Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Teenage Fashion

Maybe its a sign that I'm finally growing up, but when I pick my cubs up from school and I notice the fashion sense of some of the students I find myself asking, “What the hell?”

Somethings are just wrong. Fundamentally wrong to the core.

Things like guys wearing skinny jeans.

Its just not right.

Back when I was in high school there was a fad that drove my parents nuts, which thankfully we never really got in to. It was sagging pants. For some reason a lot of homeboys felt it necessary to show half their nalgas and most of their chones to the whole world.

Which brings me to the most unholy marriage I have ever seen in teenage fashion. Guys who try to sag skinny jeans. Aside from looking like big pendejos, they walk funny as hell.

Some of these little chavalos have the nerve to walk around like they are tough shit.

I just want to tell them that it is impossible to look like a tough vato loco in skinny jeans. Especially when they are the same guys that shave their eyebrows.

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