Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gonzalez Story Consistent?

You no doubt have guessed that I am the unnamed blogger in the El Paso Times story regarding the identity of someone in Naomi Gonzalez's campaign mailer.

Naomi Gonzalez, who has run on ethics, said that the person's real name was changed because she of "fear of being confronted by political foes".

Interestingly Gonzalez was asked about this very issue at a recent campaign forum and she gave an interesting response which appears to be inconsistent with her story about the name change.

What hasn't been reported in any of the mainstream broadcasts is that the flier gives no indication at all that the individual's name was changed. The identity being protected is a little hard to understand given the fact that the women was actually pictured in the flier.

Her identity could also have been protected by giving just her first name and first letter of her last name if there was really such a concern about confrontations. Like this:

Maria A.,
Jaime A.. or
David K. (oops)

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