Friday, April 9, 2010

Naomi Swears She's Not a Republican But...

She's gonna have a hard time proving it.

As if it wasn't bad enough that she's funded more than 96% by the Texans for Lawsuit Reform during the last reporting period, Naomi has some other interesting associations that should be discussed. Unfortunantly mainstream media hasn't even blinked an eye about her contributions from the TLR.

But here's another interesting twist. Turns out Gonzalez is using an esteemed pollster to help out with her campaign. According to this campaign finance report, Naomi's in-kind contribution for polling totalled more than $26,685.

The firm used was Baselice & Associates out of Austin.

Here's a little background from the Texas Tribune about Baselice. They even have a nice little video there as well.

He's referred to as "perhaps the top Republican pollster in the state" by the San Antonio Express-News. The piece also says "He specializes in polling for Republican candidates..." and "One of his main clients is current Texas Governor Rick Perry."

Talk about Republican darling.

That's very intersting that Naomi says Norma is a Republican darling when you consider she's 96% funded by the TLR, which was characterized by a guest on my program, Alex Winslow, Executive Director of Texas Watch, as "96% is essentially buying a seat in the legislature".


Anonymous said...

What about Norma's campaign manager Chuck McDonald and his ties to TLR and TAB? Since he is making all the PR moves for Norma, then these moves are for Republicans! Be careful what you say!

L Beitman

Shawn said...

Why would Tejano DEMOCRATS give her money if she is a covert Republican? George Bush did it.

The Lion Star said...

Poor Liz, you just don't want to acknowledge that your chosen one that won't actually talk about issues is actually a Republican. You poor thing.

Carlos Reyes said...

Jaime, your telling me that if Bob Hoy came into your little radio station (which is ranked 15/17 in overall radio stations in El Paso and ranked dead last in the news/talk category out of 3) and offered advertising to save your station, you would turn him down just because he was republican? I know your not in the position to make this decision but lets just pretend you were. Would you accept it?

If you did then would it be fair to say that a Chicano pro union blah blah blah "democrat" talk show host is actually a republican? No it wouldn't. that's the same here. Naomi is just using her available resources

When Eddie Holguin ran for his second term, it came out that he bought his campaign signs from an out of town company because it was cheaper; people then called him anti-local business. Is that a fair label to put on him? No because running a campaign is like running a business, you use the resources you have available to you to make sure you come out on top.

That's all Naomi is doing is being a good business leader.

Now on to the TLR contribution. If you take a campaign class at UTEP you get a very good insight as to how campaigns work in this city. Norma is a political institution, if you are against her she will make your life a living hell. That is why Naomi had to go to the republicans for money, because even if businesses wanted to support her, they were afraid of the consequences if Norma won. Once again its a business strategy. She had to do something to raise money.

I am going to vote for Norma just bc my uncle is on her campaign but I don't think Naomi is a closet republican. She's a latanita for Christ sake!

Tatiana said...

Chuck McDonald and Mark McDonald are the sons of former State Representative District 76 Nancy McDonald (yes... the person the street was named for). They were hired not by TLR or TAB... they were hired by the TEXAS DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!! Yes, the State Democratic Party has been fueling Norma's campaign because they have determined it is CRITICAL for her to remain there.

Unfortunately in El Paso, the truth isn't important...