Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sad Commentary on Cesar Chavez Day

The El Paso County Commissioner's Court is a real close second place for this week's Asshole of the Week Award.

In an ironic twist, some genius over at Commissioner's Court decided to give El Paso County workers their furlough day (a day they don't get paid for), the day AFTER Cesar Chavez Day. Chavez was an advocate for the working people.

Nice, way to go Commissioner's Court, screw the county workers the day after celebrating the worker's adovacate, Cesar Chavez Day.

In another sad commentary, the pinche Times does a piece on the anniversary of Selena's death but not one on Cesar Chavez!

That would be like the El Paso Times doing a piece on the death of Biggie or Tupac on Martin Luther King Day.

Come on Chris Lopez, you are supposed to be the Head Vato in Charge over there. How the hell do you drop the ball on this one?

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KEN G said...

It reminds me of when Fort Bliss ADA had Japanese Air Force Appreciation Day on Dec 7, some years ago.