Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - Remember Heroes

No politics today.

Today is a day to reflect on the fact that we live in the greatest country in the world and to reflect on those that are no longer with us that wore the uniform and stood a post to help make our country free.

To fallen comrades, I remember you and your sacrifice this day!

Pedro F. Abeytia, WWI & Korea

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Larry Medina & His Coverage

By now you've probably seen the video of Larry Medina being escorted out of a forum the other night after allegedley threatening the organizer of the event, Sammy C. If you haven't, its at the bottom of this post, so you can have a point of reference.

I was there and I talked with Larry that night while everything transpired. Here's what I know.

Larry showed up late, as usual for Larry (he's known for not being on time), and Sammy noticed immediately. The event was a debate on SB 1070 and was hosted by the Latino National Republican Coalition.

Sammy is the head of that organization. Sammy is also a political blogger in town and wrote a piece that was critical of Larry. Go here to read it.

A couple of days later, Sammy was pulled over and arrested. Sammy wrote another piece where he theorized that it was pretty coincidental that he was pulled over and arrested shortly after writing the piece and he points out that Larry would have access to driving records seeing as how Larry runs an insurance company. You can read that piece here.

Apparently Larry didn't like that too much.

There have been several events in town surrounding SB 1070 and I haven't seen Medina at a single one, so I was surprised to see him at the debate.

After the debate he spoke with Sammy and it looked like it was becoming a heated conversation. From what I was able to see and hear, Sammy was trying to politely end the conversation and start cleaning up. Medina appeared to be pressuring him and pursuing Sammy. Eventually I saw Medina lean in and whisper something to Sammy and Sammy reacted by walking away and calling for me. He said he was just threatened he was going to ask security to ask Medina to leave.

Medina was pursuing Sammy. I stepped in front of him to ask what was going on. Medina told me, "Esta cabron, he's fucking trying to get famous off of me. He's writing a bunch of lies about me."

I've seen Medina have a heated conversation involving cursing and raised voices before. It was after another forum earlier this year and he was speaking to David Crowder at the time, who had written a piece about Medina's departure from the race for County Judge and about Medina's campaign signs still being put up despite the fact that he had dropped out of the race.

I've been very critical of situations were politicos or public figures try to throw their weight and/or money around to intimidate or silence their critics. That's not something that should ever be tolerated in this town. I'm glad it happened to Sammy and not me, because I don't think I would've been as diplomatic and patient as Sammy. He was hosting an event and clearly didn't want someone else's actions to ruin an otherwise great event so he acted professionally.

I am too much of a hot-head and I probably would've been baited in to a confrontation, I guess its the hood in me, lol.

Again, Medina charachterized what Sammy wrote as a bunch of lies, which is a different story that what appears in the El Paso Times who wrote on the same subject. In this piece, Medina has a different charachterization about the issues regarding fines from ICE for not having his employees employment documents in order.

He says, "What happened is that they gave it to the wrong employee," he said. "They gave it to an employee in the commercial insurance department...In this particular instance, I think they messed up..."

That's really different than "a bunch of lies".

It begs the question, which one was it? "A bunch of lies", or "I think they messed up"?

NOTE: The person filming and heard in the video referring to Larry as a "trancero" is Larry's cousin.

6 Year Child Caught Up in Caballero's Latest Attack

In documents filed in the 41st District Court (Cause No. 2009D05435) in the matter of the State of Texas versus Regina Arditti, Theresa Caballero makes several allegations.

One of the most intersting charges she makes involves a CHILD!

In the document Caballero seemed less willing to discuss whether her client was guilty or innocent and more interested in putting forth charges against Arditti's previous lawyer and the District Attorney Jaime Esparza.

For some reason, Caballero felt compelled to drag a 6 year old child in to her charges.

Here's part of what the documents read:

"...Additionally, the Undersigned have a good faither belief that the DA is in fact himself in violation of the Nepotism laws. DA Esparza has a personal secretary named Amy Ocegueda Lujan. It is a documented fact that they travel together, ostensibly on public business. Two of these trips were to Mexico City. DA Esparza pays Lujan approximately $85,000 a year. The Undersigned have a good faith belief based on what employees close to the DA have said that the youngest child of Amy Lujan is the natural child of DA Esparza. Furthermore DA Esparza employs relatives of Amy Lujan in his office. The Undersigned are asking for a paternity test of the youngest child of Amy Lujan..."

