Monday, April 5, 2010

More Fun Video of District 76 Campaign Forums

This is the race that keeps on giving.

Yet another question I ask doesn't get answered in a forum.

But the fun doesn't stop. Here's some fun video of Susie Shelton making an allegation against myself and Paul Strelzin.

Like I said, its the race that keeps on giving!


Anonymous said...

Once again you have presented what passes for an answer from a politician wannabe. It must have the class titled "how to answer without really answering - 101" that Naomi took in college.

Since you are a dyed in the wool supporter of Norma do you have any examples of how questions should be answered???

Fortunately I do not reside in Dist. 76 so, in this case, I am not forced to pick the lesser of two evils...


Anonymous said...

why dont you show the footage of when NC called NG a lesbo, or is it because your just a pussy follower of NC

Adrian said...

I think you did get an answer, just one you didnt like. I think you question was misleading. I think as far a change goes, maybe ask more specifically what would you change from here on out.
As for Ms. Chavez she didnt answer you question either. I think as for this election and for others, its important to look at the future and not at past.