Friday, April 9, 2010

Now KTSM is jacking me???

Good Lord, you people need to start paying me for ripping off all my shit.

Seriously, this is really starting to piss me off, especially now because they are stealing my sarcasm.

As you can see in the news piece from the KTSM website, they mocked Rep Chavez for not being available for interviews. They brag about their repeated attempts at reaching her. That's funny, because based on what they are describing, they make far more attempts to reach someone than I do, but people accuse me of stalking candidates???

If you look at the video piece, they start with an image of Chavez on a milk carton. That's hilarious. It was even funnier when I thought of the same joke about a month ago. You memmer, memmer? Here's the piece I ran back then.

Funny thing about that piece, I was being critical of the fact that Naomi doesn't talk about issues or specificity. Interestingly she interviews with everyone under the sun but me, which makes sense because no one has really vetted her on actual positions on issues.

So Kai Porter says a couple of things in the piece that I think really need some examination. He says that they wanted to interview Chavez about "controversial comments she made over the weekend calling her opponent, Naomi Gonzalez, a lesbian."

Sorry Kai, you got your facts wrong. The comments were made a couple of weeks ago, its just that the Times wrote about them over the weekend.

Porter later goes on to say that Chavez hasn't "done a single on-camera interview or answered any reporter's questions so far."

Wrong again. She did an interview with KINT Univision 26, the top rated station in town by the way, on the 5:00pm broadcast on Wednesday.

Mainstream media is really disappointing me these days.


Tim Collins said...

Complain about the jacking of your writing and videos all you want, but the milk carton thing? Come on that has been used since the first time they actually put a real missing person on a milk carton see here as a small example of how common using a milk carton ad is for all kinds of commentary

Anonymous said...

Why don't they talk about Norma almost stricking Naomi at that same forum? Norma was out of control she was ready to use physical violence. Why isn't that an issue or are you saving it for a campaign to say Norma is willing to beat up people to get elected?

L Beitman

Anonymous said...

Why don't KTSM, KROD, KVIA, KFOX, KINT, and the print media (El Paso Times) investigate and report on whether or not Naomi Gonzalez is a lesbian? Why isn't that the focus of the news investigation and reporting?

Instead, the media is focusing on an alleged "attack" by Norma Chavez on Naomi Gonzalez. Norma Chavez stated a fact: that Naomi Gonzalez is a lesbian. This statement did not constitute an attack by any stretch of the imagination.

Unbelievably, the news media coverage, and the reaction of Team Shapliegh, has characterized Norma's factual statements as an "attack." You would think that Norma had used the "D" word in referring to Naomi.

Aren't "firsts" always newsworthy items. Bernal was the "first" female County Attorney in El Paso County. Norma Chavez was the "first" Chicana member of the House Appropriations Committee. "First" homosexuals elected officials are reported as such, as in the case of the recently elected Mayor of Houston. So why doesn't the local media investigate and report on the fact that Naomi Gonzalez is a lesbian? If she wins, she will be the "first" lesbian State Representative from El Paso County, Texas.


Carlos Reyes said...

She did an interview with KINT because she knows she will be thrown softballs like you guys give her. Plus the only reason KINT is the highest rank news station is because the majority of El Paso consist of illiterate dumb Mexicans. I mean only 18% of people have a bachelor's degree in this town. Especially in her district. So KINT is pretty much a monopoly when it comes to Spanish news. I guarantee if they had a competitor they would not be number one.

The Lion Star said...

Carlos is the text book Naomi Gonzalez supporter, especially they part about dumb Mexicans. Aside from proving how much of a dumb ass you really are Carlos, you can't honestly say with a straight face that Gonzalez hasn't gotten a total pass from the media here in town. Talk about softballs! She doesn't do an interview unless it focuses only on her opponent and no question resembling an actual issue is allowed to be asked.

Carlos Reyes said...

How am I a dumb ass when I proved my point? First being the majority of El Pasoans are dumb (82% don't have a degree, that's a huge majority, plus there's only one Spanish station, so of course they would be #1)

Now after having a MA in Political Communication from UCLA, I have to agree with you that the English speaking stations have it out for Norma. That's what happens when you are not press friendly and pretty much have THE worst PR representative in the business. Plus people love to see a Queen struggle to keep her crown, so its amusing, that's why I watch KTSM and finally KVIA got in on the action. You and I both know that the media will ALWAYS pick a favorite in a race, especially when they don't like the incumbent. Just look at the TC race, you and I both know the media was completely against her (FYI I dislike TC very much but unfortunately I have to use her for an example). Plus look at the commercials that appear on KTSM, I see HoyFox at least once an hour. You know they have some type of pull in certain stories. To tell you the truth Jaime, deep down I wish I could vote for Naomi, but I have a family member who has worked very hard on Norma's campaign that would benefit if she wins, so I have to stick with family unfortunately.

The Lion Star said...

Carlos, I agree with your premise but I disagree that TC was not favored by the media. Just read David Crowder's new piece about a possible relationship she was or is having with an editor at the El Paso Times. Go to and you should be able to find the article.