Based on what I've seen in the past from Caballero, this is more of the same defense-lawyer courtroom tactics. They don't have to prove anything, they just have to create doubt.

Coming off the Dr. Shrode firing, there will be a group of people that will actually take her seriously now, which in my opinion is dangerous and ultimately bad for El Paso.

In my opinion, Caballero is doing all of this to rehab her image after he defeat to County Attorney Bernal. If you recall, she wouldn't talk to press and didn't resurface until she showed up on Paul Strelzin's show, which is friendly territory for her because she is more likely to get asked questions about her hair and favorite color than she is anything of substance.

The chatter around the Courthouse is that Caballero is considering a run for the court currently being run by Yara Lisa Gutierrez. Caballero needs to keep her name in front of people until that election takes place in a couple of years (I think). It would be intersting to see if Caballero would take that job because it would require her to be out of the spotlight. That's not a position Caballero apprears to enjoy too much.

Of course, this is all just editorial commentary on my part

More to come, you just know it...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Podcast: SB 1070 Debate KHRO 1150 / LNRC

For those of you who didn't get a chance to join us last night for the debate over Arizona's controversial SB 1070, here is the podcast so that you can catch up with last night's festivities.


Note Regarding Legal Paperwork

You know who you are, and we both know you read my blog.

I see I'm now included in your little party. You mistunderstood something and that's too bad for you.

I am a defender of the 1st Amendment and I don't back down to intimidation tactics. In fact, I deal with it all the time.

I even defend the 1st Amendment when someone I disagree with is getting heat. If you thought that I would play along in your little game, you totally misread me.

I'm not the kinda guy that sells out my beliefs just because I have beef with someone.

Guess Who Was Kicked Out?

A former elected official and candidate for another major office was escorted out of the forum last night.

Find out who and why today on the Lion Star Live starting at 10:00am!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is It Just Me?

Or does the Coach of the Orlando Magic:

look like he could be a stunt double for legendary porn star Ron Jeremy?

Commissioner Haggerty on the KKK & MABA

Don't really know how to set this one up other than to say that I ran into Commissioner Haggerty the other day at Commissioner's Court and had a chance to ask him about his comments regarding the Mexican American Bar Association & MABA.

Audio of Commissioner Escobar on the Medical Examiner

Here is a podcast of a press conference involving Commissioner Veronica Escobar regarding the dismissal of Dr. Paul Shrode, the County Medical Examiner.

Commissioner Escobar is the Democratic nominee for County Judge.

Immigration Reform Debate Wednesday Night

For more information contact:
Sammy Carrejo
El Paso LNRC Chairman

For Immediate Release:

The El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition and KHRO 1150 host an Immigration Reform Debate

EL PASO, TX (May 24, 2010) – The El Paso LNRC in conjunction with KHRO 1150 will host an Immigration Reform debate Wednesday May 26, 2010 at the El Paso State Office Building located at 401 East Franklin Avenue, El Paso, Texas 79901. The debate panel consists of County Chief of Staff/Candidate for County Judge Jaime O. Perez and KHRO Radio Personality Greg Freyermuth debating for and KHRO Radio Personality/Blogger Jaime Abeytia and Chairman of the UTEP Anthropology Department Professor Josiah Heyman debating against the question to be resolved; The State of Texas should enact an immigration control law similar to SB 1070. Moderating the debate will be Univision 26 News Director Zoltan Csanyi-Salcedo.

The event is scheduled from 6pm-8pm. The media is asked to confirm their attendance to better accommodate their needs. Please call 915-633-4724 with any questions or comments.

Engage, Empower, Educate & Elect

Friday, May 21, 2010

Interview with State Rep Joe Moody

This is an interview I conducted with State Rep Joe Moody at his campaign fundraiser yesterday. Radio La Chusma is playing in the back ground.

This is the speech he gave at the campaign fundraiser. Representative Moody was introduced by his sister Melissa.

