Thursday, May 20, 2010

Careful With Your Words, You Might Have to Eat Them Sometime

When I heard about it, I laughed.

Really loud.

You know when you are somewhere that you are supposed to be quite, or everyone around you is quiet, and you suddenly burst out in an unnecessarily loud bit of laughter?

That’s how it happened. I immediately realized how obnoxious I sounded and apologized to the people in my immediate vicinity, but I just couldn’t help it. It was too damn funny.

All I gotta say is that David K needs to get some new sources on the community college thing.

Remember the part in David K’s piece where he talks about friends, associates, and “you’re gonna find something you don’t like, and “I ask you to act on those findings”?

Maybe if he’d actually turned over a few stones he would save himself a little embarrassment.

Remember this line “You have to go vote and you have to keep this Diaz guy from screwing up our great community college”?

He says this because of the supposed tie between Nico Dominguez, Carlos Aguilar, and Rene Diaz.

Funny thing about that. Guess who donated money to Uxer’s campaign and NOT Diaz’s campaign?

Carlos Aguilar!


Anonymous said...

You are surprisingly naive, as this post on David K's blog strongly suggests:

re: the points Jaime Abeytia made.

1. Nicolas Dominguez would never admit to what he's trying to do. Why would he? That would be stupid. But inside EPCC everyone knows about his plans when he makes remarks about having a new president and "getting in his people." Those statements do not go unnoticed.

2. There was a coordinated effort to get out two incumbents, Gracie Quintanilla in the lower valley and Dr. Uxer in the upper valley. This was and is about ousting Rhodes and getting their person in. In fact, Rick Ledesma (Quintanilla's challenger - the Rene Diaz of the lower valley) stated very honestly during a forum that if elected, he would replace Rhodes with someone hispanic. At least he's not lying to the public the way Diaz and Dominguez are.

3. Re: Carlos Aguilar contributing to Uxer. That's neither here nor there. He's covering all bases. Aguilar wants a lobby contract with EPCC. He wants to lobby for a lot of people (the county, the hospital district, just ask people there and they will tell you). He frequently tells multiple candidates he supports them in order ensure he doesn't burn bridges. Why? Because he wants to be a lobbyist.

Everyone at EPCC and in the education and political arena knows what's going on.

David K is 100% right on this one. All of EPCC has a copy of his blog now. It's been printed and circulated. That's good. People need to know.

Posted by: deep throat

The Lion Star said...

David, if you are going to comment on my blog at least have the huevos to use your name and stop trying to pretend you are someone else. First of all, what the hell does Rick Ledesma have to do with Rene Diaz?

Lets stop acting like Ledesma is all about La Raza. He's not.

Second, there's no way Dominguez would make a move to replace Rhodes after going on the record with glowing endorsements of him. That would be poltically stupid. He's painted himself in to a corner as a supporter of Rhodes, so it won't happen, but some people see a power play and conspiracies behind ever corner.

Third, I'm not sure how you and others think that Carlos Aguilar contributing to Uxer is Aguilar covering all the bases. If he contributed to ALL the candidates then that might be closer to reality, but he ONLY contributed to Uxer, so therefore he's not covering all the bases. Like I said, some people try to make facts fit in to their little theories.

I'm not naive on this one, I did more than just write chisme he heard from allegedely several people.

SammyC said...

Why does it always come down to race? We are all Americans, we just hapen to have a little diffrent pigment in our skin. We actually cover many shades. Just take Rene and Jaime as an example. They are both at diffrent ends of the spectrum. But does that make them any diffrent from each other. My father read a passage from an old document that said "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL". I have lived by the words that my father taught me. So let me ask you something.

If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? And if you vote for us, shall we not WIN!


Not because he is "raza" or "brown". Vote for Rene Diaz because he is the right person for the job. Rene better represents and understands those who attend EPPC since that is where he started his education. Rene Diaz is a young vibrant young man whose determination to serve and his longevity are very important to the success of this seat. We need a Trustee who can make a diffrence not just today and tomorrow but also in the future.

Early Election Starts May 24th-June 1st. Election Day is June 5th.

Hey David K, did you get those dates? Don't say nobody invited you.

I don't care how you vote, just go out and vote. Set the example.

Remeber yung grass hoppa, he who angers you controls you.