Friday, April 30, 2010

Republican Congressman Supports Deporting American Citizens!

Most Republicans that I know have been doing their best to run as far away from the Arizona law as they can.

Some like David K are totally star-crossed in love with the idea.

The Tea Party locally hasn't touched the issue, but now they can't run from it.

This is the Republican member of congress in his own words.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Little Dedication to the Republican Legislature in AZ

I know, I know, you guys hate when I use foul language.

I promise, I'm not gonna do that this time.

She is:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

JOP & Cobos Push for AZ Immigration Copy Cat Bill in Texas!

This was apparently set out to the entire world via email, but in case you haven't seen it yet, here is the proposal from Jaime O. Perez, the Chief of Staff for County Judge Anthony Cobos:


To: County Legislative Agenda
From: Jaime O. Perez, Chief of Staff
Office of El Paso County Judge
Date: April 27, 2010
Re: Reform Legislation

Whereas: The Supremacy Clause under Article VI Paragraph 2 holds, “the Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding”;

Whereas: Everyone must follow federal law in the face of conflicting state law and the practice has long been established that "a state statute is void to the extent that it actually conflicts with a valid federal statute" and that a conflict will be found either where compliance with both federal and state law is impossible or where the state law stands as an obstacle to the accomplishment and execution of the full purposes and objectives of Congress and that "otherwise valid state laws or court orders cannot stand in the way of a federal court's remedial scheme if the action is essential to enforce the scheme.";

Whereas: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people;

Whereas: Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States, and the maintenance of our free institutions and the perpetuity of the Union depend upon the preservation of the right of local self-government, unimpaired to all the States;

Whereas: Texas recognizes that all political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit. The faith of the people of Texas stands pledged to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only, they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient;

Whereas: Texas holds all free men, when they form a social compact, have equal rights, and no man, or set of men, is entitled to exclusive separate public emoluments, or privileges, but in consideration of public services;

Whereas: Texas holds equality under the law shall not be denied or abridged because of sex, race, color, creed, or national origin. This amendment is self-operative;

Whereas: El Paso County holds to a priority of carrying out its statutory duties and maximizing resources to accomplish non-mandated programs in the best interests of its constituents; and

Whereas: El Paso County remains concerned and alert to legislative initiatives and proposals for change;

Therefore: Be it resolved, that El Paso County proposes the Texas Immigration Bill to control the border with Mexico, identify those living within its boundaries and properly allocate resources to carry out its statutory duties, individually as a County and collectively as one of the constitutionally created Counties that collectively constitute the State of Texas:

Texas Immigration Bill

1. Requires all citizens of other countries to hold a home country identification card;
2. Requires all citizens of other countries obtain a Texas identification card such document obtainable with a presentation of a home country identification card;
3. Set fees at no more than $100 for a Texas I.D. card;
4. Establishes a deadline of 12 months from the date the legislation is adopted for aliens to obtain I.D. card;
5. Makes failure to carry a valid Texas or other U.S. state I.D. card a class C misdemeanor that carries a fine of no more than $500;
6. Makes failure to produce a valid Texas I.D. card subsequent to arrest a felony that carries a minimum sentence of 5 years.

1. Makes it an unlawful class C misdemeanor to knowingly hire, recruit, or refer for a fee an unauthorized alien and sets a $10,000 fee for each violation, $15,000 for second offenses and $40,000 for all subsequent offenses;
2. Sets minimum sentence for fraudulent documents at 1 years;
3. Sets minimum sentence for aiding in drug trafficking and terrorism to 25 years;
4. Establishes an increases in penalties for aggravated felonies and fraud;
5. Requires violent criminal record, terrorist watch list clearance and fraudulent document checks for any alien obtaining a Texas I.D.;
6. Prohibits I.D. aliens from receiving any direct or indirect federal benefits extended by the State of Texas.

Border Security
Establishes expedited removal or imprisonment with minimum sentences of (1) alien terrorists; (2) alien street gang members; (3) criminal aliens; and (4) alien smuggling.

Annual Immigration Limits
Establishes no limit to new and sponsored immigrants and dependents;

General Provisions
Provides for an annual assessment of border control legislative impact.

Chuck D Says it Best!

I can't improve on what Chuck D said back in the day with his song called "By the Time I Get to Arizona", which was protesting Arizona's lack of a MLK Day. But apparently Chuck D can improve on his own words.

Check out Chuck D's new song on the law in Arizona.