David K Can't Take Losing

As you have probably seen over the last couple of days, my arms are getting tired from pimp slapping that pendejo David K. around on the EPCC election thing.

David K is really bitter about getting beat and not being backed by the Republican establishment so he runs around like a paranoid meth addict thinking there is a conspiracy behind every tree.

This is now the second or third time he claims I'm in on one. Which if you are keeping score, makes it the second or third time that he's more full of shit than a newborn's diaper.

Its sad really because people go to his blog expecting inside info and they get stuck with being inside the skull of bitter young nut who's stuck on conspiracy theories. I blame it on his lack of knowledge on politics. Poor thing, he thinks everything is like the brief experience in the beltway.

Its amusing to watch how every time one of his little conspiracy theories gets shot down, he re-engineers the facts to fit in to his little theories. But it ends up looking like a total mess, like the time I tried to stop a leak in my water hose with duct tape.

The real truth is that David K, for as much as he supposedly hates "identity" politics, is stuck on it himself. Diaz is one of his guys, he's a Republican. You'd think that DK would be all about Diaz, especially because Diaz isn't one of the establishment Republicans and wasn't backed by the Powdered Wigs of the Repub party.

I think its about race. I think DK is backing Uxer because he's white and doesn't want the brown guy to win. I bet he hates Mexicans and probably puppies too. I wonder if someone is paying him money under the table to write blog posts for them?

(see, I can do what DK does too. I can make shit up out of the clear blue sky and pretend its fact just as easily as he does, even though I know its not true.)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Careful With Your Words, You Might Have to Eat Them Sometime

When I heard about it, I laughed.

Really loud.

You know when you are somewhere that you are supposed to be quite, or everyone around you is quiet, and you suddenly burst out in an unnecessarily loud bit of laughter?

That’s how it happened. I immediately realized how obnoxious I sounded and apologized to the people in my immediate vicinity, but I just couldn’t help it. It was too damn funny.

All I gotta say is that David K needs to get some new sources on the community college thing.

Remember the part in David K’s piece where he talks about friends, associates, and “you’re gonna find something you don’t like, and “I ask you to act on those findings”?

Maybe if he’d actually turned over a few stones he would save himself a little embarrassment.

Remember this line “You have to go vote and you have to keep this Diaz guy from screwing up our great community college”?

He says this because of the supposed tie between Nico Dominguez, Carlos Aguilar, and Rene Diaz.

Funny thing about that. Guess who donated money to Uxer’s campaign and NOT Diaz’s campaign?

Carlos Aguilar!

Message to EPISD Re: Kyle Cox

This is a message to all the stuffed suits up at the district offices of EPISD.

Kyle Cox needs to be able to participate in activities that his classmates get to participate in. Stop hiding behind ignorant definitions and even more ignorant staff and administrators that don't want this kid to go just because its a little more work for someone.

God forbid that.

Seriously, can you look yourselves in the mirror and feel good about excluding a kid who wants a chance to do stuff with the rest of his class? He doesn't have the ability to run, jump, and play with his classmates because of his circumstance and no one can change that right now. But you people have the power to let him participate in a function WITH his classmates that will enrich his life.

You people get off your ass and do the right thing damn it.

Those in the position to do good for someone else have a responsibility to do it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rene Diaz & Nico Dominguez, the Real Story

My friend David K and I are usually on the opposite sides of political issues and most of the time on the opposite side of campaigns, which isn’t surprising because he’s a hard core Republican and I am a Democrat.

Odds are if there is a political rumor floating around town, one of the two of us (and usually both of us) knows about it. Sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes he is.

In the case of his most recent piece about Rene Diaz, he is the one wrong.

There are a lot of allegations thrown around by David K in his piece and I found it to be a pretty interesting read. But since I know most of the players involved in David K’s piece, I knew some of what he said sounded wrong. Rather than just sit around and wonder, I did something David K didn’t do, I picked up the phone and talked to the cast of characters. I figure if it’s the “sinister plot” DK makes it out to be, the very least I can do is try to flesh it out.

I guess the best way to handle this is to go through the various charges made by DK in his piece and take them one at a time.

