Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some Things Make Me Laugh...

I was at EP Fitness earlier and I noticed a pretty big dude come out of the gym and get in to a car that was parked in a handicap parking space. I've seen the guy there before and I know I've seen him running on the treadmill there before.

So why is a physically fit guy parking in a handicap space? He had handicap plates, which really isn't the point. He was completely healthy so why does he need a handicap spot?

Which got me to thinking about how often I've seen people with no problems walking or moving parked in handicap spaces. I guess the way I think about the whole situation is if you don't have a mobility-related disability, what do you need the space for?

Don't get me wrong, I am all for increased accessibility for the disabled but does someone who doesn't have mobility problems really need to park closer to the front door?

Am I wrong on this one?


Anonymous said...

The answer is no, you are not wrong.

I have many times seen the same thing. At times it may be a relative of the person the who was issued the HC tag. And sometimes it may be a former member of the armed forces.

Now, I am retired military and I personally take offense at former GI's that have HC plates or tags but yet have no apparent handicap. It is based on the percentage of disability determined by the VA. They are using a space that should be made available to someone who really needs it.


Suzanne Fabian said...

Just to play devil's advocate-
my ex had a prosthetic leg, he usually wore long pants and hardly had a limp, thus quite often he was approached at our car asking why he was parked in a handicapped spot.

We never know what the condition may be.

or this guy could be what he seems- abusing the system.

Anonymous said...

I currently have a handicap sticker. I have had two heart attacks in the last 5 years and this last one left my heart so damaged i needed an ICD implant to make sure if my heart did stop I could recieve a life saving shock. Otherwise I look healthy don't limp but I do get tired quicker than I used to. Robert

Anonymous said...

I myself have a handicap sticker and I also look healthy on the outside but my problems are on the inside like heart problems and a back disability and have trouble walking long distances .But I dont call the cops when a car with no tag is in a handicap spot and I end up walking a little bit longer.OH WELL.

Anonymous said...

I agree that people should not rush to conclusions on whether people have a disability or not. However, I am sure there is a percentage of the people who abuse the system. On a related note, people in El Paso can be hawkish when it comes to parking lot usage. So many people go out of there way to park closest to the entrance of a business. Perhaps folks would be in better shape if they (the non-disabled) weren't so lazy when it comes to walking to/from their car.

When I had my temporary handicap permit I ONLY parked in a handicap spot when I needed to...otherwise, I left those spaces open for people who REALLY need them.