Friday, April 30, 2010

Republican Congressman Supports Deporting American Citizens!

Most Republicans that I know have been doing their best to run as far away from the Arizona law as they can.

Some like David K are totally star-crossed in love with the idea.

The Tea Party locally hasn't touched the issue, but now they can't run from it.

This is the Republican member of congress in his own words.


Andre said...

So what is the problem here? If you were in this country illegally and being deported would you want your children to remain here in the care of the state (and possibly adopted) or would you want them to be with you? If it were me I would choose the latter. I would "man-up" and would do what it takes to raise my children.

Do the parents of these "anchor babies" really care? Many only had children to prevent their deportation.

On a slightly different subject...I also know of some people that continue to have children because their current benefits are getting ready to run out.

Anonymous said...

"anchor." The new code word for disposable.

And hey, it's David KKK. I would love to know who does his yard or his parent's yard or cleans their homes, or even, who wiped his nalgas when he was a snotty little brat in diapers.