Allegation #1- Rene Diaz is being “run by” Nico Dominguez
The jury is still out on this one. I called Diaz and asked him flat out if he was being run by Nico Dominguez. He chuckled and said, “What?” After I clarified that I was serious he said “How does he come up with this stuff?” Diaz said he’s talked to most members of the Board and stays in contact with several of them, including Dominguez, but he emphatically denies being “run by” anyone.

A source on the Board tells me that he understood that Nico Dominguez, as of yesterday morning, was asking for campaign donations to help Diaz’s campaign. My source also says that he believes Dominguez wants to replace Rhodes and wants very badly to be in the majority. (Come to think of it, most people in a minority vote would rather be in the majority.)

I also spoke with Nico Dominguez about the allegation of raising funds for Diaz. Dominguez says he hasn’t asked anyone for campaign donations for Diaz and continued by saying, “I’m sure he can do that on his own. I don’t know why I’m being dragged in to that race. I’m not sure why anyone would want to bring me in to this. That’s not even my area…I wish them both well. May the best man win.”

Allegation #2 –Carlos Aguilar wants to make sure the District hires its first lobbyist.

I didn’t talk to Aguilar about this. Quite frankly, I don’t know him very well and I think I might’ve said ten words to the guy the entire time I’ve lived here. But I did ask Dominguez if he had any intention of doing so. “No one on the Board has ever even mentioned that idea.”

Allegation #3-Dominguez wants to replace the White guy (Rhodes) with a brown guy.
This one gets better, one person who left a comment says that the plan is to replace Rhodes with Dr. Sylvia Atkinson from Socorro ISD fame. I talked with both Dominguez and Diaz about this one. Dominguez replied, “Wow, this is kind of wild. Dr. Rhodes is doing a very good job. There’s no reason for us to even thing about that situation.” He then asked me to explain who David K was and then said that he’s never talked to David K.

Dominguez continued by saying, “Dr. Rhodes is doing a wonderful job. I don’t think I’ve ever heard any board member say anything bad about Dr. Rhodes. The facts are there, he’s doing a great job!”

When asked if he could choose between Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Atkinson, Dominguez chuckled and said, “That’s funny! I don’t even know how she came in to the picture.”

Diaz was a little more direct. “He’s (David K) full of it! He didn’t even vote! I would vote to keep Rhodes. Why would I want to replace Rhodes? I think people are saying that because they want to scare people…based on my information, Rhodes is 100%my guy. I met with him and he’s great.”

Diaz and Dominguez both expressed frustration that DK would write a piece about them and not call them for comment or at least to check the facts.

Diaz: “He’s never called me for a quote. He has no validity in what he’s saying. He didn’t check it out or anything. He’s been calling me and telling me that he’s gonna vote for me. What a piece of work! I translated for the guy at the Tea Party for El Diario.”

Dominguez: “Why didn’t he call me? I would’ve been happy to answer his questions. I wish the guy would’ve called me.”

Allegation #4- Diaz has a Democrat running his campaign.

DK was right on this one. Ken Sutherland, a Hall of Fame Democrat, is helping out with Diaz’s campaign. Diaz says he’s not paying Ken because he can’t afford to right now. It should be noted that this race is a non-partisan race, so I have no idea why that is so important to David K, but apparently it is.

The best part of DK piece was toward the end. “Why should we put the fate of one of our best educational options into the hand of the typical El Paso political wrecking crew. Just look at who Nicolas Dominguez calls friends and then trace those people back to the people they hang out with. Pretty soon you're going to find something you do not like and I ask you to act on those findings.”

As Paul Strelzin states in a comment on the same piece, Diaz is a “Johnny come lately” to the political scene, so how is that putting EPCC in to the “hand of the typical El Paso political wrecking crew”?

He then does a guilt-by-association ploy which is pretty interesting especially if you apply it to David K. Remember that part he says about you’re going to find something you do not like? Well, what if we played guilt by association with DK? Lets use SB 1070 as an example.

Lets list people who are in support of SB 1070.

David K and JOP.

Should we now associate the two because they both support SB 1070 and they are both Republicans?

Maybe we should “act on those findings”.

If you read David K you can easily tell who he doesn’t like or trust in local politics, which is entirely his prerogative. I have my own list of politicos in this town that I don’t like or trust. But with David K, if he even suspects someone is tied to any of them, they are DOA.