Vero Vs. Jaime on AZ Legislation

If you listen to the rhetoric regarding the legislation in Arizona one thing is clear, the Republicans have their talking points ready.

The first thing they do is try to push it off on the federal government, mostly because there is a Democrat in the White House and the Democrats control Congress.

Never mind the obvious fact that there was a problem with immigration issues long before Obama was inaugurated. Funny how during the Bush administration the Arizona legislature didn’t pull a stunt like this.

But since we are on the topic of President Bush, let’s talk more about the Republicans. I’ve heard Senator Cornyn and Lt. Gov Dewhurst talk about how the Arizona legislation represents a failure at the federal level to deal with the problem with immigration reform. The failure to address the problem is from Republicans.

Mitch McConnell, a Republican Senator, said earlier this week that “This isn’t the right time to do immigration reform.” Sounds like a Republican that doesn’t want to deal with the issue of immigration.

Now let’s go back to 2007. President Bush wanted to address immigration reform, but his own Republican-controlled Congress pushed back against the Administration and killed the discussion.

So yes, I would agree with a couple of prominent Texas Republicans, it does represent a failure at the federal level to deal with the issue…a Republican failure!

Then there’s the distancing maneuver. The Republicans that aren’t putting this off on the federal government are talking about how this isn’t a Democratic thing or a Republican thing, it’s a problem for all of us.


But it’s the Republicans that are completely ass backward on this one. The Republicans don’t want to own the fact that they pushed forward and continue to support a piece of legislation that is clearly an assault on our Constitution. They don’t want to own the fact that this is a big ass unfunded mandate that would put a tremendous strain on municipalities that are just barely struggling to get by now.

But let’s bring the conversation local between County Commissioner Veronica Escobar and her Republican opponent for County Judge, Jaime O. Perez. JOP issued a press release not only supporting the legislation in Arizona, but calling for it here in Texas. He says the fears of racial profiling are over-stated and he doesn’t believe that will happen.

That would be great if the courts went by what JOP “believes”, but in our system, courts interpret the law. The way the law is written, it not only allows for racial profiling, it ENCOURAGES it.

So why does a County Judge candidate even raise the issue? Simple, he needs the public attention. In order for JOP to win, he needs a miracle, and then a little help. He explained a very complex equation that would lead to his victory, which regardless of how unlikely the scenario, is something he believes in.

JOP is banking on Republican angst in November. He needs the Republicans to be scared or pissed, so that they will turn out in big numbers. The Tea Party Movement is just what the doctor ordered. So if he gets out in front and positions himself as a champion for this, then he’s hoping Republicans will come out and vote for him big.

But registered Republicans are dwarfed by registered Democrats. He needs Democrats to fall asleep at the wheel and not show up to the polls. Being a former Democrat, JOP knows exactly how likely that scenario is and has created a strategy to capture on Democratic apathy and Republican angst.

In theory its plausible, though far-fetched. It’s been quite a while since a Republican has won county wide.

One thing not accounted for in his plan though. Veronica Escobar’s popularity.
Escobar demonstrated the ability to get people to the polls in the Democratic primary. Despite a crowded field and being the last person to get in to the race, she was still able to win the nomination without a run-off.

The means two things, she’s popular and she’s organized.

She’s also on the right side of the immigration debate. She’s got a long history of being in favor for responsible immigration reform. She’s been a board member of the Border Network for Human Rights for several years and has been a local leader on the issue.

The move will endear JOP to local Republicans, especially those who have been suspicious of JOP actually being a Republican, but it will ultimately be an issue that may actually motivate some Democrats to go to the polls in November.

Latino Elected Leadership Lets Down El Paso

If you are a Latino elected official, let me be clear. Yes, I am talking about you!
This is the second year in a row that I went to the Cesar Chavez march and didn’t see a single Latino elected official in attendance.

Not one.

Now I’m sure you will all have stories about why you couldn’t go ranging from “I was out of town”, to “I had a prior commitment” to my personal favorite, “it wasn’t on my calendar”.

It pissed me off last year when there weren’t any in attendance, but it infuriates me this year, especially considering that the day before was the day that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the controversial anti-immigrant legislation in to law.

This was the perfect opportunity for our Latino leadership to send a clear message to Arizona.

But none were in attendance.

It’s frustrating to hear campaign rhetoric from these people about how they “need” our help when they are trying to get elected. But when we truly need their voice, they aren’t around.

