Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun with Courthouse Mural!

I don't know if this was something the artist did on the downlow, or if it was simply overlooked, or done on purpose. I'm not here to judge.

But I snapped these photos of a mural at the County Courthouse yesterday. Can you spot the hidden naked ladies?


Anonymous said...

I guess with Marrissa going undefeated and Naomi beating out Norma, not much else is going on politically in El Paso, other than finding hidden naked women on yet another ugly El Paso facade posing as art.

Anonymous said...

No, I had not noticed these nudes in the BEAUTIFUL MURAL at the El Paso County Courthouse before. A mural usually contains symbols, in different forms. My impression is that these nudes are symbols for Mother Earth. I don't think the artist was attempting anything sinister or clever in including these nude symbols. The naked human body is often portrayed in art, in many forms.

You, Jaime, are probably an aficionado of that art form of dance, in which young females in the nude, utilize a pole for these purposes. It has been held by some courts that this art form (topless and nude erotic dancing) is protected form of expression under the First Amendment.

On a higher intellectual plane, nudity in visual art such as murals, canvas paintings, photography, sculpture, etc., is common. Such nudity is appreciated for the impact the image brings about in the beholder.

The writer of the above Anonymous post obviously does not appreciate the mural form of art. I can't help but wonder if that writer doesn't like our local murals because they are so closely connected with our Mexican culture and heritage?

Rick H said...

Who are the Mestisos? The Spanish conquistators came to the New World without the wives or families. Nature took its course. A new ethniticy was born. It should be celebrated not denied.