Monday, April 19, 2010

Mayoral Rumors About Emma Acosta: Others

David K is right, there are rumors that Acosta is kicking around the idea of running for mayor. Having talked with Acosta about the rumor recently she didn’t deny the rumor and many people are encouraging her to make the run for mayor of El Paso.

One of the other rumored candidates according to David K is City Rep Susie Byrd. It would be an interesting decision for Byrd to run for mayor considering she has so publically denied the idea of pursuing another other elected office after her next term.

Who can blame her considering her margin of victory in the last election in which the builder’s association went after her seat.

Actually she went out of her way to call me once when I first mentioned the idea of her running for mayor after she won her last election, so a bid for mayor would be a pretty significant reversal.


Liz said...

God, I hope not Emma!!!

Liz said...

Although the Mayor's salary would be a pittance compared to the $95K she already receives from the City taxpayers, she has not shown any great vision for El Paso.