Monday, May 10, 2010

Barraza Imprisoned; Vows to be Restored to Bench

You’ve no doubt seen the story regarding Manny Barraza who was convicted of trading sex for favorable decisions. Barraza received a fairly light sentence of 5 years and could be released after he serves about 85% of his sentence.

I don’t get any pleasure for what is happening to Barraza, but the whole situation reminds me of what I went through for supporting his opponent in his election, a white Republican. I was called all kinds of names and even received threats for my support of his opponent. All because I backed the candidate that I still believe was clearly the more qualified candidate.

Barraza was led away in handcuffs and that was surely a rough situation for his family. My prayers are with his family and I’m sure that though they are going through a rough time right now, they will pull through.

There was one thing that happened at the sentencing that was surprising to me. No, it’s not the family tussle with the KFOX news crew, given my one experience with Barraza’s daughter on Election Day it doesn’t surprise me one bit, or the other brother who allegedly threatened a federal prosecutor.

It’s the statement Barraza made that he was confident that he was going to be back on the bench. What? He must be smoking some good shit if he thinks he’s ever going to be back on a bench hearing cases. After the presiding judge, Frank Montalvo said (paraphrasing) that there is no more worse corruption than judicial corruption, I don’t see under what circumstance Barraza thinks he’s going to be back on the bench.

I hope this is a lesson to voters of El Paso County. When we vote someone in to office, let’s make sure it’s someone that is the most qualified candidate, not the one affiliated to the right party. We do a disservice to our community, our courts, AND our party when we settle for anything but the best.


SammyC said...

Barraza being a Judge after he gets out of prison is like saying a women is going to be a nun again after she gives birth to her child.

The nun has a better chance of it happening since their is at least one rumored incident in history of a virgin having a baby.

John said...

You know Sammy it just might were able to get out of jail and lead a semi normal life...