Tuesday, April 27, 2010

JOP & Cobos Push for AZ Immigration Copy Cat Bill in Texas!

This was apparently set out to the entire world via email, but in case you haven't seen it yet, here is the proposal from Jaime O. Perez, the Chief of Staff for County Judge Anthony Cobos:


To: County Legislative Agenda
From: Jaime O. Perez, Chief of Staff
Office of El Paso County Judge
Date: April 27, 2010
Re: Reform Legislation

Whereas: The Supremacy Clause under Article VI Paragraph 2 holds, “the Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding”;

Whereas: Everyone must follow federal law in the face of conflicting state law and the practice has long been established that "a state statute is void to the extent that it actually conflicts with a valid federal statute" and that a conflict will be found either where compliance with both federal and state law is impossible or where the state law stands as an obstacle to the accomplishment and execution of the full purposes and objectives of Congress and that "otherwise valid state laws or court orders cannot stand in the way of a federal court's remedial scheme if the action is essential to enforce the scheme.";

Whereas: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people;

Whereas: Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States, and the maintenance of our free institutions and the perpetuity of the Union depend upon the preservation of the right of local self-government, unimpaired to all the States;

Whereas: Texas recognizes that all political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit. The faith of the people of Texas stands pledged to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only, they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient;

Whereas: Texas holds all free men, when they form a social compact, have equal rights, and no man, or set of men, is entitled to exclusive separate public emoluments, or privileges, but in consideration of public services;

Whereas: Texas holds equality under the law shall not be denied or abridged because of sex, race, color, creed, or national origin. This amendment is self-operative;

Whereas: El Paso County holds to a priority of carrying out its statutory duties and maximizing resources to accomplish non-mandated programs in the best interests of its constituents; and

Whereas: El Paso County remains concerned and alert to legislative initiatives and proposals for change;

Therefore: Be it resolved, that El Paso County proposes the Texas Immigration Bill to control the border with Mexico, identify those living within its boundaries and properly allocate resources to carry out its statutory duties, individually as a County and collectively as one of the constitutionally created Counties that collectively constitute the State of Texas:

Texas Immigration Bill

1. Requires all citizens of other countries to hold a home country identification card;
2. Requires all citizens of other countries obtain a Texas identification card such document obtainable with a presentation of a home country identification card;
3. Set fees at no more than $100 for a Texas I.D. card;
4. Establishes a deadline of 12 months from the date the legislation is adopted for aliens to obtain I.D. card;
5. Makes failure to carry a valid Texas or other U.S. state I.D. card a class C misdemeanor that carries a fine of no more than $500;
6. Makes failure to produce a valid Texas I.D. card subsequent to arrest a felony that carries a minimum sentence of 5 years.

1. Makes it an unlawful class C misdemeanor to knowingly hire, recruit, or refer for a fee an unauthorized alien and sets a $10,000 fee for each violation, $15,000 for second offenses and $40,000 for all subsequent offenses;
2. Sets minimum sentence for fraudulent documents at 1 years;
3. Sets minimum sentence for aiding in drug trafficking and terrorism to 25 years;
4. Establishes an increases in penalties for aggravated felonies and fraud;
5. Requires violent criminal record, terrorist watch list clearance and fraudulent document checks for any alien obtaining a Texas I.D.;
6. Prohibits I.D. aliens from receiving any direct or indirect federal benefits extended by the State of Texas.

Border Security
Establishes expedited removal or imprisonment with minimum sentences of (1) alien terrorists; (2) alien street gang members; (3) criminal aliens; and (4) alien smuggling.

Annual Immigration Limits
Establishes no limit to new and sponsored immigrants and dependents;

General Provisions
Provides for an annual assessment of border control legislative impact.


Anonymous said...

cut and pasted from other blog

Crossing the Border
If you cross the North Korean border illegally you get 12 years hard labor.
If you cross the Iranian border illegally you are detained indefinitely.
If you cross the Afgan border illegally you get shot.
If you cross the Arabian border illegally you will be jailed.
If you cross the Chinese border illegally you may never be heard from again.
If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.
If you cross the Cuban border illegally you will be thrown into political prison to rot.

But, if you cross the U.S. border illegally you get:

A job.
A drivers license.
Social Security Card.
Food Stamps.
Credit cards.
Subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house.
Free education.
Free health care.
A lobbyist in D.C.
Billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your language.
The right to carry your country's flag while you protest that you don't get enough respect.

I just wanted to make sure I had a firm grasp on the situation.

And just think of all the taxes that are coming out of our pockets for these!


Anonymous said...

