Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Consolidating Power

Team Shapleigh scored a major victory by taking out their chief rival in State Rep Norma Chavez and extending their political empire further than they previously have.

But they may have found themselves over-extended. I noticed a definite mood change about Team Shapleigh and there is a growing sentiment of backlash.

Then there is team Gandara. In the valley, you can find a Gandara in almost every level of government and in some case, more than one Gandara.

Now the patriarch, Willie Gandara Sr, is bidding to oust Socorro Mayor Trini Lopez. Socorro already has one Gandara on their city council.

Big Willie will probably win, but I think the Gandaras are risking a little backlash of their own. Especially now that you have in-fighting within the Gandara clan.

I think there are a lot of people in this town that just want to scream at the top of their lungs, “How much power is enough for you people?”

Is it really necessary for Team Shapleigh and the Gandara Family to have all the elected positions in this town?

I’m telling you, eventually the Chicanos are going to get behind a candidate that isn’t afraid to take on the elite Team Shapleigh and the people are going to kick out all of the Gandaras if both cliques are careful about their next move.


joseph L said...

The gandra family have been involed in socorro politics for years longer then team shapleigh. This city must have a candidate who can work with everybody ,not just with chicanos.

Anonymous said...

I say that Brian Kennedy puts a cage at the Coliseum and conducts a royal rumble, El Paso style. Two teams send in one representative at a time, based on a coin toss. Team Shapleigh gets to call the coin first. Team Gandara gets to pick who Shapleigh sends into the cage first.
Last man/woman standing gets to rule everything south of I-10 from Canutillo to Clint.

Carl & Rachel & John get to rule the rest until next year.

Mike A

Anonymous said...

Sometimes one can't see the forest for the trees.

What you call Team Shapleigh is in power because they aligned themselves with the real power brokers, power elite in this area: the land developers - Bill Sanders group, Woody Hunt's group, and Paul Foster's group.

"Team Shapleigh" supports the land development agenda of these power elite groups. As a result, "Team Shapleigh" enjoys the very influential support of these power elite groups.

"Team Shapleigh" members receive campaign contributions from these power elite groups.

But could it be that the most important and influential support "Team Shapleigh" receives from the power elite groups is constant favorable coverage in the local media.

Do the power elite groups control the local print media (Times and El Paso Inc.) and the TV news media, so that they are able to extract this constant favorable coverage for "Team Shapleigh?"

"Team Shapleigh" cannot continue to win elections, cannot expand into other elected positions, without constant favorable coverage in the local media.

The local power elite groups need "Team Shapleigh" members in elected positions to carry out their agenda, most of which are land development projects. This agenda will eventually be very profitable for the local power elite groups.

If this agenda is perceived by the owners and administrators of the local media as "good and essential" for El Paso's future, why wouldn't they jump on board and provide that constant favorable coverage to those office holders and candidates ("Team Shapleigh") who will vote in favor of that agenda?

Rick H