This is the reason why people don’t trust elected officials. They have all the time in the world for people when they want their vote, but when the chips are down, where the hell are they?

I’ll never help another candidate or elected official unless I am convinced that they walk the talk. As of right now, I don’t see any. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated and disappointed I am in our leadership.

There are times in politics and history where leadership is measured by your presence. There are times when you can’t cast a vote for or against something, but you can show up and show the people you are with them.

I don’t care that this happened in Arizona, its sets a dangerous precedent that should be fought by our leadership at every turn. If you are an elected official for our community and you can’t wrap your head around that, then maybe you aren’t worth our vote.

I’m sure you are just itching to send a strongly worded press release to really let people know how angry you are. In case you are wondering, yes that is sarcasm.
Shame on you for not being in attendance when you are needed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

To All the White Hoods in the Arizona Legislature

Just Wondering about Copper Theft from Farah Building

Here's a piece from the El Paso Times about some guys that got caught stealing copper wire from the Farah building.

I'm just curious about something though.

Why are multiple law enforcement agencies collaborating on a simple burglery of an abandoned building?

Fun with Courthouse Mural!

I don't know if this was something the artist did on the downlow, or if it was simply overlooked, or done on purpose. I'm not here to judge.

But I snapped these photos of a mural at the County Courthouse yesterday. Can you spot the hidden naked ladies?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Consolidating Power

Team Shapleigh scored a major victory by taking out their chief rival in State Rep Norma Chavez and extending their political empire further than they previously have.

But they may have found themselves over-extended. I noticed a definite mood change about Team Shapleigh and there is a growing sentiment of backlash.

Then there is team Gandara. In the valley, you can find a Gandara in almost every level of government and in some case, more than one Gandara.

Now the patriarch, Willie Gandara Sr, is bidding to oust Socorro Mayor Trini Lopez. Socorro already has one Gandara on their city council.

Big Willie will probably win, but I think the Gandaras are risking a little backlash of their own. Especially now that you have in-fighting within the Gandara clan.

I think there are a lot of people in this town that just want to scream at the top of their lungs, “How much power is enough for you people?”

Is it really necessary for Team Shapleigh and the Gandara Family to have all the elected positions in this town?

I’m telling you, eventually the Chicanos are going to get behind a candidate that isn’t afraid to take on the elite Team Shapleigh and the people are going to kick out all of the Gandaras if both cliques are careful about their next move.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Diana Ramirez Pulling Double Duty

I’m really late to the party on this one but it was only after a recent email that I realized there was a bit of staff change on the 10th floor of City Hall, so I went snooping to get some more info.

Diana Ramirez who is a staffer for City Rep Beto O’rourke is working part-time for another city rep now. City Rep Susie Byrd lost one of her staffers, Rene Leon, and Ramirez has been helping out in Rep Byrd’s office, splitter her day with O’rourke.
This isn’t anything new for city hall, in fact the last time I can remember this arrangement was between City Reps Holguin and Lozano when they shared a staffer, Jaime O. Perez.

That was a little more awkward because Holguin and Lozano weren’t exactly the best of friends, where as Byrd and O’rourke are buds.

Diana Ramirez also recently served as a campaign staffer for Jay Kleberg, who is rumored to be running for Beto O’rourke’s City Rep seat in the next election. As I’ve previously written, O’rourke has indicated to some sources that he will not seek reelection in two years when his term expires, leading some to believe that he’s gearing up for a run for Congress.

Mayoral Rumors About Emma Acosta: Others

David K is right, there are rumors that Acosta is kicking around the idea of running for mayor. Having talked with Acosta about the rumor recently she didn’t deny the rumor and many people are encouraging her to make the run for mayor of El Paso.

One of the other rumored candidates according to David K is City Rep Susie Byrd. It would be an interesting decision for Byrd to run for mayor considering she has so publically denied the idea of pursuing another other elected office after her next term.

Who can blame her considering her margin of victory in the last election in which the builder’s association went after her seat.

Actually she went out of her way to call me once when I first mentioned the idea of her running for mayor after she won her last election, so a bid for mayor would be a pretty significant reversal.

And Baby Makes Three...

Congratulations are in order to former City Rep Melina Castro and her husband who works over at the District Clerk’s Office.

I keep forgetting to write about this, but Castro is with child and will be expecting their first child soon.

Castro has been teaching since leaving office last year after her loss in a run-off election to the current city rep Carl Robinson.

No word on whether they are expecting a boy or girl.