That’s the case with Diaz. DK by his own admission heard a “rumor” and he made up his mind about Diaz.

Diaz doesn’t get David K like I do.

He expressed genuine confusion with David K’s sudden turn. “Why does he all of a sudden care about this election when he lives in the District and didn’t even vote in the election?”

Something tells me the Juicy one will make it to the polls this time around.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Podcast: Interview with Fernando Garcia of Border Network for Human Rights

You may have already seen the video interview I did with Fernando Garcia at the protest at Republican Headquarters against the SB 1070. But if you missed it, I found a cool new way to post audio here on my blog so enjoy!

Interview with City Rep Beto O'rourke

Rude Send Off for Ray Stafford @ the Times

Word on the street is that Ray Stafford at the El Paso Times had a not so nice send off from the El Paso Times.

Sources tell me that he was given little to no notice of his pending departure. The best I can tell he was approached and told that they were going to get a new publisher and that he needed to retire or resign. Stafford allegedly said he’d stay on until they found a replacement and he was allegedly told the replacement has been found, is in the building, and will be addressing the staff at 10:00am.

That’s the way I heard it went down.

For what it’s worth, I hear great things about the new publisher.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Factionalism in a Post Norma Chavez El Paso

The defeat of State Rep Norma Chavez at the hands of State Rep Elect Naomi Gonzalez signaled not only the end of Chavez’s political career, but may have also seen the end of what we normally identify as the political factions.

Without the figurehead, the Chavez faction is basically now a disorganized collection of elected officials in the valley that have common political rivals.

There were two major weaknesses to the Chavez faction. One was Chavez inability to get along with many people in positions of power, but the other weakness was that the faction was geographically isolated. It lived for the most part, only in the valley.Chavez was never able to expand outside the valley, which is one of the reasons she chose not to run for senate.

Chavez turned the election campaign into a discussion about who was the real Democrat in the race. Chavez hammered Gonzalez for being the puppet of the TLR (Texans for Lawsuit Reform). Chavez was backed by the TTLA (Texas Trial Lawyers Association). Sources in Austin tell me that there was a deal made that the TTLA would back Chavez if she stayed out of the state senate race.

Chavez talked about having the support of all the delegation except State Rep Marissa Marquez and Senator Shapleigh, but other than State Rep Joe Moody, the rest of the delegation was largely absent from the Chavez campaign. State Reps Quintanilla and Pickett kept so much distance from the race that they were almost forgotten.

I’ve heard talk from more than one source that says Chavez is still contemplating a political future, possibly running for Congress one day. That would be a tall order. I would normally say it’s impossible, but I’m the same guy who used to say that Chavez was bullet-proof in the valley, and had to eat my words. I’ve learned my lesson about speaking in absolutes in El Paso’s political world.

The truth is she probably will run for something else again. El Paso is filled with stories of politicos that are perpetual candidates.

But after the scorched earth campaign she and Gonzalez ran, its doubtful voters will ever give Chavez serious consideration again. The internal structure of her campaign collapsed in the waning days of the election and those relationships need to be rebuilt before Chavez entertains ANY ideas about running for another office.

The faction war was clearly won by Team Shapleigh. And yes, the faction war is over. The saddest thing around is the army that doesn’t know they’ve been beat. So the question now is will the remnants of the Chavez faction be folded in to another faction, perhaps Congressman Reyes’ faction?

Will they evolve in to another form of a faction?

Or will another group of future leaders emerge to be the voice of working people in El Paso, independent of the constraints of a faction or a figurehead, but possessing the numbers, intellect, and passion to be a force to be reckoned with?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rumor Killer Re Susie Byrd & Mayorial Bid

The rumor about Susie Byrd running for mayor is just that, a rumor.

I saw this rumor floating around a while back and I mentioned that I didn't think she was running for mayor. I've talked with her about this several times and she's always told me that after her final term in city hall, she's hanging up the gloves.

I checked with her again, just to be safe, via text message. Here's here response:

"No. Haven't you heard that rumor before and haven't I told you no before?"