To buy beer in any store, you have to show an ID.
To buy cigarettes you have to show an ID.
To buy a drink in any bar or restaurant, you have to show an ID.
To open any kind of bank account, you have to show an ID.
To apply for any job, you have to show an ID.
To join any union, you have to show an ID.
To register for school beyond high school, you have to show an ID.
To buy anything on time, you have to show an ID.
To buy a car, you have to show an ID.
To rent furniture you have to show an ID.
To rent a car, or a U-haul truck, you have to show an ID.
To cash a check or money order, you have to show an ID.
To send a money transfer (like Western Union), or pick up a money transfer, you have to show an ID.
To apply for welfare, food stamps, WIC, HUD housing, or medical benifits, you have to show an ID.
To get medical care at any hospital or clinic, you have to show an ID.
To rent a storage unit, you have to show an ID.
To get a state ID, or state drivers license, you have to show some other form of ID.
To get a business permit, or license, you have to show an ID.
To get a vendors permit you have to show an ID.
To rent a movie you have to show an ID.
To join a gym, you have to show an ID.
To sent, or sign for a registered letter, you have to show an ID.

When any police officer pulls you over, on any highway, or road of this nation, the first thing they ask for is your driver license, an ID.

So what is the problem?

Everyone has to show their ID for a thousand things every day.

What makes people think that illegal aliens are the only people in this country who don't have to show their ID?
Illegal aliens aren't some "special people", they are not better than everyone else.

If a cop asks for your ID, just show it, it's not a problem.
If you are here illegally, it's not the cops fault, it's your own fault, you chose to break the law, nobody made you come here illegally.
You knew before you came here that you were breaking the law if you came illegally, so you have nobody to blame but yourself.
Grow up, and quit your sniveling.
Nobody feels sorry for you.

It's the way things are here in America, it's the way all of us live, if you don't like it, then leave.
Nobody cares.

cut and pasted by
gabriel h

Anonymous said...

what is Jaime going to do if this law passes and there are no more Mexicans left who know how to make tamales, and he can't have tamal fundraisers?

Anonymous said...

We were going to vote for Jaime O. Perez for County Judge. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

We are not going to vote for Veronica Escobar either, so we will be undervotes in the County Judge race in November.

But thank you, Jaime O. Perez, for reminding all Chicanos, Hispanics, Mexican-Americans in El Paso why the Republican Party has never been a good political choice.

Rick H

Anonymous said...

We are not N. Korea, Aghanistan, Venezuela, Iran, China or Mexico! We are the United States of America, and if you're going to spew right wing tea bagger bullshit, at least keep true to the idea of American exceptionalism... or at least Google the Bill of Rights that applies to the rights of individuals in this U.S. of A. and affords them the right to "to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Andre said...

Just wondering exactly how restrictive things are going to need to get??? We, as a nation, have let much fall by the wayside over the last several decades. And there is ENOUGH blame to go around to all political sides, regardless of where leanings.

Without resorting to a quick blog of name calling or BASELESS accusations I would like to know from the "all access" crowd what their standards would be for resolution of this issue?

One of the things that the "send them home" crowds are going to have to be prepared to deal with are the second and third order effects; more expensive produce for example. Who is going to work the fields so you can enjoy relatively cheap produce? You? The wages for these types of jobs will have to increase in order to get American labor and not migrant labor. These costs will be passed on to the consumer. $5 lettuce is now a reality.

But most of these increased wages will go to help pay for the Obamacare fiasco. THen unions will try to move in and organize. When that happens they will demand higher wages which will result in even higher prices for produce. Can you see $6 lettuce???

Gold Badge1 said...

I'm going to break into your house, move into your bedroom, and then fight you when you tell me I have no right to be there. I will point out that my house is really crappy and I have no opportunity to make mine better. I will also eat your food and then tell you that one I am done, I will require more. Although I almost died leaving my home, I will still have a loyalty to that place by not learning your house rules..as a matter of fact, I want to you learn mine.

Anonymous said...

The big backlash against this foolish AZ state law has nothing to do with being pro-illegal immigration in this country. That is a big problem and the federal government has failed miserably-- on a bi-partisan basis (imagine that)-- to address it properly.

The backlash has to do with the rights of all citizens and legal residents in this country and the power that this ill-conceived law gives law enforcement to detain someone merely on suspicion that they "look illegal" and the power of citizens to sue police departments for not enforcing the law to their liking. That means that you red-blooded USans who abhore the illegal immigration "problem" could very well find yourself in AZ one day and be detained by an officer demanding to see proof that you are legal in this country. He may not be satisfied with your DL or ID or your demeanor or looks or attitude and could just detain you. and he would have any right to do that in AZ, just by saying you "looked" illegal! That goes against our rights under our U.S. constitution. YOu would be well-advised to learn your own Constitution before you go defending this racist law in your zeal to bash "illegals."