Kelly Dickson Possible Candidate for City Rep

Ann Morgan Lily is term limited and cannot run for another term on city council, which means the Westside of El Paso will soon decide on another city rep.

Many are expecting the business community to align themselves behind a pro-business candidate for the city’s most affluent part of town.

But I spoke with Kelly Dickson last Thursday and she gave indications that she might be considering a run for the city rep seat when it comes open.

Dickson is an attorney and seems most interested in Justice of the Peace but she seems to be entertaining the idea of running for Lily’s seat.

More to come on this one.

Kelly Dickson Possible Candidate for City Rep

Ann Morgan Lily is term limited and cannot run for another term on city council, which means the Westside of El Paso will soon decide on another city rep.

Many are expecting the business community to align themselves behind a pro-business candidate for the city’s most affluent part of town.

But I spoke with Kelly Dickson last Thursday and she gave indications that she might be considering a run for the city rep seat when it comes open.

Dickson is an attorney and seems most interested in Justice of the Peace but she seems to be entertaining the idea of running for Lily’s seat.

More to come on this one.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Vid: Norma Chavez's Blow-up

My little physical demonstration of Chavez's reaction to Gonzalez's statements profiling a biker.

Monday, April 12, 2010

City Reps Byrd & Ortega Hypocritical on Chavez Statement

If you remember back to the primary election there was a mini-scandal that never materialized in to a big deal. It dealt with the now-infamous Playboy article.

If you remember, I backed up Commissioner Veronica Escobar on that one because I felt people where making a mountain out of a mole hill out of comments that, even if they were really made (which I don’t think they were), weren’t that big of a deal. I argued that it was nothing more than political opportunism by people attempting to create division in the community in order to damage the image of a candidate and score political points in the process.

Escobar has done a lot for the Latino community and El Paso at large and doesn’t need to reinforce her credentials or prove herself to anyone.

And neither does State Rep Norma Chavez. The same thing is happening in the case of Norma Chavez and her comments at the Ramona Elementary Forum.

Back then I was critical however of comments made by City Rep Susie Byrd in the article about soldiers at Fort Bliss. In fact, we had it out pretty good about those comments.

If you recall, City Rep Steve Ortega came to her defense during that time period when he was guest hosting for the Strelz.

Now the two are part of the group of “Democrat leaders” that signed a letter condemning Chavez for her comments in a forum where she referred to her opponent, Naomi Gonzalez, as a “lesbian gay woman”.

First of all, when in the hell did Byrd and Ortega become Democrat leaders? They are leaders to be sure, and to my knowledge they are Democrats, but they are in no way, shape, or form, leaders in the Democratic Party.

But I’ve been thinking about this letter for a few days now and I think someone needs to call the Shapleighites on their shit every once in a while. This is one of those times.

Where do Byrd and Ortega come off pointing the self-righteous finger at Chavez about comments affecting a portion of the El Paso community? I don’t remember any group of elected officials banding together along with the Times’ Editorial Board calling for an apology from Byrd about her comments regarding Fort Bliss troops.

Chavez’s comments have been characterized as an attack on the gay community. Team Shapleigh is made up of some pretty smart people, so I have to think that this is intentionally being done to mislead the public. Chavez’s exact words were “…I’ve never attacked her for being a lesbian gay woman.”

Where is the attack in that sentence? Byrd’s comments on the other hand were much more negative than Chavez’s, yet there was no call for an apology from Byrd. In fact, Byrd remained defiant and defended her comments while Chavez has apologized for her remarks.

So who has the better moral position?

The point is, this is nothing more than political opportunism on the part of Byrd and other members of Team Shapleigh.

Mainstream Has Picked Their Candidate

I’m extremely disappointed in the mainstream media during this election season. After seeing David Crowder’s latest article in the El Paso Inc and seeing an all-out assault against Rep Chavez the previous Sunday in the Times and over last week as well, its clear to me that they Times has picked their horse.

Not to be outdone, KTSM and KVIA both have run anti-Chavez pieces over the last week that seem to indicate that they have done the same. As you can see in a recent piece I wrote about KTSM’s Kai Porter piece on Chavez, I think I have good reason to think they way I do.

Then my buddy Darren Hunt does his best Lady Gaga impersonation following Chavez as she was taking a plate of food to a community member. The only thing I could think of when I saw Darren chasing Chavez was “I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you around, pa-pa, paparazzi”.

