someone...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant move by Senator Eliot Shapleigh. He has now rattled up Norma Chavez and the two Norma Chavez mouthpieces on radio. Norma Chavez needs to continue to run to the west side radio/tv station when she is in trouble. I hope Norma Chavez is paying you well. I am happy Eliot Shapleigh has spoken up. Check mate.

MovingElPaso said...

I am happy to speak in behalf of the Senator and the El Paso community because making these outrageous comparisons is just another symbol of the toxic mess that follows Norma Chavez where ever she goes, and it's sad that you are now in her mess too.


Interesting comments....Shapleigh is shady, no doubt. He knows he can control Gonzalez so that is why he is not bothered by her taking TLR money...he knows that she will follow along with Marquez, Moody, and now Rodriguez...Chavez has pretty much told all of the above to go f*ck themselves, yes even Shapleigh! So of course he will not take a side on this race, if Chavez wins, it is good for his annointed people, if Gonzalez wins, it is good for his annointed people. WIN-WIN situation.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the arrogance of long held power. These shenaningans are almost, by themselves, arguments for term limits. When elected officials like Mr. Shapleigh begin thinking that they, not the voters, "own" the political landscape, they are showing real contempt for the rightful role of the public. WE own these legislative offices and LOAN them to to the people we hire to represent us. Our elected officials should worry more about representing our wishes and less about advancing their own power positions and agendas. Yes, we see through this and it's not because we are ill-informed.

Anonymous said...

i guess shapleigh forgot about asking jose to hire michael wyatt during a hiring freeze because he was retiring. that is not much difference than luther. chavez doesnt bow down to eliot like the others(bernal,jose,escobar,byrd,naomi) and he thinks she should. that is one of the things i like best about chavez and she should get credit for that. everyone in this town knew eliot was cheating on his wife way back when, knew he was gonna get a divorce , and nobody would say anything about it and nobody would even let anything be posted about it. even the lionstar.
eliot is a piece of crap. ask yourself what law firms made big money off the asarco case. who were those firms ? eliot's cronies ? maybe ?

Mark A said...

It sounds like somebody needs a smog check. Politicians should pass an emissions test and be given an inspection sticker before they open their mouth. The level of political pollution here is killing us.

joseph L said...

Luther Jones was never a republican,he was served in the Texas State House from 1973 to 1981,as democrat and county judge from 1987 to 1991. Norma has never worked with the delegation smoothly