Sort of reminded me of being a kid when I would ask my mom to by me some candy when we were in the store and she would say, "No, I told you before we came here not to ask for anything."

So kill the rumor, Susie's not running.

From the People Who Brought You SB 1070: Idiots on Parade

For all of you on the right who are trying to justify SB 1070, watch this video so that you can really so how stupid they are.

Don't try to run from this one GOP. I especially like where Russel Pierce is referred to as a "statesman".

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rene Diaz & John Uxer in Run-off for EPCC #1

Political upstart Rene Diaz recently came in dead last in a Republican primary for state rep for house district #78.

What a difference a few weeks makes.

Just a few short weeks later the novice ended up with more votes than the incumbent in the race for El Paso Community College Board of Trustees District #1.

There are a couple of reasons why Diaz finds himself in the position he is in right now and poised to take out the long-time incumbent. One reason is that he doesn’t have to associate himself with a political party. In his last race he ran as a Republican and didn’t have much of a profile in the Republican party which is why Dee Margo won so commandingly.

The other reason he’s in a better position now is because he hired a campaign manager. Not only a seasoned campaign manager that knows his way around the local political scene, but a Democrat to boot.

He hired Ken Sutherland.

Word on the street is that Uxer was approached to run for re-election that way he can retire and then a candidate of the majorities choosing could be selected as a replacement.

Diaz threw a wrench in the plan. He’s probably gonna win, not only because he’s a better candidate now, but because he’s got an actual campaign structure and has an experienced hand in Ken Sutherland. It allows him to be a fiscal conservative and run like a Democrat.

Caballero & Crowder

Personally, I don’t understand why Strelz kisses up to Caballero. Especially after all she’s done to him and what she’s put him through just for the sake of silencing his criticisms. She tried to do the same to me but couldn’t.

Strelz invites her on because she is controversial and people will tune in occasionally to hear what she says next, who she accuses of being in some conspiracy against her, who she calls corrupt, or in the case of many, just to see if she’ll lose it on his show.

He’s smart for doing that. In fact, word on the street is that Leeds has been looking for a place for her to go on the radio on a regular basis.

Personally, I have a long memory and if she came on my show the first thing I would do is hold her accountable for the crap she’s said. But Strelz and I are different guys so I can’t really critique his style because it’s just a choice of approach.

But I think that he actually buys in to some of the crap she says sometimes. Her latest rant is surrounding an email Crowder sent to her in the middle of the night. When I heard about the email, which was only a few minutes before he talked about it on his show, I didn’t really hear the problem with it. From the way it was described, I thought there might have been some sexual innuendo in the email or something.

Alas, when the letter was read it was really rather boring. I didn’t see the controversy in the email. For some reason Caballero implied that Crowder’s invitation to meet with her to smooth things over was somehow a sexual overture.

Caballero has a history of creating an alternate reality perpendicular to reality. Anyone who criticizes her is corrupt, wrong, out-to-get-her, or a liar. In the world of TC, everyone is wrong and she is right.

She frequently tries to find dirt on rivals and injects it into the discussion no matter how irrelevant it is to the conversation. It’s a classic technique of a defense attorney, attack the accuser and defend the perp.

The time of the email is completely irrelevant to the conversation but she wants to get mileage out of it as much as she can so tries to create smoke where there is no fire. For some reason, Strelz fell for it.

Caballero thinks people “stalk” her, something I myself have been accused of doing to her. So I decided to look up the word in the dictionary and there are several definitions of the word, but I chose the most ominous version of the definition to make my point. According to Webster’s College Dictionary, stalk means, “to harass a person threateningly, as by pursuit, intimidating phone calls, etc.”

I’ve asked Caballero questions at public forums she has attended while she was a candidate pursuing public office. How is that pursuit? As far as I know, the same is true for Crowder. I’ve called her office to try to get her to come on my show, but have never actually spoken with her. The only times I’ve spoken with her is when we’ve exchanged a quick greeting when she’s been on Greg’s show. I’m sure even Caballero would characterize the conversations as cordial.