But for me, the biggest indicator that the majority of mainstream media has decided to back one horse over the other is the fact that when I raised the issue of the identity of a person in a pro-Naomi piece. Mainstream media practically tripped over themselves to prove me wrong on that one.

BTW, I was right. The name on the mailer did not exist.

But there has been no examination of Naomi Gonzalez. No one in mainstream media has challenged Gonzalez on issues or asked her to elaborate on very general statements. No one has really examined her contributions from the Texans for Lawsuit Reform, which is now around 96% of her contributions. No one has examined her latest contribution from the Tejano Democrats.

Essentially, she has gotten a big pass.

I get people being angry at me for what I write, but I’m a blogger and radio personality, I’m not supposed to be non-biased.

I’m paid to have an opinion, mainstream media isn’t.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kickin' It Old School...

This post has absolutely nothing to do with politics, but I was checking out some youtube videos and this dude was taking me back in the day. For all you late 80's and early 90's people, You should get a kick out of this vato!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Naomi Swears She's Not a Republican But...

She's gonna have a hard time proving it.

As if it wasn't bad enough that she's funded more than 96% by the Texans for Lawsuit Reform during the last reporting period, Naomi has some other interesting associations that should be discussed. Unfortunantly mainstream media hasn't even blinked an eye about her contributions from the TLR.

But here's another interesting twist. Turns out Gonzalez is using an esteemed pollster to help out with her campaign. According to this campaign finance report, Naomi's in-kind contribution for polling totalled more than $26,685.

The firm used was Baselice & Associates out of Austin.

Here's a little background from the Texas Tribune about Baselice. They even have a nice little video there as well.

He's referred to as "perhaps the top Republican pollster in the state" by the San Antonio Express-News. The piece also says "He specializes in polling for Republican candidates..." and "One of his main clients is current Texas Governor Rick Perry."

Talk about Republican darling.

That's very intersting that Naomi says Norma is a Republican darling when you consider she's 96% funded by the TLR, which was characterized by a guest on my program, Alex Winslow, Executive Director of Texas Watch, as "96% is essentially buying a seat in the legislature".

Now KTSM is jacking me???

Good Lord, you people need to start paying me for ripping off all my shit.

Seriously, this is really starting to piss me off, especially now because they are stealing my sarcasm.

As you can see in the news piece from the KTSM website, they mocked Rep Chavez for not being available for interviews. They brag about their repeated attempts at reaching her. That's funny, because based on what they are describing, they make far more attempts to reach someone than I do, but people accuse me of stalking candidates???

If you look at the video piece, they start with an image of Chavez on a milk carton. That's hilarious. It was even funnier when I thought of the same joke about a month ago. You memmer, memmer? Here's the piece I ran back then.

Funny thing about that piece, I was being critical of the fact that Naomi doesn't talk about issues or specificity. Interestingly she interviews with everyone under the sun but me, which makes sense because no one has really vetted her on actual positions on issues.

So Kai Porter says a couple of things in the piece that I think really need some examination. He says that they wanted to interview Chavez about "controversial comments she made over the weekend calling her opponent, Naomi Gonzalez, a lesbian."

Sorry Kai, you got your facts wrong. The comments were made a couple of weeks ago, its just that the Times wrote about them over the weekend.

Porter later goes on to say that Chavez hasn't "done a single on-camera interview or answered any reporter's questions so far."

Wrong again. She did an interview with KINT Univision 26, the top rated station in town by the way, on the 5:00pm broadcast on Wednesday.

Mainstream media is really disappointing me these days.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ironic & Funny Video of Chavez

Lots of irony in this video of Norma Chavez signing I Will Survive.

Draw your own conclusions on this one.

And yes, it is her.

Gonzalez Story Consistent?

You no doubt have guessed that I am the unnamed blogger in the El Paso Times story regarding the identity of someone in Naomi Gonzalez's campaign mailer.

Naomi Gonzalez, who has run on ethics, said that the person's real name was changed because she of "fear of being confronted by political foes".

Interestingly Gonzalez was asked about this very issue at a recent campaign forum and she gave an interesting response which appears to be inconsistent with her story about the name change.

What hasn't been reported in any of the mainstream broadcasts is that the flier gives no indication at all that the individual's name was changed. The identity being protected is a little hard to understand given the fact that the women was actually pictured in the flier.

