Monday, April 12, 2010

Mainstream Has Picked Their Candidate

I’m extremely disappointed in the mainstream media during this election season. After seeing David Crowder’s latest article in the El Paso Inc and seeing an all-out assault against Rep Chavez the previous Sunday in the Times and over last week as well, its clear to me that they Times has picked their horse.

Not to be outdone, KTSM and KVIA both have run anti-Chavez pieces over the last week that seem to indicate that they have done the same. As you can see in a recent piece I wrote about KTSM’s Kai Porter piece on Chavez, I think I have good reason to think they way I do.

Then my buddy Darren Hunt does his best Lady Gaga impersonation following Chavez as she was taking a plate of food to a community member. The only thing I could think of when I saw Darren chasing Chavez was “I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you around, pa-pa, paparazzi”.

But for me, the biggest indicator that the majority of mainstream media has decided to back one horse over the other is the fact that when I raised the issue of the identity of a person in a pro-Naomi piece. Mainstream media practically tripped over themselves to prove me wrong on that one.

BTW, I was right. The name on the mailer did not exist.

But there has been no examination of Naomi Gonzalez. No one in mainstream media has challenged Gonzalez on issues or asked her to elaborate on very general statements. No one has really examined her contributions from the Texans for Lawsuit Reform, which is now around 96% of her contributions. No one has examined her latest contribution from the Tejano Democrats.

Essentially, she has gotten a big pass.

I get people being angry at me for what I write, but I’m a blogger and radio personality, I’m not supposed to be non-biased.

I’m paid to have an opinion, mainstream media isn’t.


Anonymous said...

oh for goodness sake, For once people are waking up. Norma is trash...she needs to be in the Sarabia bowl. flushed away. Too bad you all helped her get there. Thank yourself. Thanks for letting us know what a piece of nothing but a flake she is. Issues? she had 10 years plus to do something; no one is listening in Austin, & no one is listening here -Thanks Jaime & paul.

IP girl said...

I don't think that there's a lack of coverage about Naomi's contributions. It's been covered more than once in articles about the election in that district. I think what is really happening is that people-- other than yourself and the trial lawyers-- simply don't care. They didn't when Norma received the contributions from TLR, so why should they now? At that time, people only cared about the candidate they liked and not much about the funding of a bunch of hootie tootie lawyers and their nemesis, the big business interests. Sad, but that's the real fact.