After reading the email Crowder sent to Caballero, I don’t understand Caballero’s problem with it. You would have to go out of your way to read anything untoward in to the email. It was completely professional. I don’t even have a problem with the time it was sent. I’m sure as an attorney Caballero has found herself up burning the midnight oil during a big case. I’ve sent emails late a time or two because that’s when I had time to do it. It’s not like calling someone on the phone at that hour. That would absolutely be inappropriate, but an email is completely different.

Does she really think Crowder “wants” her?

Seriously, it takes ready a lot into that email to get anything inappropriate at all out of that email. This is an attempt to smear someone who is a critic of Caballero.

I can tell you first hand, she’s done the same to me on more than one occasion. A dirty secret about “She Who Shall Not Be Named” is that she tries to intimidate anyone critical of her. She will be relentless about it too. Some might characterize it as obsessive. She’s sent more than one letter to management about me. She’s had me investigated in order to intimidate me in to silence. She’s made several phone calls to management and I think even threatened litigation.

It hasn’t worked. That’s how she operates. She participates in the very conduct she criticizes others for.

I knew she’d keep a low profile for awhile after her loss to Jo Ann Bernal, but she and Stuart Leeds, who is never far behind, popped up a couple of times on talk radio and to no one’s surprise, on Strelz’s show.

In Caballero’s world no one should critique her. No one should challenge her allegations. No one should ask her to substantiate her claims. Everyone who is critical of Caballero is wrong and she is infallible.

I applaud Crowder for trying to readdress a business relationship that is necessary for good reporting. Caballero is a public figure and continuously interjects herself in to the politics and issues affecting the city and county as a candidate and high-profile, outspoken attorney.

This seems like an attempt by Caballero to make people think there is something more substantial going on. Again, she doesn’t have to prove anything; she just has to create doubt or an alternate plausible theory.

Barraza Imprisoned; Vows to be Restored to Bench

You’ve no doubt seen the story regarding Manny Barraza who was convicted of trading sex for favorable decisions. Barraza received a fairly light sentence of 5 years and could be released after he serves about 85% of his sentence.

I don’t get any pleasure for what is happening to Barraza, but the whole situation reminds me of what I went through for supporting his opponent in his election, a white Republican. I was called all kinds of names and even received threats for my support of his opponent. All because I backed the candidate that I still believe was clearly the more qualified candidate.

Barraza was led away in handcuffs and that was surely a rough situation for his family. My prayers are with his family and I’m sure that though they are going through a rough time right now, they will pull through.

There was one thing that happened at the sentencing that was surprising to me. No, it’s not the family tussle with the KFOX news crew, given my one experience with Barraza’s daughter on Election Day it doesn’t surprise me one bit, or the other brother who allegedly threatened a federal prosecutor.

It’s the statement Barraza made that he was confident that he was going to be back on the bench. What? He must be smoking some good shit if he thinks he’s ever going to be back on a bench hearing cases. After the presiding judge, Frank Montalvo said (paraphrasing) that there is no more worse corruption than judicial corruption, I don’t see under what circumstance Barraza thinks he’s going to be back on the bench.

I hope this is a lesson to voters of El Paso County. When we vote someone in to office, let’s make sure it’s someone that is the most qualified candidate, not the one affiliated to the right party. We do a disservice to our community, our courts, AND our party when we settle for anything but the best.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Heated Debate

The SB 1070 legislation has caused very heated debate. No doubt you’ve heard some pretty heated back and forth on talk radio regarding the issue.

But there was an altercation that required police involvement at city hall yesterday just before the start of the city council meeting.

Two guys that are regulars in political circles, Sal Gomez(above) and Al Soto (below) were involved in an altercation. I know, Sal and Al getting in a fight sort of sounds like a bad ghetto nursery rhyme, but it really happened.

I happened to be talking with Al when Sal came by and told Al “Come here, I wanna talk to you.” Al replied, “No you’re not. I’m gonna walk away from you.”

Then Sal stopped him and told him, “I’m gonna kick your fuckin’ ass.”

The two are on opposite sides of Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 and apparently had exchanged words the day before at Commissioner’s Court when the issue was debated at the county level.

I think they are a microcosm of what politics in this country has turned in to. It’s become polarized and ugly and when you add in passion and a charged environment and you get problems like that.

America, we have to get our collective shit together.