Her identity could also have been protected by giving just her first name and first letter of her last name if there was really such a concern about confrontations. Like this:

Maria A.,
Jaime A.. or
David K. (oops)

Possible Problem with Tejano Democrats Contribution to Gonzalez

As previously seen here on The Lion Star Blog, the local chapter of the Tejano Democrats donated $1000 to Naomi Gonzalez. The organization also donated $500 each to Justice of the Peace candidate Brian Haggerty and candidate for District Clerk Norma Favela. That's a total of $1500 in contributions.

According to guidelines set forth for campaign finance by the state ethics commission, this contribution doesn't appear to have been done in accordance with the established campaign rules. (Look for the section entitled "Filing an Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer")

In a nutshell the rules say that "A group becomes a political committee by its actions, not by filing an appointment of campaign treasurer. A political committee must have a campaign treasurer appointment on file, however, before it may engage in certain activity. This section explains the circumstances under which a political committee is required to file a campaign treasurer appointment. A political committee may appoint a campaign treasurer at any time, even if it is not required to do so, but if it does so it must file periodic reports."

To date, the El Paso chapter of the Tejano Democrats have not filed a report of the contribution, but Gonzalez did list the donation on her last finance report.

Additionally the rules state "A specific-purpose political committee may not knowingly make political expenditures that exceed $500 without filing a campaign treasurer appointment. Also, a political committee may not make campaign expenditures totaling more than $500 to support or oppose a candidate in an election for a statewide office, the State Legislature, the State Board of Education, or a multi-county district office unless the political committee's treasurer appointment was filed at least thirty days before the election".

I spoke with both Norma Favela and Brian Haggerty regarding the possible violation and both candidates indicated that they had not cashed the check given to them by the El Paso chapter of the Tejano Democrats.

"I need it, but not that badly. I need some clarification first." replied Favela who is in a run-off against the incumbent District Clerk Gilbert Sanchez.

The organization voted in favor of allocating the $1500 in funds to the candidate at their monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 30th. Favela and Haggerty were in attendance, Gonzalez was not.

Gonzalez was awarded the check the following Saturday at ceremony on the corner of Delta and Alameda attended by 20 or so of her supporters and members of the Tejano Democrats. Also in attendance were long-time Tejano Democrats Yolanda Clay, Blanche Darly, and for State Representative Paul Moreno.

The organization voted to give $1000 to Gonzalez because she was vying for a state-level office. The candidates that received money from the Tejano Democrats were also endorsed by the Tejanos in the primary election and are all facing a run-off.

Monday, April 5, 2010

More Fun Video of District 76 Campaign Forums

This is the race that keeps on giving.

Yet another question I ask doesn't get answered in a forum.

But the fun doesn't stop. Here's some fun video of Susie Shelton making an allegation against myself and Paul Strelzin.

Like I said, its the race that keeps on giving!

Tejano Democrats Contribute $1000 to Naomi Gonzalez

A group of Naomi Gonzalez supporters along with members of the Tejano Democrats gathered for an informal ceremony to award $1000 in campaign contributions to Naomi Gonzalez in her bid to defeat the incumbent State Representative Norma Chavez.

Former State Representative Paul Moreno was also in attendance for the awarding of the contribution.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Former Senate Candidate Hospitalized

Former candidate for state senate, and current YISD school board trustee Liza Montelongo was hospitalized for a bad reaction to prescription medication.

She is at the Providence Hospital East and will be staying an additional night for observation.

Sad Commentary on Cesar Chavez Day

The El Paso County Commissioner's Court is a real close second place for this week's Asshole of the Week Award.

In an ironic twist, some genius over at Commissioner's Court decided to give El Paso County workers their furlough day (a day they don't get paid for), the day AFTER Cesar Chavez Day. Chavez was an advocate for the working people.

Nice, way to go Commissioner's Court, screw the county workers the day after celebrating the worker's adovacate, Cesar Chavez Day.

In another sad commentary, the pinche Times does a piece on the anniversary of Selena's death but not one on Cesar Chavez!

That would be like the El Paso Times doing a piece on the death of Biggie or Tupac on Martin Luther King Day.

Come on Chris Lopez, you are supposed to be the Head Vato in Charge over there. How the hell do you drop the ball on this one?

Homeboy of the Week...

This one is easy. Gustavo Reveles Acosta of the El Paso Times. On his Twitter Page he posted the following message:

"If a news org does a story on the anniversary of death of Selena but not on César Chávez's bday, there's something wrong there. ¡Viva César!"


This weeks Asshole of the Week, also easy.

The El Paso Times, for not doing a story on Cesar Chavez.