Tuesday, May 4, 2010

City Council Anti SB 1070 Resolution & Clear Channel

Potentially interesting development regarding a resolution being heard at city council tomorrow that I thought I would tell you about.

City Representative Eddie Holguin has authored a resolution condemning the passage of SB 1070 in Arizona and calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

Commissioner’s Court passed a similar but much stronger resolution today.

First, I have to give props to Commissioner’s Court for having the courage to pass the resolution. I wish that Rep Holguin would’ve included boycott language in his resolution. Maybe he thought he didn’t have the support for boycott language, but I’ve always been a fan of asking for more than I am expecting and then negotiating down to what I really wanted in the first place.

Many involved in the boycott of Arizona businesses have identified Clear Channel Communications as a major target of the boycott because they are big donors to the GOP in Arizona.

I had a feeling that the resolution written by Holguin was going to stop short of a boycott, mostly because I know how close he is to Jaime O. Perez, who has publically supported the Arizona legislation and called for its adoption in Texas.

There is another potentially controversial issue on the agenda tomorrow that may have a tie-in to this resolution. It’s the sign ordinance.

From what I understand, its probably gonna be a tie vote, with Reps Ortega, Byrd, Lily, and O’rourke voting for tougher restrictions and Holguin, Acosta, Robinson, and Quintana against tougher restrictions.

It will be interesting to see if Clear Channel weighs in on the passage of the city’s ordinance, though it will be unlikely given that the ordinance doesn’t call for a boycott.

What I don’t understand is why Holguin didn’t include boycott language. For a guy who says his campaign theme song should be “Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty, you’d think he’d show the same courage as County Commissioner Willie Gandara and include boycott language.

I know, he probably doesn’t want to be seen as hurting businesses, but let us not forget people like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and Cesar Chavez who used boycotts to put economic pressure to get things changed for the better in this world.

Boycotts are hard, and believe me I only see them as the nuclear option, but based on the Arizona Legislature, it’s the only option at this point.

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JML said...

I agree about that the resolution lacked any sort of teeth in the way Holguin submitted it. I also think that if you are right in saying he did not include such language because of his personal ties to Perez that he is doing his community a great disservice. He was elected by individuals in his district that want to be represented at all times, not only when it falls in line with his personal relationships. I'm glad to see that both the County and City of El Paso acted swiftly regarding the passing of this tremendous legislation, and I look forward to the eventual legal review regarding the constitutionality of this poor, misguided and bigoted law.