This is Why People Hate City Government

Cuz apparently they can’t even get parking in their own parking lot right.

Turns out the some important manager type genius issued more parking passes than actual parking spots.

Wow, that was smart. Glad to know our tax dollars are in such good hands. Good thing they aren’t running the census!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

City Council Anti SB 1070 Resolution & Clear Channel

Potentially interesting development regarding a resolution being heard at city council tomorrow that I thought I would tell you about.

City Representative Eddie Holguin has authored a resolution condemning the passage of SB 1070 in Arizona and calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

Commissioner’s Court passed a similar but much stronger resolution today.

First, I have to give props to Commissioner’s Court for having the courage to pass the resolution. I wish that Rep Holguin would’ve included boycott language in his resolution. Maybe he thought he didn’t have the support for boycott language, but I’ve always been a fan of asking for more than I am expecting and then negotiating down to what I really wanted in the first place.

Many involved in the boycott of Arizona businesses have identified Clear Channel Communications as a major target of the boycott because they are big donors to the GOP in Arizona.

I had a feeling that the resolution written by Holguin was going to stop short of a boycott, mostly because I know how close he is to Jaime O. Perez, who has publically supported the Arizona legislation and called for its adoption in Texas.

There is another potentially controversial issue on the agenda tomorrow that may have a tie-in to this resolution. It’s the sign ordinance.

From what I understand, its probably gonna be a tie vote, with Reps Ortega, Byrd, Lily, and O’rourke voting for tougher restrictions and Holguin, Acosta, Robinson, and Quintana against tougher restrictions.

It will be interesting to see if Clear Channel weighs in on the passage of the city’s ordinance, though it will be unlikely given that the ordinance doesn’t call for a boycott.

What I don’t understand is why Holguin didn’t include boycott language. For a guy who says his campaign theme song should be “Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty, you’d think he’d show the same courage as County Commissioner Willie Gandara and include boycott language.

I know, he probably doesn’t want to be seen as hurting businesses, but let us not forget people like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and Cesar Chavez who used boycotts to put economic pressure to get things changed for the better in this world.

Boycotts are hard, and believe me I only see them as the nuclear option, but based on the Arizona Legislature, it’s the only option at this point.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Poor David K.

Pobresito el David K.

He just doesn’t get it and he’s doing his damnest to try to defend the law in Arizona. I especially like the part where he tries to act like he’s so smart and everyone else just doesn’t understand politics.

I guess he thinks he’s the local authority on political punditry. Fortunately for us, he’s not.

The latest fun with David K was a “Protest Update” he did on his blog the other day. First of all, he doesn’t understand why it was the Republican Headquarters that was chosen as the protest site. I guess his argument is that its very small and no one is there anyway.

Wow, for a guy who thinks he’s so smart and we are oh so dumb, he sure doesn’t get it does he? First of all, he’s probably never been to the Democratic Party Headquarters himself. If he had, he’d know its not much bigger than the cab of his pick-up truck.

Size doesn’t matter, something I’m sure my buddy David K has probably found himself saying a time or two in his day.

The point is, the protest, as most protests tend to be, was symbolic. Its not like a protest against or for anything is going to change the mind of the Republican party.

No one there expected the Republicans to be there and to be moved by the demonstration and suddenly change their core being. Maybe David K and his infinite wisdom thought that was the case, but he’s wrong.

The great thing about the dumb shit David K says sometimes is how easy it is to disprove. For example, he actually attempted to make it sound like the protest wasn’t well attended. Which is funny because in his own post, he admits he drove by BEFORE it actually started.

But then again, my buddy David K has never been accused of being a guy that lets facts get in his way, he’s more of an idea/talking points type of guy.

The fun thing about David K saying there were only about 50 people there, most of whom were children is that I get to post video like this one that shows it was pretty well attended and wow disconnected with reality David K can be sometimes.

His latest punch in the dark was his post where he claims less than a 100 people showed up and tries to cover up for racial comments that were made toward some of the protesters. He wasn’t there, didn’t hear it, but wants to try to stick up for that kind of dumb shit?

And he questions MY credibility?

Then again, it’s been so long since he’s had any, he might not be familiar with what credibility looks like.