Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Latino Elected Leadership Lets Down El Paso

If you are a Latino elected official, let me be clear. Yes, I am talking about you!
This is the second year in a row that I went to the Cesar Chavez march and didn’t see a single Latino elected official in attendance.

Not one.

Now I’m sure you will all have stories about why you couldn’t go ranging from “I was out of town”, to “I had a prior commitment” to my personal favorite, “it wasn’t on my calendar”.

It pissed me off last year when there weren’t any in attendance, but it infuriates me this year, especially considering that the day before was the day that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the controversial anti-immigrant legislation in to law.

This was the perfect opportunity for our Latino leadership to send a clear message to Arizona.

But none were in attendance.

It’s frustrating to hear campaign rhetoric from these people about how they “need” our help when they are trying to get elected. But when we truly need their voice, they aren’t around.

This is the reason why people don’t trust elected officials. They have all the time in the world for people when they want their vote, but when the chips are down, where the hell are they?

I’ll never help another candidate or elected official unless I am convinced that they walk the talk. As of right now, I don’t see any. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated and disappointed I am in our leadership.

There are times in politics and history where leadership is measured by your presence. There are times when you can’t cast a vote for or against something, but you can show up and show the people you are with them.

I don’t care that this happened in Arizona, its sets a dangerous precedent that should be fought by our leadership at every turn. If you are an elected official for our community and you can’t wrap your head around that, then maybe you aren’t worth our vote.

I’m sure you are just itching to send a strongly worded press release to really let people know how angry you are. In case you are wondering, yes that is sarcasm.
Shame on you for not being in attendance when you are needed.


Anonymous said...

Why are you surprised? Even during the Texas SBOE deleting of Latinos and other historical minority figures from the curriculum, Norma was the only one with huevos to speak out. Where were the rest of our so-called progressive leaders?

Matthew Venhaus said...

You have the video, "Escobar is an enemy of the people." Can you blame her for not walking into that kind of rhetoric?