Monday, May 10, 2010

Caballero & Crowder

Personally, I don’t understand why Strelz kisses up to Caballero. Especially after all she’s done to him and what she’s put him through just for the sake of silencing his criticisms. She tried to do the same to me but couldn’t.

Strelz invites her on because she is controversial and people will tune in occasionally to hear what she says next, who she accuses of being in some conspiracy against her, who she calls corrupt, or in the case of many, just to see if she’ll lose it on his show.

He’s smart for doing that. In fact, word on the street is that Leeds has been looking for a place for her to go on the radio on a regular basis.

Personally, I have a long memory and if she came on my show the first thing I would do is hold her accountable for the crap she’s said. But Strelz and I are different guys so I can’t really critique his style because it’s just a choice of approach.

But I think that he actually buys in to some of the crap she says sometimes. Her latest rant is surrounding an email Crowder sent to her in the middle of the night. When I heard about the email, which was only a few minutes before he talked about it on his show, I didn’t really hear the problem with it. From the way it was described, I thought there might have been some sexual innuendo in the email or something.

Alas, when the letter was read it was really rather boring. I didn’t see the controversy in the email. For some reason Caballero implied that Crowder’s invitation to meet with her to smooth things over was somehow a sexual overture.

Caballero has a history of creating an alternate reality perpendicular to reality. Anyone who criticizes her is corrupt, wrong, out-to-get-her, or a liar. In the world of TC, everyone is wrong and she is right.

She frequently tries to find dirt on rivals and injects it into the discussion no matter how irrelevant it is to the conversation. It’s a classic technique of a defense attorney, attack the accuser and defend the perp.

The time of the email is completely irrelevant to the conversation but she wants to get mileage out of it as much as she can so tries to create smoke where there is no fire. For some reason, Strelz fell for it.

Caballero thinks people “stalk” her, something I myself have been accused of doing to her. So I decided to look up the word in the dictionary and there are several definitions of the word, but I chose the most ominous version of the definition to make my point. According to Webster’s College Dictionary, stalk means, “to harass a person threateningly, as by pursuit, intimidating phone calls, etc.”

I’ve asked Caballero questions at public forums she has attended while she was a candidate pursuing public office. How is that pursuit? As far as I know, the same is true for Crowder. I’ve called her office to try to get her to come on my show, but have never actually spoken with her. The only times I’ve spoken with her is when we’ve exchanged a quick greeting when she’s been on Greg’s show. I’m sure even Caballero would characterize the conversations as cordial.

After reading the email Crowder sent to Caballero, I don’t understand Caballero’s problem with it. You would have to go out of your way to read anything untoward in to the email. It was completely professional. I don’t even have a problem with the time it was sent. I’m sure as an attorney Caballero has found herself up burning the midnight oil during a big case. I’ve sent emails late a time or two because that’s when I had time to do it. It’s not like calling someone on the phone at that hour. That would absolutely be inappropriate, but an email is completely different.

Does she really think Crowder “wants” her?

Seriously, it takes ready a lot into that email to get anything inappropriate at all out of that email. This is an attempt to smear someone who is a critic of Caballero.

I can tell you first hand, she’s done the same to me on more than one occasion. A dirty secret about “She Who Shall Not Be Named” is that she tries to intimidate anyone critical of her. She will be relentless about it too. Some might characterize it as obsessive. She’s sent more than one letter to management about me. She’s had me investigated in order to intimidate me in to silence. She’s made several phone calls to management and I think even threatened litigation.

It hasn’t worked. That’s how she operates. She participates in the very conduct she criticizes others for.

I knew she’d keep a low profile for awhile after her loss to Jo Ann Bernal, but she and Stuart Leeds, who is never far behind, popped up a couple of times on talk radio and to no one’s surprise, on Strelz’s show.

In Caballero’s world no one should critique her. No one should challenge her allegations. No one should ask her to substantiate her claims. Everyone who is critical of Caballero is wrong and she is infallible.

I applaud Crowder for trying to readdress a business relationship that is necessary for good reporting. Caballero is a public figure and continuously interjects herself in to the politics and issues affecting the city and county as a candidate and high-profile, outspoken attorney.

This seems like an attempt by Caballero to make people think there is something more substantial going on. Again, she doesn’t have to prove anything; she just has to create doubt or an alternate plausible theory.


Anonymous said...

Simply said, she is a media w****.


Anonymous said...

Why do you always kiss Strelzin's ass. That guy is a two-faced has been who talks about everyone badly behind their back, including you, but smiles in their face and kisses their ass when they are on his show.

Strelzin kisses her ass because he's afraid of her!

Strelzin Fan

Anonymous said...


This back-fired in Strelzin's face. He tried to make a big deal of this and was talking about someone that was obviously you. But on his own forum the shut-ins that are on there are talking about how stupid Theresa is for thinking Crowder is trying to hit on her. I don't know why you call Strelzin a mentor, if you are wanting to be like him, you should give up radio. But I do like your show alot.

Anonymous said...

Strelzin is too old and too boring for talk radio. He was great back in the old days but we are all a little tired of the stories he repeats over and over. He brags like everything great in town has something to do with him. He should retire and stop bragging about himself all the time. Now he's going to starting trying to get Escobar, Byrd, Ortega and others back on his side now that he doesn't have Norma Chavez to protect him anymore.


Anonymous said...

Is it me or does the photo look 're-touched'???

Anonymous said...



The real deal said...


Nobody is disputing that.

Anonymous said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL woman! + an attitude! Ba, Boom.. Ba, Boom.. My heart beats out my chest..